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Don't Tell Everyone Your Dreams
Are you thinking about starting your own business? How about doing network or internet marketing? Have you told a few people and they were negative. Have you heard comments like these: "Oh everything on the internet is a scam" or "No one really makes money on the internet" or "The only real way to make money is to have a job". These comments are very negative, and when some people hear them they get very discouraged.

Do not tell everyone your dreams. Neither will everyone be supportive of you or encouraging if you are doing something out of the ordinary. Many people are followers. If everyone isn't doing it than they aren't about to try it. Only tell people that you think will be helpful to you.

Many times when you are just starting out it takes a lot of confidence and self-motivation to keep you going, because in the beginning you will be making little or no money at all. There will be many days that you might even doubt yourself. So, you have to surround yourself with people that are supportive and will be encouraging to you. Also, there maybe people to discourage so that they can steal your ideas. That's another reason to not tell everyone what you are going to be doing. It's really none of their business.

Let people think what they want to think. Is it easy? No, its definitely not, because in general people like to know what you are doing. If they ask. You can just say that you are working on something, and you don't have to go into the details. Things happen for people at different times. Don't feel the need to explain why you haven't done something. That is just a pitfall for a pity party. You don't have anything to feel bad about. Some people love to hear drama. It's what their lives evolve around. So, don't give them anything to gossip about. This isn't just about making money. It can be anything that you want to do. I always say if you want to know information about something look it up. We are living in the information times. Everything is practically right at our fingertips. There's no reason for people to be ignorant these days. If they are it's because they want to be. Many people love to live in the dark. In reality you know who you're real friends are, and if you really aren't sure you will find out. So, whatever you have planned keep on working on it. Don't stop. Who cares what people think. You don't have to put all your business in the streets. Successful people rarely make their plans known to the world.
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