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Many people are working from home and have a lot of things to do. So, making their household chores easy as possible is at the top of the list. Doing laundry can be time consuming. The less time we can spend doing it the more time we can have completing our work at home. Eco Breeze Laundry Detergent Strips makes doing laundry a cinch! No more having to carry that heavy plastic bottle with you whether you are doing laundry at home or at the laundromat. These Eco Breeze Laundry Detergent Strips are lightweight and convenient. No mess and no fuss! No more worries about using too much detergent or spilling it.


How To Use Eco Breeze Laundry Detergent Strips

Just take a sheet and add it to your clothes that's it!

  • Take one sheet for 1 full load and add it to your clothes for a regular load. 
  • Take a half a sheet for a regular load.
  • Take 2 sheets and add it to your clothes for heavily soiled clothes. 



Saves You Time And Money

Only costs 20 cents a load. No measuring anything. Just add the Earth Breeze Eco Strips to your laundry and that's it. Nothing more to do. Even if you don't like doing laundry you might find a change of heart using Earth Breeze Eco Strips.



Good For The Environment And Your Health

Do you have sensitive skin? These are perfect for anyone who does. Earth Breeze Eco Strips have no phosphates or parabens. Vegan, free of chlorine dyes and bleaches.  They come in scented and unscented. The scented smells heavenly and it leaves the right amount of scent in your clothes not overpowering at all. No more lugging heavy plastic laundry containers to the recycle facilities because with Eco Breeze Eco Strips do not come in them.  It is wrapped in zero waste packaging (biodegradable and recyclable). That means one less plastic container going to the landfills.




More Interesting Facts About Eco Breeze Laundry Strips

  • You can use the packaging and compost
  • You can use the sheets for manual hand washing by soaking the sheets first. They dissolve in the water.
  • 1 million loads of laundry donated to those in need through our buy 1 give 10 program since inception
  • Kept 562,436 pounds of plastic out of landfills and our oceans
  • Planted 14,135 trees
  • 6 beach cleanups 



As you can see there are so many benefits to using Eco Breeze Laundry Strips. Do you plan on doing any traveling? If you do I would highly recommend you take Eco Breeze Laundry Strips with you. They are so easy to pack and take up no room whatsoever. You can put it right in your suitcase with your clothes. Are you ready to make a difference by just changing your laundry detergent? Plus, every purchase you make they donate 10 loads of detergent to nonprofits and charitable organizations.











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Have you lost your job? Do you need additional money? Or are you just looking for a side hustle? Have you struggled with making money in a homebusiness before? I have the perfect homebusiness for you. You can do this business online and offline. Anyone can do it.  The company takes care of all the mailing. So, you don't have to worry about purchasing stamps or envelopes. There is a one-time fee but that is all. You do not have to worry about any monthly fees. So, it won't break your bank account. Even if you already have a business you can still do this. It's always smart to have more than one income. You are provided with a free 25k marketing system to help you promote your business. Plus, it is fun. Who wouldn't want a business like that?




How long have you been looking for a business? I bet you have been looking for quite a while.  This business has all the key components.



  • The company does all the mailing so you don't have to purchase stamps or envelopes saving you money
  • No monthly fees
  • 25k free marketing system
  • You can promote online or offline
  • It's fun
  • Work from home
  • Easy you can do this
  • Set your own time schedule
  • You don't have to talk to anyone. It's great for introverts.




What I want you to do is fill out the form with your name and email and request the free starter kit. The free starter kit will explain all the information about the business. What do you have to lose? Nothing, but another year going by and you are still broke. Do you really want that to happen again? They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Are you insane? I hope not. So, lets do something different.  Fall is here and before you know it winter will be. Then, another new year. Aren't you tired of making the same old tired new year resolutions every year? Don't let fear stop you from requesting the free starter kit. There is nothing to be scared of. The only thing you have to fear is being broke but you can change that but it's up to you. So, go a head and request the free starter kit today!




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 Everyone wants to work from home but how can you do it successfully? Working from home is supposed to be better than working outside the home. Mainly, because you don't have to leave home and you can set your own hours. Not having to fight traffic every morning and worrying about being late. These are great benefits right there. Just because you are working from home doesn't mean that you are not working. Don't get it confused.


I know that since you are working from home and no one is seeing you that it doesn't really matter what you are wearing. However, I think it is better to still get dressed. You can still be comfortable but put some clothes on and don't stay in your pajamas. The reason being is you want to be productive and sometimes when you are in your pajamas you tend to get lazy. It sets the tone that you are getting ready for bed. Which in fact, that is the opposite of what you are doing.


So get up shower and get dressed. Do everything that you would do if you are going out to work. The only difference is you now have more time to do it. Have a good breakfast. After that start your day. You can have a designated place to do your work. Such as a home office. If you have children or have company then this would be ideal. However, if you live alone or your children or in school it's nothing wrong with doing your work outside your home office. It can be relaxing to have a change of scenery. Having an adjustable, portable laptop table is great for your work days that you do your work outside of your home office.


It's also a great idea to let people know your work times. Especially, your friends and family. Many people feel that just because you work from home means you have a lot of free time and they assume that you aren't really working (which is so far from the truth). This will help you stay more focused and get more work done and have less interruptions. Be nice but firm. Not answering the phone or texting during your work times (unless it is extremely important) is a good idea.



Having a schedule is really great for working from home. Set your own hours. Whether it is early in the morning (I think this is the best time to work) afternoon, or evening. Whichever, is best for you. Stay consistent with your schedule. It can be tempting to veer off but stay steadfast. You will see improvement in your work and you will get things done. This is why many people don't work from home successfully, because they believe working from home means not working. You are working. You are just working from home. Many people can't separate the two. Don't be one of these people.


Take a lunch break. Eat lunch. Take a little walk or stretch your legs. As I said before the benefit of working from home is you don't have to rush. So, take your time.


Working from home is fun. Who wouldn't want to work from home? If done correctly it can be a benefit for you and your family. Do you work from home? Or are you considering it? Let me know in the comments below. I hope these tips will benefit you and help you work from home successfully.


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  As bloggers/internet marketers we have a lot of work to do. The work that we do is definitely not for the faint-hearted as many find out all too soon. We have to constantly come up with content to write, networking, promoting and staying updated. We have to do these things consistently and on a daily basis. That's not counting other things that we have to do in our lives. It can be a hectic lifestyle indeed.


We spend a whole lot of time on our computers. Our minds are continually racing about what can we do or if we did everything that we should of done. The feeling of did I do enough is constantly on our minds. It can cause us to become slaves to our computers. We tell ourselves. I'm just going to do this it's only going to take a minute. Then, we start thinking I got to do this and before we know it we have literally spent all day working online.


The truth is there is only so many hours in a day. You can't be online all day even though we spend a big portion of our lives online. It's our business and we have to run it. It's true, but at what cost? What can we do to stop this feeling from ruining our lives because that is exactly what it is doing. We work from home. So, there is know one telling us what we can or can't do. So, if we want to work all day and all night there is no one to stop us. How can we combat these feelings that we are not doing enough?


First, we have to realize that we are doing enough. Sometimes you might not get everything done that you planned to do that day and that is okay. You can't beat yourself up about it. We all are entitled to have a off-day. Think about all the days that you have done everything that you set out to do. Having one off-day is not going to hurt you. You are not perfect. So, everything that you do will not be perfect. Do it the best you can and leave it at that.


I will tell you a story. I am not a night person. I do not work well at night. I immediately go into chill mode at night. I am a morning person. Because I had these constant feelings of me not doing enough I started trying to get on the night shift. I would be sitting at my computer and I couldn't hardly keep my eyes open. I would be literally falling asleep. I would be telling myself that I have to get this done. I wasn't doing a good job at all. But because I had these feelings that I wasn't doing enough I kept pushing myself. I really wasn't getting hardly anything done as I couldn't hardly keep my eyes open.

Here are 3 tips that I am now using to help combat these feelings:

 1.Write down everything that you are going to do for that day. Make a list. I like to use the composition notebooks. Check off everything. Once you do that. Do not add anything by doing something else.

 2.Pick what time you work better at. For me, night is not good as I told you before but if you work better at night then go for it. You have to do what's best for you.

 3.Turn the computer off! That's right! Walk away from that computer! I know it calls to you but shut it down!

I have been feeling so much better since I have been following these tips. They have literally saved my life. Especially, the last one. I swear this computer was calling my name throughout the day. It was driving me crazy! LOL


Do you feel on a regular basis that you aren't doing enough? Does it cause you to work all day long and not get anything else you want to do done? Tell me your story.





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 photo AugustCashcrateCheck_zps498c213c.jpg

The question that is always asked is,"Can I make money taking surveys?" The answer is, "Yes, you can make money taking surveys". Taking surveys is a great way to make money online. Especially, if you aren't making any money at all. The picture above is a check that I received last month from Cashcrate. The reason that I posted it is to show proof that they do pay. I have made quite a bit of money with Cashcrate. It is one of my favorite survey companies to take surveys with.

Another question that is asked, "How much do they pay?" They pay according to how many surveys that you take. With some survey companies you get points and you can exchange your points for cash. With others you complete offers , watch videos  and referrals.

Some people say that surveys can be time consuming. They can be a little. However, if you are looking for a way to make money and you haven't been making any money at all. I think they are worth the time.

Surveys are also fun. I love giving my opinion. I am very health conscious and now I am even more so because I have fibroids which I am trying to shrink. So, I am on a strict diet. I took a survey and one of the questions I was asked was, "What do I think about the food here in America?" I was able to give my honest opinion. Which was I didn't think it was too good. That's why I enjoy taking surveys. I get to tell my opinion as a consumer. Also, the money I made from surveys has helped me out a lot. I have been able to purchase some health products I needed for my condition.

Another problem people say they have with surveys is they flood your email with a bunch of emails. Some survey companies do send surveys to your emails. Also, sometimes they require an email address when you fill out survey forms. What I do is I make an email with Viralinbox. They allow you to make more than one email box. I have an email box I use just for surveys. If you would like to read more information about them. You can do so, in a previous blog post I wrote called, "Keep Your Email Organized And Spam Out Forever".

Another question asked, "Who should take surveys?" In my opinion anyone who is looking to make some extra money. However, I will name a list of people who would really find them beneficial:

  • Stay at home moms
  • Stay at home dads
  • Senior citizens
  • College students
  • Internet marketers
  • Teenagers
  • People who have lost their jobs
  • People who are looking for more than one income
  • People who like to give their opinion as a consumer
  • People who want to work from home
  • People who like to play games
  • People who like to shop

So, if you know someone from the above list. Share this blog post with them. You will be doing them a great favor.

There are many survey companies to choose from. I would advise you to choose from several companies. I wrote a blog post about some of the ones that I really enjoy taking surveys from. In this blog post called,"Cash Paying Online Surveys".

The bottom line is you can make money taking surveys and it won't interfere with what you are already doing. It's fun easy and free. It won't get any better than that.

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Do you have video games, dvds, or cds that are in mint condition and you are not using them anymore? Wouldn't you like to get paid for them? You can take that money you make from selling them and buy you some new ones. That would really be nice wouldn't it. Everyone could use some extra cash these days and I know you are not any exception? Plus, it's a better alternative then just throwing them away. We don't need anymore things just rottening away in our landfills. Now, do we? This is a perfect way to dispose of them.

I know many times we have old video games, dvds, and cds that we have watched and played a million times but they are still in good condition. Year after year they just sit around taking up space and you get tired of dusting them off everytime you cleanup. Now, you can send them in and make some extra cash. Plus, shipping is free.

Follow these three steps and you are on your way to making extra cash:

1. Get an instant price quote.
2. Print out free shipping label.
3. Get paid via check or Paypal.

That's it! Just three simple steps and you are on your way to making some extra cash. Remember, the discs must be in good condition. Just ask yourself,"Would I want to receive something like this?" If not, then you shouldn't send it in.

The only thing left for you to do now is to start selling your dvds, cds, and video games Click Here!

Also, if you would like to sell your used books Click Here!


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I have been writing for a website called review stream. So far I have written 3 reviews. They will buy your reviews for $3.55  this. However, the price chart refreshes automatically. I am waiting for my 4th review to be approved. When you write your review make sure it is descriptive but also very opinionated. They really want to know what you think about the product or service that you review. If you would like to be paid $3.55 for your review make sure that you do not put a check in the bulk rate box. If you do you will be paid bulk rate. Bulk rate is the regular rate divided by 5. If the regular rate is $5.00 the bulk rate will be $1.00 Even if you don't click the bulk rate box they still may not accept your review. If they don't accept it for $3.55 you can submit it again and they may purchase it for $1.00.

If you are submitting a review for a particular store or shop make sure you put the location in the location address. Before you submit your review make sure that you don't have any grammatical errors, because they might not accept it if it does. The more people vote on your reviews the more you get paid. You may not republish your reviews that you write for reviewstream on your blog, but they give you a block that you can place on your website or blog so people can read your reviews. However, you don't have to have a website or blog to write reviews for reviewstream.

Reviewstream pays you using paypal and you have to have $50.00 in your account to cash out. All in all I think that reviewstream is a good website. Even if you don't want to write reviews you can go to the site and read the reviews that other people have written. You may find them helpful before you make your next purchase for a particular product Reviewstream is just another way you can make some extra money online.

Read My Reviews Below:


Note: The Review I did on Weebly was before they shutdown my blog. My views have changed. You can read my latest blog post called " Weebly Not Good For Bloggers/Affiliate Marketers".

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Do you want to make some easy cash? How about taking surveys? It's a great way to make some extra money and it doesn't interfere with what you may already be doing such as: working a job, internet marketing, or building your business. In fact, the money you make will come in handy. Use this money to pay bills, treat yourself or save it for a rainy day. Remember, this is something you can do in your spare time so, you don't have to stress yourself out about it. Set a time of day to login to complete your offers and take surveys. Consistency is  key. I know I don't have to tell you what to do with extra money. It's nice to have more than one income coming in these days and cash paying online surveys are a great way to help you do that. It's easy money and you aren't going to get it no easier than this. I know you want to know do you really get paid from taking surveys. Yes, you do. I will be sharing some pictures of the checks that were sent to me. So, you will be getting proof. I'm going to start with my favorite online survey site which is Cashcrate.
Cashcrateis my number one favorite survey site. It is the site that I have been paid the most money so far. With Cashcrate you earn money by taking survey completing offers, watching videos and referrals. For every new member you refer you earn 20% of what they earn and 10% of what there referrals make. Plus, you get a $3.00 bonus when your referrals earn their first $10.00. See my check below:






TreasureTrooperis a fun survey site. It's similar to Cashcrate in a lot of ways because you complete offers, take surveys and you can earn money by getting referrals. You also earn by doing cash tasks and cash surveys. You can also do treasure hunts. You can earn an extra $100 if you win one. Also win you refer people you get an extra 20% of all the offers they complete for life. In addition, you'll get 5% commission from anybody that your friends refer. So, if you like a challenge you will like Treasure Trooper. See my check below:








Ipsos is a nice survey site where you earn reward points which you can redeem for gift cards, e-certificates,  charity donations, and you can earn cash.

Here are a couple more survey sites that I encourage you to check out than join they are SquishyCash , Toluna,andFusioncash.









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Do you have books that you are not reading anymore and they are just sitting around collecting dust? Couldn't you use the extra room on your bookshelf for books that you haven't bought yet, but you will buy soon? You probably have thought about recycling them, but why do that when they are still in mint condition and you can sell them and make some extra cash. You could also use the extra room in your house too. Especially, those textbooks that you know you will never use again. This is a great opportunity to sell them and make some extra money. This is especially for you if you have boxes and boxes of books that you have probably forgotten about in the basement.

It's easy to sell your books and you can do so in 3 easy steps:

1. Enter your book isbn number.
2. Print a shipping label.
3. Get paid.

 Three very easy ways to sell your books. Shipping is also free. So you sell your books which is no cost to you. You might ask friends or family members if they have books that they don't want anymore. If they do ask them to give them to you. You can sell them and make some extra money. This is fast easy and free. So, where can you sell your books at to start making money?

Rare Books #6
Rare Books #6
Jennifer  Kennard
Buy This at Allposters.com
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