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There are so many options to use online. If you don't get a hold of yourself you will be running around in circles. It's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of internet marketing. Things change very quickly. There are so many tools and resources to use.

Here are some common questions: What blogging platform should I use? What online marketing tools should I use? Should I get a Facebook fan page? Are there alternatives to Google Adsense?

Many times you have to do what's best for you. Always do your research. Then, make a decision. Many times people do what everybody else does. It's called the monkey see monkey do mentality. I'm not saying you can't go with the herd sometimes. However, if you really aren't happy with a particular situation or tool. Just because everyone else is using it isn't going to make you feel any better. Maybe you didn't like it or it just wasn't working for you. It's okay to try something else perhaps easier to use.

Some people don't even try certain tools out because they say they don't work. Well, I know this fellow internet marketer. He uses freeadvertising sources (some are free but many involve an upgrade if you choose to do so).  Some people absolutely swear that they don't work. He swears they do and he is doing well. He gets lots of referrals. I complimented him on how many referrals he gets. He said, "Anybody can do what I do". I thought to myself, "Obvioulsy not because many people have problems with getting referrals". If he listened to people tell him not to use those resources just because they said that they didn't work. He would of never used them and never attained the success he has with using them.

Sometimes in the beginning you don't know what works or might not work for you because you have to figure it out. Just because someone is not using it doesn't mean that you shouldn't. You may find that it is a good tool and it works for you. They may not be using it because they don't know about it. Like I said, there are many tools out here. You can't use what you don't know about.

You have to find your own way sometimes. I think at some point we all have been guilty of this is some fashion or form. Here is another example. I didn't get a Facebook fan page because I felt that it wasn't in my best interest. However, many bloggers/internet marketer's have them. I do use Facebook but I only use it to keep in touch with family and friends. I used to have my blog rss feed hooked into my facebook account. So, everytime I wrote a blog post my family and friends could read it. What I learned was that was not my target market because no one was reading it. If I write a blog post that I think some of my friends and family are interested in I'll just post it on their page or send it to them in a message.

However, I have read numerous posts from numerous bloggers saying you should get a Facebook fan page. I didn't want to get one just because everyone else was getting one. Instead, I opted to get a Google community instead which I am still in the process of growing. I felt that was a better choice for me and it was more suited towards my target market.

I like to be unique too. Don't get me wrong, I have learned some great advice online from some very exceptional bloggers. However, I don't want to be a copycat. I like diversity. I wouldn't want my blog to look exactly like their's and I'm pretty sure they don't want that either. :)

I would love to hear your comments below. Have you ever been guilty of not doing what's best for you? Did you end up starting over or using the tools that you really wanted to use versus doing what everybody else was doing? I want to hear from you. Let me know how you feel.

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With Google Penguins and Pandas on the loose it's time to find different ways of getting traffic to our blogs/sites and affiliate programs. I believe seo is one of the best ways to get traffic but as I always say it's best not to put your eggs all in one basket. Many people have been hit by the web adjustments Google is making and it's been mostly unfair to a lot of people. They do it in the name of cutting down on the spammers. The sad truth is those people always find another way. Not saying they shouldn't be penalized but as I said a lot of innocent people always get hurt in the process. That brings me to our next discussion which is Freeadboards.

What are Freeadboards?

Freeadboards are boards where you go and place ads. They kind of remind me of classified ads but with more options. With Freeadboards you can post your ad daily. Sometimes there is a limit. If you are a free member you can only post so many ads a day and if you are an upgraded member you can posts more ads. If you find that you like them then you can always upgrade at a later date. It won't burn your pockets either to upgrade. The price is usually reasonable and it's mostly a one-time fee. However, you have to read each Freeadboards policy just to make sure. There are many topics you can post under. So, you can make sure you can target your right audience. It's very easy and it's definitely a no-fuss way to get traffic.

What are the benefits of Using Freeadboards?


  • Post your ads daily.
  • Build a list.
  • Cloak your your urls.
  • Email your referrals.
  • Make some extra cash.
  • Advertise your banners.
  • Tools and Stats.
  • Get Targeted Traffic.


Here is a list of Freeadboards you can start using right now:


As you can see there are many benefits to using Freeadboards. It's fun and you get traffic! Don't just believe me find out for yourself. You can also browse other members ads too. You never know you might find something that you are interested in. If you would like to advertise your blog, twitter page and 10 of your Top #10 affiliate programs you will find this tool to be helpful. It's called MyViralAffiliateSite. You can get your own MyviralAffiliateSite and advertise it at Freeadboards and classified sites. You may have other advertising sites that you use you can also use it at those too. It makes it a lot easier to do your advertising. Instead of advertising many things at the same time you can use your MyViralAffiliateSite and advertise that only one link instead of many.


What do you do now?

The only thing left for you to do is get your own MyViralaffiliate site then join all of the Freeadboard sites above and start posting your ads. Remember, it is best if you post everyday or every other day. Consistency is the key.


This is just another way that can help you get traffic and get the word out about your blog/sites and affiliate programs. Go ahead and give them a try. You have nothing to lose but money and traffic and we don't want to lose any of those.








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LinkReferral is a review marketing website. You review other members websites and blogs. You should login everyday and review 5 websites. You can also view other members sites (30 a day) and you receive credit that encourages more overall traffic and a sense of community for everyone. When you write helpful reviews it really helps people improve their sites. Also, your review will be graded. You will get an A, B, C, D, or F grade depending of the quality of your review and it is also a ranking factor. You also get credits for posting a question or comment in the forum. You can also add all the sites you like to your favorites. That way you can keep up with them. LinkReferral also offers an upgraded membership. They have different options for different services. For the Premium membership is a one-time fee of $50.00. Search results advertising is $35.00/month,Sponsor advertising is $25.00 a month and Featured advertising is $80.00/30 days.

You can earn money with LinkReferral but you have to upgrade. They also have an adnetwork where you can display ads on your site. You can also display the reviews that you have received on your site as well. You can register more than one account but you have to register each one separately as a new account. Once you join LinkReferral your site is automatically added to the directory. They also have a directory search feature where you can search for the kind of sites you are looking for.

Benefits of Joining LinkReferral








  • You get traffic
  • Your site gets added in the member's directory
  • You can search the site
  • Participate in the forum
  • You help people improve their sites
  • You can earn money
  • Your site is indexed in the search engines
  • You find other blogs and websites you may like
  • You don't have to pay for traffic










As you can see there are benefits in joining Linkreferral I can honestly say that I have received some really helpful feedback. You may have noticed the improvements that have taken place here at Money To Be Made and that is exactly why I made those improvements. I'm grateful and thankful because I want my site to be the best it can be. Sometimes, you may not get helpful feedback but don't be discouraged because there are going to be people who abuse good things. However, what you do is you leave quality and helpful feedback. If it's more people leaving quality feedback then, the good will outweigh the bad. I also have found some good blogs and websites from this site. Remember, the site work if you utilize it. If you don't participate then you won't see results. That is just plain old common sense. So, try to login in everyday if possible and review sites.

I also feel a sense of community from both of this site. I can go there and interact and help people. If I know something I share it and also I learn from other's. I have found many helpful websites from visiting other people's sites. There is always something to learn. This is another way you can be social. You can add these two sites to your social media list. They always say if you help enough people get what they want you can get what you want. LinkReferral is a perfect example of that.






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I started using Grovo a couple of months ago. I was searching on Google for some help with mailchimp and I came across their site. I immediately signed up and started taking a lesson. Grovo is an online training company. You can get training for various websites. I consider myself to be very tech savvy. However, with things changing so fast and so many websites coming out each and every day it can be very hard to stay up to date. That's one of the reasons I have been using Grovo.

Even if youare not a tech savvy person you can still use Grovo. The interface is very easy to use. The lessons are given to you on videos. It is a very hands online learning program. After each lesson there is a quiz that you take. If you cannot complete a lesson you can just pick up where you left off. If you score 90% or more on a quiz you can become certified in that course. You can download the certification or post it to your social networks.

You can also set goals for yourself. For instance, if you want to create your own blog they will help you learn to use a variety of tools to help you do so. It's nice to be able to go somewhere online that will help you stay updated an even help you with your online goals. This is also very helpful in helping you stay organized.

There is so much to learn and many times you want to learn quickly. With Grovo you can get the help that you need right now. It is frustrating when you need help and you can't get it right away. Grovo gets you the help that you need right now. You don't have to be searching all over the internet looking at this site and that site for help. All the information that you need is covered in the lessons.

Many businesses use Grovo but even if you are not a business owner you will find it just as helpful. If you are in the online world Grovo is something that I recommend you use. There is an upgrade option called Grovo premium and it costs $9 a month or $99 annually; both plans include a free trial. Group pricing is also available.

Right now, I am taking a lesson for Quora. I didn't know that they had so many features. Many times I learn to use some features but not all. Grovo helps you learn to use all the features so you can really get the full potential out of the sites that you are using. It's fun and helpful all at the same time.

Grovo also recommends sites that they think that you would find helpful and they include: Facebook, Evernote, Wordpress, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube and many many more! I hear a lot of people online always asking for help for these sites. Now, you can get the help that you need.

There are so many features that this site offers. I can't mention them all here because this blog post will be way too long. You will just have to signup and start using it yourself.

I would like to know if you are already using Grovo and if you are how do you like it? Did you find it helpful as an online resource? Have you recommended it to your online colleagues? Or if you have a business is Grovo what you use for your online training?


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Social networks are places where you can socialize with people and share what you like, dislikes, and many other things. However, the most talked about one's are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. There are many more but today I'm going to talk about five of them that I don't here too much about and they are some very good ones that have lots of features. Before, I get into that I wanted to ask you. What do you consider a good social network for your business? I haven't had much success with Facebook for my business as I use it mostly to keep in contact with family and friends. I know the reason that I haven't had much luck with Facebook as those people are not my target market. I know that I need to be utilizing social networks that can help me find that market for my business.

I have found five of them that I know that are beneficial to my business. They also have lots of features and tools that you can use for your business and to enhance your social experience. I know sometimes it can be a little overwhelming trying to socialize in so many social networks. It can really get exhausting sometimes. You don't have to tell me about it because I already know. Here are five very good social networks that you should be using:

Apsense is a business social network. Come here and socialize with like-minded individuals. They also have many tools that will help you market your business.They have what you call an add-on service. This is where you can add each action that you would like to perform which are: creating groups, writing articles, asking a question, creating an enzine, making a revpage etc. You won't annoy anyone talking about your business here. They have so many tools to help your promote your business too. They have a an affiliate rewards program too. You are automatically enrolled once you join. This is definitely the place to be. Become a member of this awesome social network and start using these awesome tools.



ViralNetworks is a complete social networking system. It has many features and benefits which are: building a list, broadcast mailings, sharing your knowledge, publish videos, and promoting your websites. There are a lot of successful internet marketer's in this social network that you can connect with. Join and start connecting.

Sokule is a micro blogging social media site. It's features include: pinging, posting messages to more than one social network at the same time, people can track you and you can send them a welcome message, etc. However, you have to be upgraded to use a lot of their features. If you upgrade you will get paid up to 50% commission. It's still a nice social community to be a part of.

Yakamore is also a micro blogging site. It's features include: posting on Yak and Sokule, auto list building, trackers from Sokule,  180 characters posts 3 posts a day change background page colors and earning 10% commission. There are also many more features for upgraded members. Join this social community to help grow your business.

These are all some very good social networks to be involved in. It's great to be able to share and network what you have learned and also continue your journey of learning by expanding your knowledge. All of these social networks are great places to do that. Join all of them and start sharing, learning and networking. Always remain respectable when you join and do not spam your opportunities. Remember no one likes a spammer. Get in there and get involved and start utilizing the many tools and resources these social networks have to offer.


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The fight against spam is an ever-going battle. Even if you don't have problems with spam you still want to keep your email organized. When you signup for different newsletters or mailing lists. These can cause your email to become very unorganized and before you know it your email has become very cluttered. Or if you use list builders. We all know that with list builders they send out lots of email continually which can really overtake your email account in a matter of minutes. It can become quite the messy experience.

I know from experience because I have more than one email account. You have different emails for all of your blogs or websites. You have different emails because you want somethings coming here and somethings coming there. It can be quite the headache. If the spammers get a hold of your email than that's all she wrote. It's just a constant battle to keep your email organized and spam free.

That's why I started using viralinbox. I did not realize how powerful this tool is. You can have a main mail box but you can also make boxes for all of your mail subscriptions, newsletters, list builders and anything you need one for. Viralinbox is just like a regular email and you can have everything you have with one such as a signature and address book. If you make a box and you do not need it anymore or if someone is spamming you all you have to do is delete it. An example of a box you can make is myname.subscription@ezvib.com. This is also a list builder too! I have cleaned up the clutter in my email dramatically using viralinbox. I had signed up sometime ago but I never really used it until now. This will do wonders for your business.

ViralinBox comes with a list builder that allows you to build a 5 to 8 levels deep downline, and earn above industry-average commissions of every upgraded referral you make: up to a whopping 55%! You will even earn additional storage space for your emails every time you refer a member, up to an INSANE 50,000 MB of storage space! You will NEVER have to delete an email again!

You can even promote and advertise your business for free!

This is something that anyone doing business online should be using. Doing business online should be easy and using Viralinbox makes it a whole lot easier. Not using Viralinbox! I'm not going to lie! You should be! You already have a yahoo account or gmail account! They don't have the features for your business that Viralinbox does! Viralinbox. Get your own Viralinbox today! Don't be like me and wait too long to start using this great tool! Don't leave here without making your own Viralinbox account.

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Illustration of Global Reach or the Concept of Doing Business Globally Via the Internet
Illustration of...
Carol  & Mike...
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There are a lot of products on the internet. How do you know which one's are good and which ones are not? That is a very tricky question. You need to be able to decipher what is truly a scam. Many people say they have encountered a scam, when actually they haven't. They may didn't utilize a program correctly. However, you can find out what your needs may or may not be by reading another person's reviews. It's good to be able to find out what another person thought of a program before you purchase it. However, regardless of what someone might say you are going to have to make the final decision.

The problem many people face is where can they find good reviews about internet marketing programs? It's really hard because everyone is selling something and you want a honest review. Am I correct? Most definitely. You want a review from someone just like you. Someone who has actually purchased the program and used it. For better or for worse. There is no reason to be scammed these days. Imreportcard will help you not get scammed. There you can read people's honest reviews. I have utilized this site many times myself.

While you there you can even share your own reviews about different internet marketing programs that you have purchased. Read reviews about not only internet programs but also internet gurus as well. Imreportcard is a site that everyone should know about and utilize. Pass this on to everyone your know such as your blog readers or anyone who is interested in internet marketing. Make Imreportcard your go to site for internet reviews.

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It is very important to build a list, but you need an autoresponder if you are going to build one. They can be very costly. Some of the most prominent name brands are aweber and trafficwave. If you have been wanting to get an autoresponder now you can with List wire. It is absolutely free. There are no hidden costs. If you already have an autoresponder and you are happy with it, no one is asking you to leave it, but if you don't have an autoresponder than this is absolutely what you have been looking for. Don't let free fool you. It has many great features. To name a few: followups messages, broadcast messages, traffic builder ads, and send messages either text or html.

You get all of this absolutely free! So, if you have been wanting to get a good autoresponder, but it just wasn't in your budget than you can take advantage of Listwire today. Many times we don't take action because it is something standing in our way. For many people it is a big price tag. You have no excuses not to get a great autoresponder. The price tag has been removed. What am I talking about? It wasn't even there to begin with.

I also have gotten my own free autoresponder. Just take a look on my sidebar. There you will see my subscription form. You can't miss it. While your over there. Go ahead and subscribe to my mailing list. So you won't miss out on even more great things to come here at Money To Be Made. I'm telling you, you would be crazy not to go ahead and get your free autoresponder with list wire today, and start building your list. I have seen so many people online looking for free autoresponders. Today you can stop looking and start building your list with List Wire. Stop wishing and start building.

List Wire - Get Your Free Autoresponder
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Are you thinking about starting your own business? How about doing network or internet marketing? Have you told a few people and they were negative. Have you heard comments like these: "Oh everything on the internet is a scam" or "No one really makes money on the internet" or "The only real way to make money is to have a job". These comments are very negative, and when some people hear them they get very discouraged.

Do not tell everyone your dreams. Neither will everyone be supportive of you or encouraging if you are doing something out of the ordinary. Many people are followers. If everyone isn't doing it than they aren't about to try it. Only tell people that you think will be helpful to you.

Many times when you are just starting out it takes a lot of confidence and self-motivation to keep you going, because in the beginning you will be making little or no money at all. There will be many days that you might even doubt yourself. So, you have to surround yourself with people that are supportive and will be encouraging to you. Also, there maybe people to discourage so that they can steal your ideas. That's another reason to not tell everyone what you are going to be doing. It's really none of their business.

Let people think what they want to think. Is it easy? No, its definitely not, because in general people like to know what you are doing. If they ask. You can just say that you are working on something, and you don't have to go into the details. Things happen for people at different times. Don't feel the need to explain why you haven't done something. That is just a pitfall for a pity party. You don't have anything to feel bad about. Some people love to hear drama. It's what their lives evolve around. So, don't give them anything to gossip about. This isn't just about making money. It can be anything that you want to do. I always say if you want to know information about something look it up. We are living in the information times. Everything is practically right at our fingertips. There's no reason for people to be ignorant these days. If they are it's because they want to be. Many people love to live in the dark. In reality you know who you're real friends are, and if you really aren't sure you will find out. So, whatever you have planned keep on working on it. Don't stop. Who cares what people think. You don't have to put all your business in the streets. Successful people rarely make their plans known to the world.
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Have you ever visited a website or seen an offer on t.v. and decided to investigate, because they were offering something that was free? Only to find out that what they were offering really wasn't free. I once joined a program, because they said it was free, but once I joined I couldn't hardly use the site, because you had to pay to use the majority of the features. It wasn't like they said that you could only use certain features for free, and than you have to upgrade. I was very disappointed. Had they just explained that in the beginning I could of saved myself a lot of time by not even joining. It was really of no use to join. Another time I joined a program and company said it was free, but the only thing free was to make an account. Everything else you had to pay for. I just think that is false advertising, because in reality it isn't free.

I'm like if it's not free it's not free just say so. Don't lie and say that it is. I don't mind even if a company says that only certain features or free, but you have to upgrade to get additional features. That's fine with me, but just say that. Don't lie and say it's free and when people join they can't use any of the features for free. I don't know about you , but that's false advertising in my book. I wouldn't want to join a business or program that doesn't tell the truth up front. Maybe they think once they get you to join that you will take the next step. I don't think so. (not me anyway)If some of the features for a program are free, and I like them. I certainly will upgrade. I have no problem with doing so at all, but to be lied too. Maybe they don't consider it lying, but it certainly isn't telling the truth. That's for sure.What do you think? Have you signed up for a program only to find out it wasn't free?
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