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Meddle: Better Than Micro Blogging

  Have you heard of Meddle? If you haven't then, that is great because I get a chance to explain to you what it is. Meddle is a content marketing tool that lets you create insightful and engaging content for your social networks by commenting on what they are reading. It's like Twitter combined with blogging. How many times have you wanted to comment on Twitter but couldn't because of the 140 character limit? Meddle is fun to use too. You can also follow, read and share other bloggers posts as well.  I know you are probably thinking to yourself,"I can't use another social marketing tool, because I am already using so many as it is". Trust me, I know the feeling. Meddle is something that you will want to use. It is really a tool that will help keep all of your comments organized and all in one place. Take a look at my Meddle profile below:

To check out my Meddle profile even more just click on the image. When you signup for your own account don't forget to follow me. As you can see from the above picture all of the articles that I have commented on are all nicely aligned together and all in one place. This is great for your readers to be able to see all the articles that you have read and commented on.

Meddle Is Easy To Use

All you have to do is install the browser plugin. Go to the dashboard. Then, click the create button. Once you have done that. Go to the page select the text from the article that you want to comment on. Click the the browser plugin that you just installed it will be at the top of your page. A text box will appear. Type your comment but don't forget to select the social buttons at the bottom if you want it to be shared on your social networks. It will ask you if you would like for it also to be on your Meddle profile page. Click yes. There you have it and that's how you create a Meddle.



What Is The Difference Between Just Leaving A Regular Comment?

You can comment on a particular part of the article because you are selecting the text that you find interesting. Also, what if the article doesn't have comments on? This way you can still comment. It can be a real bummer when you want to comment on an article only to fine that comments have been disabled. This way you can still leave a comment and people can still see what you had to say.


Should You Use Meddle?

I think you absolutely should! There are so many benefits to using it and it is completely free. It's a great way to stay organized. Plus, it's another way for people to share and find you. It can be used with Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. It makes it more easier to share the content that you love to read. How many times have you thought to yourself? "I wish I could of shared that article?" Meddle makes it super easy for you to do just that.


Start sharing the content that you love even more! Have you already been using Meddle already or would you like to use Meddle?





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