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There are many business social networks out here but none quite like IBOToolBox. It has a wealth of tools for the internet marketer. Many companies probably would charge you for these tools but not IBOToolBox. All of the tools that they offer are free. You need these tools in your business especially the internet marketer and the home-based business owner.
That's where IBOToolBox is different from all the other social networks because it caters to people who have a home-based business and online marketers. It is specifically for this niche. So, many people have online business these days.
At IBOToolBox it is a place where you can connect and network. With lots of tools to help you with your online marketing. Let's look at some of the tools that IBOToolBox offers. Shall we?
IBOExchange- is the #1 way to increase your social networking presence. IBOExchange provides you with the ability to promote your social profiles to real Twitter users, Youtube subscribers and real website visitors. You choose who you want to interact with.
IBOAffiliate- is their real inhouse sale referral network. You can earn generous commissions by referring people to their family of websites and platforms
IBOBanners- is their robust banners platform. You can create banners with their banner creator, host your banners on their cloud servers, scroll through their banner library and much, much more.
IBOTube- is their business media sharing platform. You can post your videos and use them in your video campaigns.
IBOList- is their modern classified ad platform. With thousands of people using IBOList it has quickly become a very large active advertising platform. Modern look and and feel. User profile and attractive ad listing.
IBOGigs- is their micro job site specifically built for internet marketers. It is like Fiverr where you can look for people to do jobs for you. IBOGigs gets thousands of job requests a week and is a very active platform. Need something done or have something to offer. Get it done at IBOGigs.
IBOurl- is a url shortener with a lot of great features. On the toolbar it has your profile, pr's, videos, live chat, and social media buttons. You get all of this on your url shortener. You get all of this on your stylish url shortener.
LiveChat- this provides a live chat functuality for your blogs and websites. You can also talk to your associates inside the members area as well.
Advertising- you can advertise banners and textads. You can purchase credits to advertise or you can earn them by: logging in daily, referrals, attending webinars, commenting, writing press releases, and reading newsletters. If you have any affiliate programs, ebooks, blogs, or anything else you can advertise it. It's always good to have more than one place to advertise.
All of these tools make things so much easier for the online marketer. 96% of daily traffic comes from non-members. These are people who want to know more about internet marketing and also looking for a home-based business. Everything that you do gets indexed by the search engines. Especially, commenting and writing press releases.
IBOToolBox is very interactive. People post to the wall daily. This is a great way for you to connect with other internet marketers. You can ask and answer questions. When somone has just joined IBOToolBox it lets you know. This way you can welcome them and help them get started.
You can see how many people have viewed your profile. Not only that you can see how many people have visited IBOToolbox each day. You can also see all the members who are online, traffic leaders, ibo big dogs, and top enrollees. 
IBOToolBox keeps you ontrack by helping you maximize your online efforts. You have to try to get 6 stars and maintain them. When you complete your profile, write a press release, write on the wall, refer someone, and advertise you get stars. This is helpful because you can keep up with how much you are being active. It motivates you to stay active on IBOToolBox and lets you know when you've been slacking.
When you join IBOToolBox make sure you fill out your profile and afterwards return to the dashboard if you don't you will not get your credits.
If you are an internet marketer and you are not utilizing IBOToolBox you are indeed missing out on a valuable marketing platform. You can connect, market, advertise, and share lots of important information. IBOToolBox is made exactly for the internet marketer.
IBOToolBox now has updated profiles they are fresher and load faster. It also has a new video and pr commenting system which is based on the new IBO 3 wall. The new commenting system allows for improved conversations and feedback.
The new IBO wall system features in-line commenting and posting, faster loading 2 level commenting which allows for more engaged communication, spam reporting feauture to help us keep the wall clean, and a wall filter to allow quick access to the post your looking for! 
Don't miss out any longer. Go Here to become a member and start using these awesome tools!

P.S. Now you can earn 20% commission on credit purchases made by members you have referred to IBOToolBox!

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