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I think it's nice to have a community on your blog. Even if you allow comments. That's good too. However, I think you should have a place for people to be able to go to. Such as a Google+ Community, Facebook Group or your own personal forum. This is a place where people can gather and let down their hair. Here are some reasons I think it is important:

  1.  You can connect with people
  2.   Ask questions
  3. Share what you know
  4. Help people
  5. Meet people
  6. Learn new things
  7. Make friends
  8. Answer questions

Your blog is a place where you are sharing what you know. I think everyone should have a place where people can go and learn more. A community helps you do this. Having a place where people can just talk is very important. You can learn so much just from people asking and answering questions. You don't have to be an expert to have a community so don't feel like you do. A community is for everyone. You won't have to answer all the questions either. If someone has the answer or a better idea let them answer.


This way everyone will feel like a part of the community. Everyone helping each other. I have learned so much just by participating in forums. There are always new things coming up concerning blogging and internet marketing. It's nice to be able to have one place that you can go to. That's why I started The Money To Be Made Community. Because I am not only a blogger but an internet marketer. I wanted to share things that has to do with those two subjects. I know some people just focus on blogging but I am doing both. So, I wanted to share somethings that pertain to both.


The bigger your audience gets its important for you to build a community. If you haven't started a community yet. I suggest you do. This is a great opportunity to get to know your readers better. Join The Money To Be Made Community I would love to have you!








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