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Why Business Bashing Isn't Good For  What is business bashing? Business bashing is when you talk negatively about a business. I am in a lot of business communities and groups. I noticed that a lot of people speak negatively about businesses. I find that to be a turnoff because, I join groups and communities for support. If a persons business is not illegal I think all community members should be supportive.


I see a lot of people bashing network marketing companies. A lot of people view them as pyramid schemes but that is not true. There are a lot of people who are successful with network marketing and is making good money. So, I don't think it is right for people to hold negative stereotypes about them. Some people don't promote them properly but you see that with a lot of online businesses not just network marketing. If they were not legitimate business opportunities you wouldn't see so many of them. So people are making money with them. I, myself think it's a good business opportunity.


We as online marketers we get a lot of flack for being independent business owners. A lot of people don't think you can make money online. We get this from friends, family and even strangers once they find out what you are doing to make money. I think it is very important for us to uplift each other. We need all the support we can get. It's hard to change your mindset if your own fellow marketers who are supposed to be supporting you are giving you the same old negative feedback you get from people who aren't involved in online marketing.


Why? Because we all need encouragement. It takes a lot of guts to keep going and to believe it can be done. The reality is you can make money online and be successful. So, we should encourage each other in any way we can. Don't become like the naysayers. Even if it is done jokingly. It's not funny. People join communities to get help. You are not helping if you are making people feel bad. That's not what a community is supposed to do. 


We are all learning. I know if you have a community or group you get tired of people coming in there trying to spam it to death. For some people they are feeling hopeless. So, that's like a last resort. Obviously, they don't know how to market properly. It's our job to help them learn. Hopefully, by being a member of your community they can learn what tips and tools they need to market properly. We all know having your own business takes a lot of work and it doesn't happen overnight. 

Please take the poll here: Is Business Bashing Going On In Your Group Or Community? 


If you have a community or if you would like to start one. Please keep it positive for yourself and your members. It's nothing like being part of a helpful and supportive community. 





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