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So you have started blogging and all of the sudden things have gotten hectic for you. You were blogging on a regular basis then, you just stopped. Days went by, then weeks and finally months. It's been a year since you have blogged. Your readers want to know what happened to you and why haven't you updated your blog in such a long time. No one is reading your blog anymore. A couple of your subscribers visit your blog from time to time just to see if anything has changed. Sadly, they go away utterly disappointed.

People can't believe this blog is as dead as a doorknob. It had so much potential everyone thought. Why would someone just stop writing? Everyone wants to know. You ask yourself that same question. Why did I stop updating my blog? You go through all of the reasons that you gave yourself. I didn't have the time. Everytime I sat down to write something always came up. I wasn't feeling well. I just didn't feel like writing that day. I got distracted. They went on and on and nothing seemed realistic. You realized that these were nonetheless excuses and now you want to get back in the saddle but by then all the other horses have rode out and left you. You are standing all alone the wind blew and you felt a freezing chill. What do I do now? How can I get back in the saddle? You immediately sit down at your desk, turn your computer on and login into your blogging account. It just seems so lonely, vacant and dead.

The first thing you do is look at the last date that you had blogged. It's definitely been a while you think to yourself. This is what you are going to do.

Don't Let Your Blog Die Ever Again

What were the reasons you stopped blogging in the first place? These questions must be answered in the first place. They are very vital before you move on. If you don't know why you stopped then, you will be more apt to stop again in the future.

Do You really Want to Reopen This Blog?

Sometimes it's just time to move on. Maybe you didn't like the topic that you were writing about. Maybe you didn't really know a lot about the topic or it was just boring to you. It happens sometimes we don't enjoy or like a topic that we are writing about.

Now, that we have gotten that out of the way it is time to get down to the nitty gritty of getting your blog back on the map. It's alive! It's alive! It's alive!

First, you should write a blog post saying that you will now be writing in your blog again. You should tell your readers the reasons why you haven't been updating your blog. Tell them the truth. They will understand. You must also promise them that this will not happen again and if you feel that you need to take a break you will let them know. You should look around your blog to see if you have any dead links or banners and remove them (you probably will because things tend to stop working when you haven't checked them in a while). If you do remove them promptly.

Get yourself on a writing schedule. Maybe last time you put too much on your plate and couldn't handle it. I believe writing once a week is a good start. I feel that gives your readers enough time to absorb the information that you are writing and it gives you time to promote your blog posts. By the time the next week rolls around you should know what you will be writing about. However, if you feel that you want to write more than once a week. By all means be my guest. Only you know what you are capable of doing.

If you are doing affiliate marketing you might want to join some companies that you really like. Sometimes in the blogging world we get caught up on what is working for someone else. Just because it's working for someone else doesn't mean it will work for you. Find affiliate programs that you enjoy and you would like to promote. It's like working a job. If you love what you do you do it better. The same can apply for bloggers/internet marketers as well. If you like what you promote you will promote it better. If you don't like something the negativity can set in real quick because you won't be seeing results. We can't simply let that happen the second time around.

Add a little humor to your blog posts. If you find something that is funny share it with your readers. I know sometimes people find different things funny. It can be a hit or miss situation but hey, we gotta take risks sometimes. LOL The worst that can happen is they don't think it's funny and they think you have lost two screws up in the head. Well, at least you laughed if no one else did. :)

Staying motivated is very important. You should read these two blog posts, "Why How You Think Is Vital To Your Business Success" and How Keeping A Journal Can Help You With Your Blogging". I know they have really helped me out a lot and I wanted to share them with you. Believe me, I know how hard it can be to stay motivated sometimes but we got to keep plugged in. Keep replenishing ourselves with positivity on a daily basis so the negativity won't creep in no matter what is happening.

Join communities to surround yourself with like minded bloggers. Having support is also another way of staying positive especially, if you are the only blogger/internet marketer in your family or community. Grab the support of the blogging sphere. I have started my own community right here: Come join me and tell others as well. Join Here: Introducing The Money To Be Made Community.

It's never too late to breathe life back into a dead blog. You may have lost some of your old readers but you can always gain them back or gain new ones. The key is not to let it happen again. If you decide not to reopen your blog some people may be disappointed but it's better to find something you enjoy to write about then keep on dragging your feet on something that you don't. Who knows? Maybe your readers will follow you into your next journey wherever that takes you. Having a blog is a commitment. It should be on your to do list. If it's not, then there is always the possiblilty that it could die again. We are trying to avoid that at all costs.

Do you have a blog that you would like to bring back to life? When you brought it back to life was it more successful than before? Or you ended up closing it all together? Let me know what you did in the comments below. I really want to know what you think? Do you have anymore tips on breathing life back into a dead blog? Share them in the comments below. If you found this blog post to be helpful please share it by using the social media buttons below. Thank you in advance!

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Blogging is a lot of fun and it has so many benefits. However, it can become less fun if it's all about you all the time. Do you feel that when people come to your blog that they are getting something for nothing? If you feel this way then you are a stingy blogger.

For instance, I've heard one blogger says she turns off comment luv for first time people who comment on her blog. I don't know about you but that seems selfish to me. Is it that this blogger doesn't want these bloggers to get backlinks? As long as the comment isn't spammy who cares if they get a backlink or not. Maybe, she feels that they are commenting just to get exposure to their blogs. Who cares? Everyone does that, because everyone is trying to get readers to their blogs. If she is trying to get more participants I think this is the wrong way to go about it. Sometimes people will only comment once or twice you can't really take it personally. Besides, people can go comment on other blogs that have comment luv turned on. I know it's your blog but if you become a control freak people won't visit your blog. I don't know about you but if visiting your blog seems like a prison sentence I will go elsewhere.

Are you always complaining about something on your blog? It's nothing wrong about sharing what works and what doesn't. It really helps people out, but if you're complaining all the time about every little thing that is selfish too. Who wants to read about someone who has complaints all the time? I don't know about you but for me it gets old real quick. I just don't want to read it. I read people's blogs to find help and inspiration. Sometimes, you need the motivation to help you keep going. I don't want to hear someone whining about every little thing.

Being rude is also selfish. Have people contacted you about something and you just flat out not responded? How about someone left a comment especially if it's a question and you didn't respond. I know we all get a little busy but if you can't answer questions then maybe you shouldn't be blogging because that is what eventually happens. People will contact you about something. Don't have the answer then just say so.

Sharing is caring. Right? Do you comment on other bloggers blogs? Do you share other bloggers blog posts? We all find something on a daily basis that we find interesting. It doesn't take a second to share it with your readers or social media contacts. It gets boring just sharing stuff that you wrote all the time. Plus, it helps your readers find out what you like to read and find interesting. I know I have found a lot of things that I didn't know and I shared it via social media. I am so grateful that I found those blog posts.

How about you saw an answer to a question and you knew it and didn't answer it. That is completely selfish in my book. If you can help someone out. Why wouldn't you do it? People need help. If you know the answer help them out. Even if you didn't write the blog post yourself it doesn't matter. You don't have to write it if someone else wrote it and it solves the problem that is all that matters. I have done this on several occasions and it was very much appreciated. It helps build relationships and you have just helped the person with the question and the blogger by sending traffic their way. I know I have received lots of help online and if those people were selfish I would have never gotten the help that I needed.

I hope this blog post was very helpful to you. Have you been guilty of some of the things that I mentioned? Do you think that you are a selfish blogger? What things are you doing to help you from becoming a selfish blogger?What are some other things that you deem to be selfish? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear your responses.

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Money in a Coin Purse
Money in a Coin...

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Saving money is just as important as making money. If you like to shop like I do, then you know what I am talking about. You can save money at your favorite stores. Stores such as T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Kohls J.C.Penneys, and Sears just to name a few. Whether you like to shop online or off you can save a lot of money. You can use coupon codes online and print regular coupons online to use at regular stores. It's a great way to save tons of money. You can also earn cash  back on all your purchases. You can't get a better deal than that. Have you been looking for some great deals, but was having no luck finding any? You may or may not heard of these money saving companies but that's alright, because  I am more than happy to share them with you. It doesn't matter if you are shopping at a department or grocery store you can and will save lots of money.

You are probably thinking to yourself well, what does this have to do with me because I am a blogger/internet marketer? It has a lot to do with you. Let me explain. As a blogger/internet marketer you like to save money. Don't you? If you are like me you like to shop. Also, many of these companies have affiliate programs. You can also make money while you are spending money. That sounds good doesn't it? Who says that coupon affiliate programs have to be for mom blogs only? Everyone has to shop and every loves to save money at the same time. I know I do and I bet you do too. You can share your favorite products with your readers by writing reviews. There are coupons for many things not just food products. You can definitely benefit from these programs.These are my affiliate links that I am sharing them with you. What you should do is signup and start saving money and then start sharing them with other bloggers as well. Who doesn't like a good deal?

So, are you ready to start saving some money today?  Let these companies help you save money on your purchases:

1. Ebates.com
2. Shopathome.com
3. CouponCactus.com
4. CouponSurfer.com
5. Mr Rebates
6. SavingStar.com

These are some great money saving companies. They are all free to join. If you have never used promo codes or online coupons don't worry. Read, "How To Use Coupon Codes And Promo Links". This is a good article explaining how to use online codes and coupons. It pretty much answers all your questions. Happy saving money and shopping!

Know someone who would appreciate this blog post. Share it with them! Remember, everyone loves to save money!
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I love blogging and it has so many benefits. Today I wanted to share 10 things that blogging helped me conquer:

1. Hesitation

I used to worry about if people would like what I wrote or not and that would cause me to feel bad but once I started blogging that all went away. Blogging taught me that you just have to say it or write it and not be hesitant. I learned that I was worrying over nothing. The worst that could happen is someone wouldn't like it but what if someone did.

2. To come out of my comfort zone.

I must admit that blogging has definitely helped me come out of my comfort zone. I can't be shy I have to get this blog out to the world by promoting it. That has definitely help me get out of my comfort zone.

3. To be more social.

I am not always a social person but blogging has taught me I have to get out there. I have to interact with other bloggers by sharing and interacting with other bloggers. It has definitely helped me become more social.

4. To be myself.

This is my blog and I feel really comfortable here. Blogging has helped me just be myself and not to worry about what people think. If they like my blog they will read it and if they don't they won't (hopefully people will like it though:). Plus, I can't be anyone but myself because I can't be anyone else but me. No worry and no stress.

5. I have the ability to help people.

Blogging has taught me that I can help people. I love sharing what I have learned and am learning. Blogging gives me the ability to help people all over the world and I absolutely love it!

6. To be persistent.

Blogging has taught me I have to be persistent. I have to keep this blog updated on a regular basis. It really helps me keep going. I can't give up.

7. I don't have to be perfect.

Blogging has taught me that you don't have to be perfect. Sure, I will make mistakes because no human being is perfect. Perfection only belongs to Allah (God). I don't sweat the small stuff. If I make some grammatical errors I will fix them. Trust me. I have. Someone told me about them. I was grateful because I went back and corrected the mistakes.

8. Many people share my views.

Since, I started blogging I have seen many people share the same views as me. I have read other bloggers blogs and I thought to myself. Wow! I was just thinking the same thing and I could of wrote that. We really should focus on the things we have in common instead of the things we don't.

9. I can write what I feel.

Blogging has taught me just to write what I feel. I noticed too that those are the blog posts that people seem to like more. When you are truly feeling something you write better about it.

10. To put things into practice.

Blogging has taught me to put the things that I learn into practice. If I wouldn't have actually utilized the things that I am learning I wouldn't be able to keep them let alone share them.

What are somethings that blogging has helped you conquer? If so, what are they?

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Learning html is really an asset when you are blogging or doing internet marketing. I remember when I didn't know what html really was. Back then, when I would make my signature at different forums mine were not clickable. Why weren't my links clickable? I wanted to know. I also knew that people were not going to take the time to look at my links if they were not clickable. Who is really going to take the time to copy and paste the url in the location box? I will do it if I really want to see what the website is about. However, I know the majority will not. That sent me on a quest to learn how to use html.

Why learn html if you can use the wysiwyg editor?

I use the wysiwyg editor too. You can still use it. However, when you are editing pictures or different affliate links. For instance, you are writing a review of a book on Amazon. If you are an Amazon affiliate you know that they give you clickable links to use. However, you may want to make an image bigger and clickable or maybe you just want the cover of the image and not the price included. That's when knowing
html really comes in handy. I just recently had to right align a banner on this website. I couldn't use the wysiwyg editor because I was in the html source. So, I had to use html. It turned out great by the way.

I'm not tech savvy can I really learn how to use html?

Once you get the hang of it, it's really not that hard. Don't be scared to try. Another one of my motivations to learn html was because I wanted to do things myself. I didn't want to have to go to the forums and wait for help. I wanted to do it immediately. I have made numerous mistakes. The thing about html is if you make one mistake it won't work. So, make sure you look over your code before you save it. Many times I was wondering why it wasn't working and that was the reason. The code was not typed correctly.

Is it really necessary to learn html?

I think it is especially if you are a blogger or internet marketer. Many times you have to get under the hood. If you want to use different plugins or widgets to your website or blog it's important for you to know how to use it and be familiar with the html code language. When you use plugins or widgets the instructions are usually very clear but if you have no knowledge of html it can make it difficult. It's just best to know some html.

What method can you describe that will make it easy for me to learn html?

Learn as you go. That is exactly how I learned. When I wanted to make text clickable. I started with that. Then, I decided I wanted to make an image clickable. I graduated to that. This way you can learn slowly and take your time with it. By taking it step by step it will be easier for you to learn and you won't get frustrated.

I'm having a hard time making my images clickable is there an easier way?

When I first started learning html. My biggest problem was making images clickable. I just wasn't getting it but at the same time I needed for my images to be clickabe. I finally learned but in the mean time I found this way much easier. I wrote a blog post about the video that I made. It's called,"How To Make An Image Clickable Using Photobucket".

What sources are there for me to learn html?

I have found these websites very helpful in learning html. They are: http://www.w3schools.com and http://www.davesite.com/webstation/html/.

As you can see it's really not that hard to learn html and once you learn it you will be able to do a lot more with your websites or blogs. It makes internet marketing and blogging experience and editing your websites much easier and the way you would like them to be.

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Are you a new blogger or a veteran blogger? Do you know the etiquettes of blogging? They are very important to know because, then your blog can become a place that your readers enjoy visiting. Also, it helps you provide information in a nice way. Let's take a look at some of the blogging etiquettes below:

1. Be as professional as possible - I wouldn't recommend using any kind of language that is deemed inappropriate. Such as foul language. Remember, everyone doesn't like it. We have to cater to our audience. It's just best not to use it.

2. Be patient with your readers - If you are seeking the help of your readers. For instance, you are having a problem and you wrote a blog post about it seeking help. Even if you are not getting the help you want immediately or if people have misread your question. Don't be inconsiderate of their feelings. They are trying to help. Even if they don't know the answer they might know someone who does and will be reluctant to help if you come off rude and inconsiderate. People understand if you are frustrated if you are having problems. Trust me. We have all been there. However, patience is a virtue. You will get the problem solved.

3. You don't have all the answers - If you don't know something say you don't know. It's best to say you don't know rather then give a wrong answer. Refer the question to someone who does if possible.

4. Don't get upset if people don't agree with you - This is the blogging sphere. People have different opinions and ways to do things. Just agree to disagree. There's no reason to get upset.

5. Write in a font people can see - Don't write so small that people have a hard time reading what you wrote.

6. Don't just delete comments - Tell the person why you decided to delete it. Maybe you felt it was inappropriate or causing dissension on your blog. Whatever the reason let the commenter know.

7. Don't ignore your readers - If someone has asked you a question make sure you answer it.

8. Don't leave your blog unintended - If you are going to be away for a while let your readers know.

9. Don't just not not do something because you don't like it - For instance, maybe you don't like to use social media. Remember, it's not about you. It's about you all the time. Sometimes, you have to do things you might not like. If it makes it easier for your readers or if they like it then, you have to make adjustments.

10. Stay updated - The web is changing and we have to stay in the know.

P.S.I hope that you found these tips helpful. Our blog is our home online so we want it to make it as pleasant as possible when someone comes to visit. Thanks for reading and if you found this to be helpful please share.
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Unknown Man
Unknown Man

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Are pictures really worth a thousand words? That is the question. Some people in the blogging sphere think that it helps with the success of your blog. I am not one of those bloggers. As I like to focus on what someone is writing about and not the way a person looks. Sometimes when we see pictures of people we become judgemental. Not all the time but many times we do.

It is a natural feeling to wonder what someone looks like. I will admit to that, but is it necessary? We live in a image driven society. Pictures are everywhere. With cameras being in cell-phones you can take a picture of what you are doing 24/7. Many of these pictures that are being taken on many occasions should be kept to themselves. Why do people do it?  I can only think of one reason and that is simply because they can.

I have visited many blogs. Some had pictures of the bloggers and some didn't or if they did have a picture up it wasn't of them and I am okay with that. As I stated before I come to read their content not see what they look like. If the blogger's content is good I keep reading that blog and if it isn't I don't.

I have heard people say that it is not professional if you don't have a real picture of yourself up. I don't agree. I believe it depends on what kind of picture you have up. For instance, an avatar that a person might use. I have seen some really silly looking ones and when I saw them they made me laugh. So, I do think that you should consider what kind of avatar you will use. However, I don't see anything wrong with an avatar that is a picture of nature or a design that has colors in it. As long as the picture is not inappropriate or unprofessional.

I have even heard people say that they will not follow people on social media sites if they don't have a real picture of themselves up. I think they are missing out on some very talented people to connect with because I feel that is having a small mindset.

Everyone doesn't feel comfortable with having their pictures up everywhere. Some people want to remain private and I feel that we should respect that. Who's to say that the pictures of people that are up are really them? Unless, you have actually met that person the doubt is still there, because you can be anyone you want to be online. I have to respect people who you can tell it's not them just by looking at the picture. At least they are not lying to you. You know that it is not them.

Also, I have seen pictures online that should of been updated. During the years we change. We age. I have seen pictures of people that I have had to take a second look at because the picture of them was not a recent picture. It was a picture of them when they were younger. Is that really being honest? No, in my book it's not.

Also, don't be so quick to jump to conclusions. If you really want to know why someone doesn't have a real picture of themselves up you can always ask them. Maybe, there is a reason. I'm sure they won't mind explaining it to you.

I am not writing this to make people who choose to have pictures of themselves up feel bad. I am writing this to let people know whatever decision, you choose to make as long as you feel comfortable about it then, you should not feel bad either. After all, success lies in what and how you feel about yourself. Not whether people know what you look like. That is not an important factor.

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Introducing Recomonk! The widget/plugin that makes recommending and reviewing a cinch.

What is Recomonk? Recomonk is a blog/widget plugin that makes it easy for you to share your recommendations on your blog. It also keeps your older recommendation current because people can always see them on your blog. You won't have to worry about your subscriber's having to go through your old posts to find them. All they have to do is go to your Recomonk widget. Your recommendations never become old!

If you love to write reviews/recommendations you'll love it even more with Recomonk!

This is a great widget to have on your blog if you are an affiliate marketer. It makes recommending so much easier. Plus, you can earn rewards. When a person makes a purchase because of your recommendation you receive an reward!

Want to see what it looks like? See it on my page here: http://moneytobemade.ucoz.com/index/recommended/0-9

Want to know more watch the video below:

Are you ready to make recommending more easier and engaging? If so Signup here: http://recomonk.com/users/register  Your invitation code is: moneytobemade1.



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This is a question that I see a lot of new bloggers would like to know the answer to. It depends on what kind of blogging you would be doing. If you are going to be blogging for a hobby then it really doesn't matter what platform you choose. However, if you're blog is going to be your business then it's a very important decision you should make because you want it to be professional. Some of these blogging platforms I have used myself and I gave my opinion on how good or bad I thought they were.


If you are new to blogging and don't know anything about it, then ease of use is something to think about. You don't want to start using something and it's difficult for you because it will discourage you before you even get started. Let's take a look at some of the blogging/website platforms that are available. Shall we?


Blogger - is the first blogging platform that people have their first blogging experience with. If you are going to be blogging professionally. I wouldn't recommend using them long-term. Also, they had a time where they were shutting down people's site claiming that they were spam. Some people were targeted and some weren't. (I was one of the people who were). Losing everything is a lot to overcome. It's easy to use but as I said before it's not for people who are blogging professionally more for people who are blogging as a hobby.


Weebly - is a website builder. It is free and they also offer upgrade version. It has drag and drop features. It's also pretty easy to use. However, they also went on a stint of shutting people's site's down (I too was also targeted). If you don't mind taking a risk. Then, I guess you could use them. You can read my blog post that I wrote about them here called,"Weebly Not Good For Bloggers/ Internet Marketers".


Wordpress.org - this is what the professional bloggers use. The software is free. However, hosting is not. They have many templates you can choose from. Also, they have many plugins that allow you to do different things to make blogging more professional and to make easy to use of different functions. Many people complain that it is not easy to use especially if you have no online marketing skills such as working with html. This is one of the most recommended and most used in the blogging world.


Wordpress.com - this is a wordpress site but it is free and hosting is also free. However, if you plan on using your blog for a business I wouldn't recommend you use it. They do not allow you to do any kind of affiliate or internet marketing and if you do you will be penalized ( they will shutdown your blog). So, this site is only to be used for blogging and no business adventures. So, if you are just blogging for a hobby and no profit you can use them.


Jimdo - this is also another website builder. It is free but they also offer an upgraded version. I am using Jimdo for my natural health blog/site. It is not easy but not hard. I will say in between. I like it though. However, the learning curve is a little longer but that shouldn't discourage you. They have pretty good customer support. The templates are very professional looking. You can blog or have a website or have both.


Blinkweb - this is also a website builder. You can create a blog, website and sales pages. It is very easy to setup. This is for someone who wants to get on the web quickly. I used Blinkweb for a little while. What I didn't like about Blinkweb was you couldn't edit your website or blogs html i.e. you couldn't get under the hood. It was a lot of services I couldn't use because I couldn't edit the html interior of the website. Services such as outbrain and disqus were out because you can't edit the html source. Also, I wasn't crazy about their customer support. I had some issues regarding some of my blog posts weren't showing up and they never made any real attempts to help me out. This is for the ultra newbie which I don't consider myself to be.


Ucoz - is another website builder. It is also free. I am using Ucoz as you can see for this blog. I love it. It's very easy to use. It's for the newbie as well as for the novice. If you like to work with html (getting under the hood of a site) then you will have no problems with Ucoz. They also have a feature called builder where it makes it easy for you to edit your site especially if you have no knowledge of html. I utilize both features. The getting under the hood and builder. That's why I love Ucoz so much. You can really make it your own. I talk about Ucoz more in my blog post,"Unstoppable Rally Back Blogger."


The decision is ultimately yours to make. You have to find out what will work for you. I really like the website builders because you can blog or have a website or have both. Also, you can start right away for free. If you like it then you can always upgrade later. So, there is no pressure on you. Plus, they are pretty easy to use and customer support is very helpful. Since, you want your site to be professional I would recommend upgrading as soon as you can. That is what I plan on doing. I have it all mapped out. :) Plus, they are very professional. Many businesses use them for their blogs and sites as well.




I just wanted to let you know there are many more blogging platforms out here.  You can read about them in this Website's Magazine issue called, "50 Top Design & Development Tools". I just again wanted to put emphasis on that it's about what works for you. This is your business so you want it to be professional yet fun. No one wants something they like to do to turn into a headache.



I hope this was helpful to you. Happy Blogging!


P.S. If you found this blog post to be helpful and you know or see someone online who needs help choosing a blogging platform please be sure to share this blog post with them. Thank you!





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   I have seen vacant blogs all over the internet. People start off strong then all of a sudden no one is writing or visiting that particular blog. How does this happen one may ask oneself? More importantly how can it be avoided? It all goes back to the reasons why you started blogging in the first place. Blogging is something that you must like to do. It can't be done nonchalantly. It has to be taken seriously.

There are two reasons why a blog becomes vacant:

1. The blogger stops writing.
2.  People just stop reading it.

I believe sometimes blogger's get bored. They are excited. It's sounds so exciting in the beginning. You now have your own blog which is your own personal place on the internet. You have told everybody about your blog and to visit it. However, after a while the excitement dies down and you become bored. If you are bored with your blog you will start to write less and less until you finally stop. People can sense when you are bored and they will stop visiting it.

I have visited many blogs and nobody was home. They were so empty and outdated. Many of these blogs had potential. Another reason a blog becomes vacant is the blogger does not promote it efficiently. When you are a new blogger you have to really get it out there. It takes a lot of hard work. Trust me. I know. You can't get tired and you have to consistently promote. After you write a blog post you should spend the rest of the day or week promoting it (it depends when you write it). People can't read it if they don't know about it.

Another reason is the blogger takes time off. If something happens such as: you get sick, you go on vacation, or you just need to take a break. You should let your reader's know. If you are sick and can't do it yourself you should have someone that you trust come and write a quick blog post telling them your situation and when you will be able to start writing again. Don't just leave people hanging. If you are gone too long without giving notice people will stop reading your blog. Let them know that you haven't stopped writing something just came up and when you will be writing again. If you don't you  will look up and your blog will be vacant. Sadly, I see quite a few blogger's who are guilty of this.

Consistency can also be a key for your blog to become vacant. If you are not writing consistently. Writing every 2 months is definitely not writing consistently. That is way too long to go without updating your blog. You have to give your reader's more than that. You don't have to write every single day but if month's are going by that is way too long.

I have seen some blogger's who really don't write. There blogs consist only of what they are promoting. There blog posts consist of nothing but ads. They write one or two lines and then there is a picture of what they are trying to sell and that's it. This is what they write about on a daily basis. In my opinion, this is not writing. People just don't want to read about what you are promoting every blog post. You can at least give people a paragraph. You can't call that a blog post. That's an ad post. People want to read something when they come to your blog. It's nothing wrong with recommending a product or a service but this is not recommending when it screams, "Buy This!" with no reasons why a person should.  If you can't write a blog post instead of an ad post then maybe you shouldn't be blogging. Again, sadly I have seen lots of blogs like this as well.

Your blog is your home on the internet. If nobody is home people will not continually visit or if your home is not presentable they won't visit either. You don't invite people to your home if you haven't cleaned up. Make your blog presentable by writing good content but also being courteous. People don't have to read your blog. There are many blogs on the internet to choose from. If you don't appreciate your reader's somebody else will. Ask yourself, "Why could be the reason why my blog is vacant?" I'm sure some of the above answers will come to mind.

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