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Write Reviews With ReviewStream And Get Paid!
I have been writing for a website called review stream. So far I have written 3 reviews. They will buy your reviews for $3.55  this. However, the price chart refreshes automatically. I am waiting for my 4th review to be approved. When you write your review make sure it is descriptive but also very opinionated. They really want to know what you think about the product or service that you review. If you would like to be paid $3.55 for your review make sure that you do not put a check in the bulk rate box. If you do you will be paid bulk rate. Bulk rate is the regular rate divided by 5. If the regular rate is $5.00 the bulk rate will be $1.00 Even if you don't click the bulk rate box they still may not accept your review. If they don't accept it for $3.55 you can submit it again and they may purchase it for $1.00.

If you are submitting a review for a particular store or shop make sure you put the location in the location address. Before you submit your review make sure that you don't have any grammatical errors, because they might not accept it if it does. The more people vote on your reviews the more you get paid. You may not republish your reviews that you write for reviewstream on your blog, but they give you a block that you can place on your website or blog so people can read your reviews. However, you don't have to have a website or blog to write reviews for reviewstream.

Reviewstream pays you using paypal and you have to have $50.00 in your account to cash out. All in all I think that reviewstream is a good website. Even if you don't want to write reviews you can go to the site and read the reviews that other people have written. You may find them helpful before you make your next purchase for a particular product Reviewstream is just another way you can make some extra money online.

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Note: The Review I did on Weebly was before they shutdown my blog. My views have changed. You can read my latest blog post called " Weebly Not Good For Bloggers/Affiliate Marketers".

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