My name is Maketta. In 2007 I discovered affiliate marketing, and so I began my journey to learn more about that. However, the same problem I kept hearing over and over again, and even asked it myself was, "How do I get traffic to my websites or blogs?" So, that led me to start this website/blog "Money To Be Made". I knew that I would not be successful if I couldn't figure out the answer to this question. Since then, I have learned ways to help me make this happen.

I know that many other people who are blogging or in business are also trying to find the answers to this question, so I thought I would share what I have found to be helpful to me. There is so many things online and if you aren't careful you will get caught up in all the hype and still have no money to boot. That's why for now I have opted to use free and low-cost advertising. Many of the programs that I recommend are free, but however they do give you an option to upgrade. I have upgraded in some of the programs and I encourage you to do the same. Many are only a one-time fee. This way you can get more advertising features and you can also make money as well.


 Of course you do have to have a little spending change to do business. I'm just saying spend it wisely on things that will benefit you. I have found some really good books to be very good investments and also to be helpful on my journey to be a successful entrepreneur. They have been very inspirational and motivational. That is something that I think that anyone needs if they are going to be successful in business. I use a variety of methods to get traffic because I don't believe in putting all my eggs into one basket. You can find your target market if you use the right methods and resources. Below are some tools that I use:



  •  List builders
  •  Viral advertising sites
  •  Social media
  •  Freeadboards



Thank you for taking the time to read this little note about me. I hope that I was able to satisfy your curiosity about who Maketta is and why she started this website/blog. If you decide to join me in any of the programs I am promoting. I will do the best to help you to the best of my ability. If you would like to contact me just click on the contact me button at the top of the page or the links at the bottom of this page and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

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Disclosure: This site is monetized and does contain affiliate links. What this means if you purchase a product. I will be compensated monetarily. Not all of my content contains affiliate links mostly when I am reviewing or recommending a site. As I like to recommend products or tools that I am already using or would like to use. I wouldn't recommend anything that I deemed unfit or unworthy to (you) my readers. As I like to keep this blog/site professional and provide helpful content to people who are looking for ways to learn about blogging and internet marketing. 

I also may have sponsored reviews. This is when a company pays you to review a product or service for them. However, I will only do sponsored reviews that I think will be useful to (you) my readers. Reviews that pertain to the topic of this blog. 


Some of these affiliate programs have referral programs. This means that if you sign up under me using my referral or affiliate link. I will get a percentage of what you make. After you sign up, you will get your own referral or affiliate link and the people who sign up under you, you will get a percentage of what they make. In essence, this blog/site is not only to help me make money but to help you make money as well.