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Are you busy? Do you have more than one business you are promoting? Would you like to advertise, easily, effortlessly and virally? There is only so much time in a day and you have to get your business in front of the right people on a daily basis. If you have more than one business to promote you don't want to constantly have to advertise each and one of them separately. It's exhausting and time consuming. You have so many other important things you have to do in a day. Advertising can be one more thing you don't have to worry about.


For instance, you can share with your followers your business opportunities or whatever you are advertising with one link. Just share this one link on your social media accounts. This way people can see what you have to offer and not be irritated with you sharing multiple sites one after the other. All you do is share this one link with everything on it. That's it!


This is something everyone can use. Share these tools with your followers or business partners. It's very helpful. Who doesn't need ease when it comes to advertising? Plus, you can build a list. When people sign up for these tools they will get on your list. You can even make money too. These tools are free. However, when someone upgrades (it is only a one-time fee) you get paid. So, you are not only getting advertising you are also making money. Everyone who signs up your advertising will be on their link page. So, the viral advertising is in full effect. Plus, when someone upgrades you make money. You build a list and make money. I would highly recommend you upgrade to get the full benefits. You won't break the bank when you do and it's always best to invest in your business. These tools are a great investment for your business.


I absolutely love these tools. They are so helpful in my business. I share them with everyone I know. That's why I am sharing them with you today. These viral advertising tools are Adboardz and Vtrafficrush. In this blog I have promised to share with you the best tools and these are some of the best. They never go out of style and those are the kind of tools you want to have in your advertising tool box.


So go ahead and start using these tools so that you can make your life easier, and get the traffic and make the extra money you deserve. Join Adboardz and Vtrafficrush today! Don't delay!






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 We are in the last month before the new year. Every year you set goals to be successful in your business? Are you where you want to be? If the answer is, "No". Then, you need some help. Do not be ashamed. We all need help sometime. I really want to help you be successful. I have put together a poll below. I am asking you what you are having difficulty with. Please answer all the questions. This will help me to better understand your problems and I can help you accordingly.







Answering this poll will also help me write blog posts that will also be helpful and that you can learn from. There are always new things to learn. Thank you for taking the time to answer this poll. I am looking forward to seeing the results.

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 We are coming into the shopping frenzy months. This is the time of year people do a lot of shopping. It is also the time of year that crime is at an all time high. The most easiest crime to commit is online. This is where someone can steal your identity. This is very scary and if someone has stolen your identity you know what a mess it can cause. It also can take years to get it back. So, it's best to prevent this from happening the best way that you can. Doing business online is a convenience and you shouldn't be afraid to do your shopping or anything else that you do online. Here are some ways that you can protect yourself.


Always make sure to look at your bill carefully. This will help you know if there are some purchases on your account that you didn't make. If you see any purchases that are not from you immediately take action. Do not delay one second. This way you can nip it in the bud before it gets any worse.


Shred anything with your name on it. Catalogs, old bills, old credit cards, magazines or any kind of junk mail. If it has your name on it make sure it's shredded. This way thieves cannot get a hold of your name and use it for criminal purposes.


Do not share too much information online. You don't have to fill out all the details on different forums and your social media accounts. Such as your birthday, your mother's maiden name, where you were born or who your spouse is, etc. It's easy to pretend to be you when have given someone all the information that need to know about you.


Don't respond to email solicitors. Many times these are people with foul intentions. If you get a bunch of spam just delete it and do not ever give out any personal information. No business would ever ask you for any personal information in an email. Also, don't click on any shady looking links. If you're not sure what it is and who it is from. Just delete it. It's better safe than sorry. Many times they could contain viruses and spyware. 


Have virus protection installed on your computer. There are many kinds you can get. Mcafee, Norton, Avg are just a few you can purchase for your computer. They cover the basics such as your email, web browsers and also when you visit different websites.


Avoid shopping at shady looking websites. If they don't have any kind of way that you can contact them. That is definitely a red flag. Don't use too many credit cards when you are shopping. Have a designated one you use. This way if someone does make unauthorized purchases on it you can easily pin point which one it is. Remember, time is of the essence when someone gets a hold of your credit card information.


Make sure that you use different passwords for different sites online. Never use the same password especially for any bank or credit card account. Use letters, numbers, symbols, capitol and lower case letters.


Your identity belongs to you and you do not deserve to have it stolen. Thieves do not have the right to steal it and ruin your good name and credit. Plus, just make life miserable for you. While they get to spend the hard earned money that you have spent your entire life saving. Why become a victim of identity theft when you can protect yourself? Click Here to see how you can get more protection for yourself from these cyber criminals.


You can have fun and be safe online. You shouldn't have to worry about your identity being stolen and now you don't have to. Take care of your business, surf and shop online with security.



























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This is a guest post by Manidipa Bhaumik. Please show her some love by commenting and sharing. Thank you!

Social media marketing or SMM is one of the best way for increasing brand awareness and driving huge traffic in the current market. And, we all know that traffic means MONEY. But it is really challenging for a small business owner or a new start-up to drive traffic to their website. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Youtube are some great sources of getting targeted traffic.
But do you know that there are some etiquettes or best practices which you must adopt to get the most out of your social promotions?
Social networking sites are all about user engagement and sharing useful content in the right platform. So you need to pick up the right site for your social media campaigns. Also you must structure your social media practices for your online success.





Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

1. Understand which Works Best & Prioritize the Networks

Every now and then, a new social media is budding up. But it is not at all a good idea to try each and every social network that you just discover. Rather try to concentrate your marketing efforts on the top social media sites like — Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

But then again, just because your competitor is doing well in one social platform does not mean that you can also achieve result from that. Try to find the social networking platforms that will work best for your business.
For example, Facebook and Pinterest are a great option if you want to drive traffic. Whereas, Google+ can help you to boost your SEO (according to Social Media Today). So decide on the network as per your business need.

2. Complete Your Social Media Profiles

If you are into serious business, it must be demonstrated in your social profiles too. Choose a social handle, which will be identifiable with your brand. Use your professional logo or avatar to
make it look authentic. Also take some time to fill out your ‘About’ section. People find it more trustworthy, then an incomplete profile description.

3.Prepare a Checklists

You may think, social media promotion means just login to Facebook or Twitter account, type a post and click on submit. Isn’t it that simple?
No, it is not.

Checklists are always handy to make your job easy and organized. Take a notepad and make a checklist of things like whether your message is understandable, is it shareable, whether the links are working or not, if any typo or grammatical errors are there etc.

Decide a time frame which will be best suitable as per the time zone of people you are targeting. Also optimize the post/ tweet for maximum effect. Like in case of Twitter, only 140 char are allowed per tweet. So you need to choose the best words.

4. Know your Target Customers

To be successful in social media marketing, you must understand your consumer base. It is definitely not about what you think and what you want to share. So provide helpful content and share posts which they will find interesting and useful. Tailor your social media pages as per your consumers’ interest as a part of your online promotion techniques.

5. Engage With Your Audience

Interacting with your customers is a vital social media strategy. It is part of your customer service. If you are not interacting with your followers, then they might feel that you don't care about their queries and issues. And gradually they will also feel little or no concern about what you are sharing with them.
You may definitely ignore the irrelevant comments. But do not delete the negative comments, as this will give you a chance to let your users know how you handle an adverse situation.

6. Be Active but do not Spam

To keep your brand active, you must share useful posts and updates in a regular interval. But also be aware that nobody likes spam. So don't post the same information repeatedly or post very often that your social followers find it boring or swamping. This may further lead to loosing some of your hard earned followers.

7. Consistency across all Social Media

When you are working with multiple social networking site, there is a high chance that you will loose uniformity. You must establish a clear idea before setting up the different social accounts.

Some basic steps like using the same business name, profile picture, background image etc. can help you a lot for keeping your brand identity. Also make sure that your message is identical across the different networks.

Also I would suggest that as soon as you decide on your brand name, go to your preferred social media site and register your social name. Because it may not be available by the time you think to set up your blog or website first and then establish your social profile.

Social media sites are meant to become social and develop relationships. So try to add your personal touch into your updates and comments. To be a successful social media marketer, you must understand the emotions of your customers and share information based on their likings.

Social networking sites are constantly evolving to provide the best user experience. So try to remain up to date about the new and future changes to keep your marketing efforts effective.
Hope you will find the article helpful. Also you might have learned some other Social Media do’s and don’ts during your time of using the different social networking sites for business. Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

Author Bio: Manidipa Bhaumik is a passionate & dedicated blogger who enjoys going in-depth of any given topic. She loves to share her knowledge on Blogging, SEO & Affiliate Marketing through her webpage WPBlogging360.com. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Social media marketing or SMM is one of the best way for increasing brand awareness and driving huge traffic in the current market. And, we all know that traffic means MONEY. But it is really challenging for a small business owner or a new start-up to drive traffic to their website. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Youtube are some great sources of getting targeted traffic.




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We all like to save money whether you are shopping for: clothes, food, or household goods you like a good deal. So, it's no different with our internet marketing business. You can still do business without going bankrupt. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or novice. Today, I will share somethings you can do to save some money. It helps because many times it takes money to make money. Usually, what happens is you take the money you are making and put it back into your business.


Things can be a little difficult in the beginning but as you continue along in your business things start to get easier. Being broke is never easy and running a business can really add up sometimes. In the beginning you might be spending more money than you are actually making. I know you can relate to this situation. Here are somethings that you can do to help ease some of that financial spending pain:


Mighty deals is a great place to get: courses, plugins, graphics, software, themes, bundles, icons and fonts. At discounted prices. You can even signup for their mailing list and get deals delivered straight to your inbox. This can really help you save if you are doing any kind of web design or if you are looking for graphics or even if you want to broaden your knowledge by taking courses.


Netspend Western Union is a great way to make sure you don't go over your spending budget. Sometimes you can get carried away online. This card will help keep your spending in check and you can also make money too. So, you are not going over your budget and you are making money at the same time. When you refer someone you get $20.00 put on your card. You can also send money as well.


Advertising is something that we want to save lots of money doing because it is most needed when it comes to marketing online. This is something that we have to do every single day. So, it makes sense if we can do this without breaking our bank accounts. Plus, with these advertising sites I am mentioning you can also make money as well. Who doesn't want to advertise and make money at the same time? One site you can advertise for free and get an upgrade. The other one is low-price. I would encourage you to upgrade because you will get more benefits. Here are two advertising sites you can advertise and make money:


We need to shop for our businesses too! There are things that we need to get to help our business run smoothly. Whether it is pens, paper, microphone, or a camera. You can save money by using discount shopping sites. I'm telling you do not make a purchase without them. This will greatly save you lots of money on items you need for your business. Saving money is the name of the game.


Lastly, but not least you can subscribe to Website's Magazine for free. This is a great magazine to help you stay on top of what's happening in the online world. You get excellent tips and advice on internet marketing coming straight to your inbox or mailbox. Whichever, you choose.


Although, an internet business is way cheaper than running an on-site business it still takes money. It's always nice to know that we can save a little bit of money while we are running our businesses. I hope that you found this to be helpful and if you did. Please pass this information on by sharing it. Thanks in advance!


























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There are many business social networks out here but none quite like IBOToolBox. It has a wealth of tools for the internet marketer. Many companies probably would charge you for these tools but not IBOToolBox. All of the tools that they offer are free. You need these tools in your business especially the internet marketer and the home-based business owner.
That's where IBOToolBox is different from all the other social networks because it caters to people who have a home-based business and online marketers. It is specifically for this niche. So, many people have online business these days.
At IBOToolBox it is a place where you can connect and network. With lots of tools to help you with your online marketing. Let's look at some of the tools that IBOToolBox offers. Shall we?
IBOExchange- is the #1 way to increase your social networking presence. IBOExchange provides you with the ability to promote your social profiles to real Twitter users, Youtube subscribers and real website visitors. You choose who you want to interact with.
IBOAffiliate- is their real inhouse sale referral network. You can earn generous commissions by referring people to their family of websites and platforms
IBOBanners- is their robust banners platform. You can create banners with their banner creator, host your banners on their cloud servers, scroll through their banner library and much, much more.
IBOTube- is their business media sharing platform. You can post your videos and use them in your video campaigns.
IBOList- is their modern classified ad platform. With thousands of people using IBOList it has quickly become a very large active advertising platform. Modern look and and feel. User profile and attractive ad listing.
IBOGigs- is their micro job site specifically built for internet marketers. It is like Fiverr where you can look for people to do jobs for you. IBOGigs gets thousands of job requests a week and is a very active platform. Need something done or have something to offer. Get it done at IBOGigs.
IBOurl- is a url shortener with a lot of great features. On the toolbar it has your profile, pr's, videos, live chat, and social media buttons. You get all of this on your url shortener. You get all of this on your stylish url shortener.
LiveChat- this provides a live chat functuality for your blogs and websites. You can also talk to your associates inside the members area as well.
Advertising- you can advertise banners and textads. You can purchase credits to advertise or you can earn them by: logging in daily, referrals, attending webinars, commenting, writing press releases, and reading newsletters. If you have any affiliate programs, ebooks, blogs, or anything else you can advertise it. It's always good to have more than one place to advertise.
All of these tools make things so much easier for the online marketer. 96% of daily traffic comes from non-members. These are people who want to know more about internet marketing and also looking for a home-based business. Everything that you do gets indexed by the search engines. Especially, commenting and writing press releases.
IBOToolBox is very interactive. People post to the wall daily. This is a great way for you to connect with other internet marketers. You can ask and answer questions. When somone has just joined IBOToolBox it lets you know. This way you can welcome them and help them get started.
You can see how many people have viewed your profile. Not only that you can see how many people have visited IBOToolbox each day. You can also see all the members who are online, traffic leaders, ibo big dogs, and top enrollees. 
IBOToolBox keeps you ontrack by helping you maximize your online efforts. You have to try to get 6 stars and maintain them. When you complete your profile, write a press release, write on the wall, refer someone, and advertise you get stars. This is helpful because you can keep up with how much you are being active. It motivates you to stay active on IBOToolBox and lets you know when you've been slacking.
When you join IBOToolBox make sure you fill out your profile and afterwards return to the dashboard if you don't you will not get your credits.
If you are an internet marketer and you are not utilizing IBOToolBox you are indeed missing out on a valuable marketing platform. You can connect, market, advertise, and share lots of important information. IBOToolBox is made exactly for the internet marketer.
IBOToolBox now has updated profiles they are fresher and load faster. It also has a new video and pr commenting system which is based on the new IBO 3 wall. The new commenting system allows for improved conversations and feedback.
The new IBO wall system features in-line commenting and posting, faster loading 2 level commenting which allows for more engaged communication, spam reporting feauture to help us keep the wall clean, and a wall filter to allow quick access to the post your looking for! 
Don't miss out any longer. Go Here to become a member and start using these awesome tools!

P.S. Now you can earn 20% commission on credit purchases made by members you have referred to IBOToolBox!

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Yes, they do and you are leaving traffic and money on the table if you are not using them. I know that you are probably advertising more than one affiliate program or business opportunity. Rightly so, because you should have multiple streams of income. Don't get me wrong. Search engine traffic is one of the best ways to get traffic. If someone finds your blog post through a search engine that is one way they have found you. I like to have many ways a person can find me or a business opportunity I am promoting. Also, I don't want my blog to become content for spam. I so despise that. Plus, sometimes I advertise things that don't pertain to this blog. So, if I advertised it here it would definitely be considered spam. I absolutely do not want that.


Making Money

I like how using viral marketing websites you can make money. Many of the viral marketing sites offer an upgrade. The majority of them are a one-time fee but some are monthly just click on upgrade on the sites and they will tell you the details. Also, they don't break your bank account either. The prices are very affordable. You make money when someone upgrades or buys advertising on the site. These are ways you can make money. This is another way you can be making money advertising. You are getting traffic and making money at the same time. 


Build A List

Viral marketing websites can help you build a list. Whoever you refer will be in your down line and you will be able to message them. This is great if you want to help them get started or share tips for marketing the sites and also how to get referrals. You may also want to recommend other business tools that you are using. You maybe thinking you already have a list. It's always good to have more than one if you can.


Getting Traffic

With viral marketing websites when you get people to signup with your referral link. Everytime they advertise your ads will be shown on their pages. So, when you get referrals and they get referrals the traffic increases. This is what you call the viral effect. It's a great way to get traffic. There is really no amount of referrals a person can get. This is something you can tell everyone you know about. It's nice to be able to help someone get more traffic to their affiliate programs or opportunities. This is an excellent way to do so.


Where to Advertise

You can share your referral links on your social media accounts. You can also write a blog post about the viral websites that you use or make a page where people can come and see your traffic resources as I have done so here:


You can advertise your referral links at these advertising sites too. There are so many you will have to figure out which ones that you prefer to use.


I will be showing you the dashboard of some of my favorite viral marketing websites just so you can get a feel for them if you have never used them before. Here are some of my favorite viral marketing websites:

All Star Adboard

You can post unlimited banners. You can also post text ads as well. However, you can only post unlimited banners if you are an upgraded member. I encourage you to upgrade so you can get all of the benefits. Pro members earn 50% of their referrals pro upgrade and they earn 50% of the banners sold on their site.



Viral Text ads

To get unlimited text ads and three banner ads you have to be an upgraded member. So again I encourage you to upgrade. Ads are guaranteed 60 views. This is a great site to join. Another great site to help you get views and traffic.


Gremlin Traffic Ads

As a free member, you get 10,000 square banners a month, upgraded members receive 20,000 to 50,000 a month depending on level or you can purchase button ads for as low as $0.15 per 1,000 impressions.




Viral Search Traffic 

This is an awesome viral traffic website. When anyone signs up using your referral link they will end up under you in your network. You will earn credits when other marketers search and when they refer people in the system. This continues 5 levels deep so it is very powerful to invite people to the network under you. As you can see this is a very powerful marketing tool. It is free but they do offer an upgrade for $19.95 a month. 



Advertise Free Forever

This is an awesome viral marketing site. You choose a title for your ad. Next you choose a category. Then you write out a textad. You can choose different colors for the font and background. Preview and save. Now you will generate a link.  You will enter a target website. Enter a description this will not be seen though. Choose a category. Generate an Advertise For Free link. This is the link that you will advertise. It shows the link you want to advertise but also ads from other members sites. That is why you created your ad so it can be shown on other members sites as well. They offer an upgrade too.







All of these viral marketing websites are great ways to get traffic. Imagine getting traffic from all of these sites and your referrals and their referrals and their referrals. The traffic literally does not end. It keeps going and going and going. Plus, they are so fun to use and to promote. I just love all of these viral traffic sites. 


Do you use viral marketing websites? If you haven't ever used them before I suggest you add them to your arsenal of traffic tools. You can never ever have enough traffic. It's something that you will always need for your business. It is what the success of your business depends upon. 










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 I was trying to upload the image that I use for all of my social media sites to this one particular site and no matter how much I tried it wouldn't upload. I, then tried to resize it. At first, I thought the site was having problems and I started to contact technical support. I decided not to do that. I tried uploading a different picture. It instantly uploaded! So, I knew it wasn't a technical problem. I guess, I could of used another picture but I like to use the same picture so people know it's me. That's when I learned that I needed to change my gif image to a jpg.


This wasn't the first time this had happened to me but I didn't take any action. Reluctantly, I did end up using another picture but as I said before I really like to use the same picture because then people know it's me. This time I really didn't want to give up. I wanted to find out what was causing this problem. I did some research online and I was able to find Zamzar.com. It is really an easy site to use. It was a life-saver for me. You can convert your gif images to jpg images in 4 easy steps. Also, you can convert other files such as: jpeg, bmp,png and many more. Plus, you don't have to download anything.


Below is a screen shot of the site



Step 1. Select files or url to convert.

Step 2.Choose the format to convert

Step 3. Enter your email to receive the converted files

Step 4. Convert by clicking you agree to their terms


Here is my image I converted



Nice, huh! I thought that you might find this as helpful as I did. It's fast, easy and free! Try this out and let me know how you like it!

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You have heard of discount deal sites before. You love them. You don't shop without using them. Have you ever heard of discount deal site for web professionals? Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish I could get deals for some of the tools I am using for my web projects?" After all, you can get discounts for your all the other shopping you do online and offline. So, it is only fair to be able to save money and get great discounts for web projects. How much can you save? You can save 50% to 90% off on things like design tools (royalty-free vectors, Photoshop actions, etc.), professional templates (Wordpress, Drupal, Facebook) Mac toolkits, web development lessons and more. They also have featured deals and even free deals.


How Mighty Deals Works


Everyday there are products or services featured at discounted prices exclusively for Mighty Deals customers as much as 90% off. These deals are for a limited time only. You will see a timer running showing the remainder of the time until it expires. You cannot purchase a deal once it has been expired. To make sure you don't miss a deal sign up for their newsletter and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


Who Should Use Mighty Deals?

Bloggers, Web designers, Websites Owners, Businesses, and Graphic Designers. Anyone who is looking for tools that will help them keep their sites looking professional or uses web designing tools. Also, anyone who would like to learn how to learn web design because they offer courses too!


Got A Deal You Would Like To Run?

If you are a web professional or business and you have a product or service for creative professionals. You can run your deal on Mighty Deals website and get exposure and sales for your product or service.


If you have read enough and are ready to start saving massive money by getting these awesome deals. Just Click Here so that you won't miss out on these fabulous deals!



P.S. Don't forget to share this with friends so that they too don't miss out on these deals!




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Advertising is a big part of internet marketing. If you do not advertise you will not make sales. If no one is buying from you then, this is probably one of the reasons. You have to advertise to get what you are advertising out to the people. Are you doing it enough though? That is the question. Yes, if you are a blogger you say to yourself I have a blog people can find me on my blog. That's true. They can find you on your blog but you have to have other ways to get people to see what you are offering too. Everyone does not read blogs (even though we like to think that they do). So, you have to get to those people as well. 


Also, you might be advertising more than one product on service and you may not want to write a blog post on every product because you don't want your blog to become a spam blog. You can find other advertising resources to advertise at. Places that are specifically used for advertising. This is something that you have to do on a regular basis and you have to do it consistently. It can be tiring. I know. It can even be downright discouraging at times but you must keep at it. Quitting is not an option. I know when I keep at it. I do see results.


You can't just advertise once or twice and think that is enough. That is not nearly enough. Advertising must be in your daily internet marketing routine. You should be doing some advertising everyday. Placing your ads in advertising sites will really help you get what you are advertising out to the people. Don't get discouraged if you don't immediately see results. People usually don't buy the first time they see something. It might be they don't have the time or money. However, if you keep showing it to them then when they do they will buy.


You can even advertise your blog using these advertising sites too. Some advertising sites let you put your blog link in your profile. So, you can advertise your blog too. After all, we still have to advertise our blogs too, so that we can get more readers. I know some people don't like to use advertising sites and that's okay because you have to find out what works for you. I like them and use them because you don't never know where you will make a sale. If you haven't been making any sales then you might want to give them a try.


Where can you advertise?

There are many places that you can advertise to help you gain traffic, referrals and customers. Here is a list of places where you can advertise. I made an advertising resources page on this site. It has a list of places that you can advertise and you will never run out of places to advertise. I will be adding more so you can check back periodically. You can check it out here: http://moneytobemade.ucoz.com/index/advertising_resources/0-13.


Advertising is not something that you can do part time it has to be a full time job. Why? Because you have to be constantly bringing in people for your programs and business. This is the only way that you will get customers and referrals. You have to get in front of people continually. So, being consistent is key. The good news is with some of the sites that I have given you it doesn't take that much time for you to put an ad in. Some of the sites you do have to surf for credits but even with that it doesn't take a whole lot of credits for you to send your ad. Just do a couple of sites a day.


You can have the best products, programs and services in the world but if people do not know about it then, it won't do you any good. You must help them find you. Stay focused with your advertising and you will get results.









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