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Have you ever found yourself saying to yourself, "I don't have everything I need to get started?" I think we have all said that at one time or another but has it been true? Maybe, things weren't exactly like we wanted them to be but that still isn't any excuse not to get started. I mean, nothing is perfect and we can't wait until we think things are because we won't ever get started. Who really has all the tools and resources really? I know there is something that you aren't using but you would like to or maybe you just don't have the money right now. That is something that we all go through or might be still going through.


I know money can be the number one reason why you don't get started. Trust me, I can totally relate. However, that still is not a good reason not to get started on doing something that you really want to do. I know sometimes when you are looking up information so that you can learn more about how to get started and what you need to do so. You can hear things like. If you don't use xyz blogging platform or if you don't abc advertising options that you won't be successful so there is no reason why you should start. Bad things can happen no matter what we use or don't use. The company could go out of business or a hacker could hack into the system. These things can happen no matter what hosting company or blogging platform you decide to use. I don't think there is no real protection from any of these things. The good news is we just keep going no matter what. We don't let any of those things stop us. We tie our camel as best as we can and we keep it moving.


I want to talk more about the money issue because I know this is a big problem for a lot of people. I haven't conquered all of my money demons either. It's something that I am still working on. The biggest one for me is debt. Yup, I said it. I am in debt. So, just know that you are not alone in the battle of the money issues. This is a big dark ugly cloud that is over a lot of people's heads. Is it still a reason not to get started in your internet marketing endeavors? I must say the answer is a big, "NO".  There are many things that you can use free or low cost. Maybe, you don't want to use anything free because you feel it's not professional or you don't want to be seen as a freebie seeker. Maybe, in your eyes you feel free is cheap. It's simply not true. There are many things that are free that are very professional. You can start out free and then upgrade later on. Many times you wouldn't even know it was free if you weren't told it was. I can understand not wanting to be viewed as a freebie seeker but you can start out free it doesn't have to be forever. That's what I have done with some of the internet marketing programs I am in. I started out free and then later upgraded. You can decide which ones you would like to do that with.


Another thing I wanted to stress is people might not think you are professional. I can understand that but I have seen people who are not using free resources of any kind and there site still wasn't professional. On the outside it was but on the inside it wasn't. The writing wasn't good and in some cases their attitude wasn't good. So, really what does not using free got to do with it? I'm just saying this should not be a reason why you haven't gotten started. Don't let money problems be a reason why you don't get started. After all, hopefully this will be only a temporary issue anyway. It's like learning as you  go. You take it one day at a time. Step by step.


Ask yourself,"What do you need to get started?" You may want to write out a list. This will help you stay focused on what you really need to get started. Sometimes we have in our heads all of these things that we think we need to get started. When actually, we don't need half of these things. They are just excuses that we are using not to get started. Which are crippling us and stopping from achieving our dreams. So, grab that piece of paper and start writing out somethings that could be helpful in getting started.


Another thing you want to do is take the words, "I can't" or " I don't have" out of your vocabulary (I am really starting to hate those words). I know it's not easy but it has to be done. I'm still working to get them out of my vocabulary as well but as I always say, "They got to go!" These words are the culprit why you don't have or you think you can't. After all, the words that we speak on a regular basis becomes realities. Plus, when we continually say them you feel horrible (I know I do). Start saying, "I can" or "I have". How many times have you thought you didn't have something and you really did? How many times have you said you couldn't do something and you did it? Talk about you don't have everything you need to get started. Those words are something that you definitely don't need to get started.


Goal setting is also very important. Just because we may not be where we want to be now doesn't mean that we won't get there. So, set those goals! We should always work to improve our business. You may not have this or that now but you will get it. We are constantly climbing that ladder. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top. What don't you have but would like to have? Those things should be in your goal list. These are somethings that would make our business easier and run smoother.


We must be grateful for what we do have. Sometimes we are so focused on what we don't have that we miss the things that we do have. That's one thing I like about internet marketing. It doesn't take a whole lot to get started. Whereas, back in the day it did. Today, it doesn't. You have a computer and the internet. Those are just two things that you do have. It's not supposed to be complicated. Plus, there are so many other resources that you can use. (You should see my notebook I have written down so many it isn't even funny). You really have everything you need to get started. What you should fear is not getting started. This is the real elephant in the room.


What are the reasons that you haven't gotten started yet? Are there any in particular?






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