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Get Rewarded For Visiting My Blog!
If you would like to earn rewards for visiting my blog on the right side of my site you will see a red tag that says,"Rewards" click on it. You can earn a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card, a $5 starbucks gift card, $15 groupon gift card, or $25 Restaurant.com gift card. You can earn these gift cards just by visiting, comments, and facebook likes. This is so cool! It really makes it fun for people to visit your blog and it encourages participation. The widget is a really nice size and you can't miss it! You can also run a giveaway if you choose to do so. This is another great way to get more people to visit your blog. So, after you finish reading this blog post. Please take the time and click on the red tag that says,"Rewards" in the upper right side of my blog.

If you would like to start your own loyalty program go to: http://www.punchtab.com 

You can also do giveaways with punchtab. So, if that's something that you are interested in doing. Punchtab makes it easy to do so. You can pick your own giveaway award you would like to use for the winner. Punchtab makes your site fun to visit!

When you join punchtab leave me a comment telling me that you did and how you like it. I would really appreciate it, because I like to share with my readers programs that are beneficial to their blogs! Happy blogging!
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