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Google analytics can be confusing. That's why I utilize other analytic tools. To me, they are simpler. I liked the way it was before Google changed it. Once they changed it, it became complicated. I still pop in from time to time but I admit I don't check it as much as I probably should. I check the other ones I use instead often. It's important to know the analytics of my blog/website. I need to know the who (visited), what (they looked at), when (they looked), where ( they came from) of my site.  I love simplicity but who doesn't?


I have found the perfect tool. Quill Engage helps you analyze your Google Analytics report by sending you reports of your sites data to your inbox. The report includes: KPis, sessions, page views and bounce rates. It helps you to understand your websites performance with in-depth analysis on referral traffic, goals and conversions, events, e-commerce and Adwords. Everything is laid out for you in an easy-to-read format. Your report will come weekly and monthly. You will see how your site is progressing week to week and month to month.


Below are my weekly and monthly reports.



I can see what I need to work on to increase the time and page views on my site but decrease my bounce rate. This month hasn't been good so far. Last month seems to have done really well. It is still early in this month so I have time to work hard so I can achieve better results than last. I really like how it breaks everything down for you. I actually enjoy reading these reports. It makes you really want to do better than the previous month. This is just what I needed.


I have seen a lot of analytic tools but these reports are like no other. They are so thorough. It is free for 1 Google Analytic review for 3 Google Analytic reviews it is $19.99 a month and for 10 Google Anaytic reviews it is $99.00 a year. Additional views can be added for $4.00 per view.


If you haven't enjoyed Google Analytics lately like myself. You will now see it with fresh eyes with the Quill Engage reports. If you haven't been really understanding your Google Analytics now you will understand everything from A to Z. Start using Quill Engage to decipher your Google Analytics.







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