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Working From Home And Doing Laundry Made Easy - EarthBreeze Eco Strips


Many people are working from home and have a lot of things to do. So, making their household chores easy as possible is at the top of the list. Doing laundry can be time consuming. The less time we can spend doing it the more time we can have completing our work at home. Eco Breeze Laundry Detergent Strips makes doing laundry a cinch! No more having to carry that heavy plastic bottle with you whether you are doing laundry at home or at the laundromat. These Eco Breeze Laundry Detergent Strips are lightweight and convenient. No mess and no fuss! No more worries about using too much detergent or spilling it.


How To Use Eco Breeze Laundry Detergent Strips

Just take a sheet and add it to your clothes that's it!

  • Take one sheet for 1 full load and add it to your clothes for a regular load. 
  • Take a half a sheet for a regular load.
  • Take 2 sheets and add it to your clothes for heavily soiled clothes. 



Saves You Time And Money

Only costs 20 cents a load. No measuring anything. Just add the Earth Breeze Eco Strips to your laundry and that's it. Nothing more to do. Even if you don't like doing laundry you might find a change of heart using Earth Breeze Eco Strips.



Good For The Environment And Your Health

Do you have sensitive skin? These are perfect for anyone who does. Earth Breeze Eco Strips have no phosphates or parabens. Vegan, free of chlorine dyes and bleaches.  They come in scented and unscented. The scented smells heavenly and it leaves the right amount of scent in your clothes not overpowering at all. No more lugging heavy plastic laundry containers to the recycle facilities because with Eco Breeze Eco Strips do not come in them.  It is wrapped in zero waste packaging (biodegradable and recyclable). That means one less plastic container going to the landfills.




More Interesting Facts About Eco Breeze Laundry Strips

  • You can use the packaging and compost
  • You can use the sheets for manual hand washing by soaking the sheets first. They dissolve in the water.
  • 1 million loads of laundry donated to those in need through our buy 1 give 10 program since inception
  • Kept 562,436 pounds of plastic out of landfills and our oceans
  • Planted 14,135 trees
  • 6 beach cleanups 



As you can see there are so many benefits to using Eco Breeze Laundry Strips. Do you plan on doing any traveling? If you do I would highly recommend you take Eco Breeze Laundry Strips with you. They are so easy to pack and take up no room whatsoever. You can put it right in your suitcase with your clothes. Are you ready to make a difference by just changing your laundry detergent? Plus, every purchase you make they donate 10 loads of detergent to nonprofits and charitable organizations.











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