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Yes, they do and you are leaving traffic and money on the table if you are not using them. I know that you are probably advertising more than one affiliate program or business opportunity. Rightly so, because you should have multiple streams of income. Don't get me wrong. Search engine traffic is one of the best ways to get traffic. If someone finds your blog post through a search engine that is one way they have found you. I like to have many ways a person can find me or a business opportunity I am promoting. Also, I don't want my blog to become content for spam. I so despise that. Plus, sometimes I advertise things that don't pertain to this blog. So, if I advertised it here it would definitely be considered spam. I absolutely do not want that.


Making Money

I like how using viral marketing websites you can make money. Many of the viral marketing sites offer an upgrade. The majority of them are a one-time fee but some are monthly just click on upgrade on the sites and they will tell you the details. Also, they don't break your bank account either. The prices are very affordable. You make money when someone upgrades or buys advertising on the site. These are ways you can make money. This is another way you can be making money advertising. You are getting traffic and making money at the same time. 


Build A List

Viral marketing websites can help you build a list. Whoever you refer will be in your down line and you will be able to message them. This is great if you want to help them get started or share tips for marketing the sites and also how to get referrals. You may also want to recommend other business tools that you are using. You maybe thinking you already have a list. It's always good to have more than one if you can.


Getting Traffic

With viral marketing websites when you get people to signup with your referral link. Everytime they advertise your ads will be shown on their pages. So, when you get referrals and they get referrals the traffic increases. This is what you call the viral effect. It's a great way to get traffic. There is really no amount of referrals a person can get. This is something you can tell everyone you know about. It's nice to be able to help someone get more traffic to their affiliate programs or opportunities. This is an excellent way to do so.


Where to Advertise

You can share your referral links on your social media accounts. You can also write a blog post about the viral websites that you use or make a page where people can come and see your traffic resources as I have done so here:


You can advertise your referral links at these advertising sites too. There are so many you will have to figure out which ones that you prefer to use.


I will be showing you the dashboard of some of my favorite viral marketing websites just so you can get a feel for them if you have never used them before. Here are some of my favorite viral marketing websites:

All Star Adboard

You can post unlimited banners. You can also post text ads as well. However, you can only post unlimited banners if you are an upgraded member. I encourage you to upgrade so you can get all of the benefits. Pro members earn 50% of their referrals pro upgrade and they earn 50% of the banners sold on their site.



Viral Text ads

To get unlimited text ads and three banner ads you have to be an upgraded member. So again I encourage you to upgrade. Ads are guaranteed 60 views. This is a great site to join. Another great site to help you get views and traffic.


Gremlin Traffic Ads

As a free member, you get 10,000 square banners a month, upgraded members receive 20,000 to 50,000 a month depending on level or you can purchase button ads for as low as $0.15 per 1,000 impressions.




Viral Search Traffic 

This is an awesome viral traffic website. When anyone signs up using your referral link they will end up under you in your network. You will earn credits when other marketers search and when they refer people in the system. This continues 5 levels deep so it is very powerful to invite people to the network under you. As you can see this is a very powerful marketing tool. It is free but they do offer an upgrade for $19.95 a month. 



Advertise Free Forever

This is an awesome viral marketing site. You choose a title for your ad. Next you choose a category. Then you write out a textad. You can choose different colors for the font and background. Preview and save. Now you will generate a link.  You will enter a target website. Enter a description this will not be seen though. Choose a category. Generate an Advertise For Free link. This is the link that you will advertise. It shows the link you want to advertise but also ads from other members sites. That is why you created your ad so it can be shown on other members sites as well. They offer an upgrade too.







All of these viral marketing websites are great ways to get traffic. Imagine getting traffic from all of these sites and your referrals and their referrals and their referrals. The traffic literally does not end. It keeps going and going and going. Plus, they are so fun to use and to promote. I just love all of these viral traffic sites. 


Do you use viral marketing websites? If you haven't ever used them before I suggest you add them to your arsenal of traffic tools. You can never ever have enough traffic. It's something that you will always need for your business. It is what the success of your business depends upon. 










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