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Get Your Own Social Network with Chatching

Are you looking to have your own social network? There are so many social networks out here, but none of them belong to you. Remember Ning networks?They started out free but than they started to charge for you to get a network with them. Many people didn't keep their's after that. I know, because I was a member of many people's Ning networks and they all started to go out like a fire on a windy day.

Chatching is a social network that you can really benefit from. You can earn points when you:

  • Join and complete your profile
  • Invite friends
  • Post comments
  • Message friends
  • Sharing photos

You take these points and convert them into stock ownership in Chatching. You earn points just by using your Chatching network. I believe that is a good idea because it gives people an incentive to use their networks and it will prevent networks from becoming vacant. It's kind of like you are using it to own it. Plus, it's free.

I know everybody may not need  a network right away. However, it can be good for people who have a huge social media presence. If people would like to connect with you they can do so on your network.

If you are reading this and you don't need a network right now you can just bookmark this blog post for later until you do or if you are reading this and you could really utilize a network for your business. Join Chatching today!
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