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False Advertising: It's Really Not Free

Have you ever visited a website or seen an offer on t.v. and decided to investigate, because they were offering something that was free? Only to find out that what they were offering really wasn't free. I once joined a program, because they said it was free, but once I joined I couldn't hardly use the site, because you had to pay to use the majority of the features. It wasn't like they said that you could only use certain features for free, and than you have to upgrade. I was very disappointed. Had they just explained that in the beginning I could of saved myself a lot of time by not even joining. It was really of no use to join. Another time I joined a program and company said it was free, but the only thing free was to make an account. Everything else you had to pay for. I just think that is false advertising, because in reality it isn't free.

I'm like if it's not free it's not free just say so. Don't lie and say that it is. I don't mind even if a company says that only certain features or free, but you have to upgrade to get additional features. That's fine with me, but just say that. Don't lie and say it's free and when people join they can't use any of the features for free. I don't know about you , but that's false advertising in my book. I wouldn't want to join a business or program that doesn't tell the truth up front. Maybe they think once they get you to join that you will take the next step. I don't think so. (not me anyway)If some of the features for a program are free, and I like them. I certainly will upgrade. I have no problem with doing so at all, but to be lied too. Maybe they don't consider it lying, but it certainly isn't telling the truth. That's for sure.What do you think? Have you signed up for a program only to find out it wasn't free?
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