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 I was trying to upload the image that I use for all of my social media sites to this one particular site and no matter how much I tried it wouldn't upload. I, then tried to resize it. At first, I thought the site was having problems and I started to contact technical support. I decided not to do that. I tried uploading a different picture. It instantly uploaded! So, I knew it wasn't a technical problem. I guess, I could of used another picture but I like to use the same picture so people know it's me. That's when I learned that I needed to change my gif image to a jpg.


This wasn't the first time this had happened to me but I didn't take any action. Reluctantly, I did end up using another picture but as I said before I really like to use the same picture because then people know it's me. This time I really didn't want to give up. I wanted to find out what was causing this problem. I did some research online and I was able to find Zamzar.com. It is really an easy site to use. It was a life-saver for me. You can convert your gif images to jpg images in 4 easy steps. Also, you can convert other files such as: jpeg, bmp,png and many more. Plus, you don't have to download anything.


Below is a screen shot of the site



Step 1. Select files or url to convert.

Step 2.Choose the format to convert

Step 3. Enter your email to receive the converted files

Step 4. Convert by clicking you agree to their terms


Here is my image I converted



Nice, huh! I thought that you might find this as helpful as I did. It's fast, easy and free! Try this out and let me know how you like it!

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