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Feeling positive on a regular basis can sometimes be extremely difficult. After all, we are bombarded with negative images daily. Not only that, we experience things in our lives that can cause us to feel not very good. Things may not be going the way we want them to be. It can feel like sometimes that things are never going to get better. If it isn't one thing it's another. Then we dwell on these negative feelings over and over again. They just keep popping up it seems like all the time. Things continue to go downhill and we don't know what to do about it.


I struggle with being positive all the time. So, I am truly writing this from experience. Today I am both, the teacher and student. :) If you're like me and you have a good memory. Having a good memory is very helpful. I love having a good memory. The only downside is that you not only remember the good but also the bad. It's easy to keep reminiscing about things that really made you feel bad. They just keep playing in your mind like a broken record player. As soon as you get that thought you think about it and all the bad feelings that came with it. This is what can keep you down.


I often ask myself,"Why is it so easy to feel negative?" The only answer I can come up with is sometimes we just want to hide behind those feelings. It can be hard to face our fears. Fear is scary or so it seems. Assumptions I believe is the number one problem. When we assume things that are not true it can be about ourselves or someone else. That's how the negativity sets in. In reality you don't know. You don't know a person until you get to know them. You don't know you can or can't do something unless you try. I think you need to stop assuming and start taking action.


Speaking more positive is what you want to start with. Before you even think about something negative immediately say something positive and say it out loud. For instance, if you feel like you are having a hard time writing an article immediately say you can and say it out loud. This works. I have done it. This is starting out small. You have to take baby steps. This is conditioning your mind to start feeling like you can. Many times you feel like you can't. This will help you get the word can't out of your vocabulary. This word has to go in order for you to progress in your feeling positive journey. You start to naturally feel good. Who doesn't feel good when they accomplish something no matter how big or small it is?


As internet marketers and bloggers sometimes it can be tough. Maybe you are making money but not making the amount that you would like. This is something that can cause you to feel like crap. I have found some wonderful resources that really have helped me. Not only do they have their own online businesses. They are bloggers too. Sometimes it's better to get help from people who are doing what you are doing or would like to do.  Here are their blogs:



Kelly Cooper she is the author of Live Life Made To Order. Her blog has helped me tremendously. If you are having problems with attracting the things you want in life and your feelings keep hanging you up she helps you learn how to overcome those negative feelings. She really helps you understand what the law of attraction really is and how to do it correctly. I highly recommend you read her blog.


Sarupa Shah is the author of The Soul Agent. Her blog is about helping you get your money problems right. She helps you work with affirmations and gives you tips on how to use them to help you achieve your financial goals. You can join her community to get excellent tips.


Another thing that can help you on your path to positivity is to keep reading books that will help motivate and keep you in that direction. I try to keep a list of books that I want to read on a regular basis. This is a book that is on my list now. I know sometimes getting structure can help you attain your goals and this book looks like it can help you do that. So, I am getting this book. I thought I would share it with you if you are looking for something that can help direct you in the right direction by keeping you motivated and giving you work to do. This way you can stay focused on your goals and achieving them and not on things that aren't going good at the moment.


It's so important that we get control of our feelings. If we don't they will continue to give us pleasure or pain. I'm the first one to admit it's not easy being positive sometimes. It can be downright hard. However we must surround ourselves with positive people and also treat people the way that we want to be treated. You must do the work. You simply just can't say you want to be positive and well, not work on being positive. It can be done. People do it all the time. Changing from negative to positive is awesome! Change your mind and change your life!


Do you have problems with being postitive? What are you doing to overcome it? What has been your biggest hurdle with being positive? Share what you are doing to stay positive. Let me know in the comments below.



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