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If you like to write you probably have all these topics that you would love to write about. Usually, many of us have more than one interest. Once we start blogging sometimes we think that just because we have these interests and like them our audience will too. However, this is not the case. If we start out writing about one topic and end up writing about another it will be confusing to our audience and they will become annoyed and rightly so. Especially, if one topic does not encompass the other. For instance, I write about blogging and internet marketing but I now start to write about handbags (which is something that I love). These two topics do not go together in the least.
All of my readers will start to wonder what in the world is going on. I thought this blog was about internet marketing and blogging. I could lose all of my readers. Which is something that I wouldn't want to do. Now, some topics encompass each other. For example, take shoes this can be a wide variety. Boots, sandals, gym shoes, dress shoes, house shoes, men's shoes and women's shoes. I could write about these all in one topic or I could take each topic and write about it individually. Do you see what I mean? If your blog is about shoes people will come to read about shoes and there are many kinds of shoes. So, you could write about different kinds of shoes.
It's easy to make this mistake when we first start out blogging. I think sometimes we may not be set on one topic solely or we get bored writing about the same topic all the time. There is a way you can write about more than one topic without losing your readers. Read,"How To Write Off Topic And Keep Your Blog Readers." This is an easy way to write about other topics that you enjoy and also not have to worry about maintaining another blog. Sometimes you just can't have a blog for all of the topics that you love. If you have more than one blog you definitely know what I mean. There is only so much that we can do in a day.
  Blogs You Can Have More Than One Niche
If you are a mommy blogger or if your blog is a review blog. Then, you can write about more than one topic because people expect you to write about these topics. Mom blogs consist of what a mother's day is about and her children. She writes about: cooking, recipes, school, activities, and vacations. With a review blog you are reviewing different things that you like or think will be useful for your readers. You can still do reviews even if your blog is about one niche. Just write about reviews that pertain to the topic of your blog.
How To Stay Focused On One Niche
You might think this is hard to do but it is actually very easy. As I said before if what you write about encompasses many topics in one. This is what you can do to keep your main focus on just one topic. Find out if what you are writing about encompasses many topics in one then you can branch out to these topics without leaving the niche that you are writing about. Read news, magazines, and even other blogs to see what is going on in the niche you are writing about. Research every thing you can about your niche.

Tweet: your blog is not a buffet

Stay updated with all the happenings that are within your niche. Write about things that excite you about your niche. What you love about it or what you don't love about it. Ask your readers what they would like to know about it. Talk about it in forums or communities. Hang out with people who are in the same or similar niche as yourself. When you feel that you might be getting side tracked think of why your readers come to your blog.
Have you ever lost readers because you started writing about more than one niche?
What did you do? Did you lose readers? Did people stop coming to your blog? Did you have to start a whole new blog? What was your experience? Tell us in the comments below.
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