It's very important to maintain your blog. If you have links and banners on your blog and they are not working anymore you should fix or remove them. It makes your blog look very unattractive and it is very irritating when someone goes to click on a link only to find that it doesn't work anymore. I have seen many blogs that don't keep up the maintenance of their blogs. If you have started blogging and have found out that it's really not for you than you should delete it. Don't keep it up and don't do anything with it. Who wants to keep visiting a blog that has been abandoned long ago?

Sometimes sites that we have joined go out of business. It happens sometimes, but if they do, remove or replace the links. You should periodically check your links just to make sure they are working. When people click on your links you want them to be able to go to the website that they are interested in. If your links don't work than that could be a possible customer that you are missing out on. Only because your link is not working.

Also, when you put up links back track and see if the link is working. I always back track. What I mean by backtracking is after you put up the links go click on them yourself to see if they are working properly. I have found on many occasions that links that I thought were working were not because I made a mistake and didn't type the correct html and thus, rendering the link unclickable. Mistakes happen, and that's okay. It's just nice to catch mistakes so they don't end up costing you visitors and possibly customers. People won't continue visiting your blog if everytime they click on links they don't work.

Keeping the maintenance up on your blog is very important. If something is not working make sure you fix it. You wouldn't leave something on your car that isn't working. You would fix it. You should do the same with your blog.
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Website Magazine

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Subscribe to Website Magazine today! This is a great magazine. How do I know? I'm a subscriber myself and I absolutely would not be without this magazine if I were you. I have learned so much since I have been subscribed to it. It is a very important part of my internet marketing tool box because it helps keep me up to date. This magazine is great for the newbie and the veteran internet marketer. Website magazine is for people who are serious about internet marketing. You aren't serious about internet marketing if you are not getting Website magazine. 


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Wolf Kahn - 2013 Wall Calendar

Are you just all over the place (I was)? You get online and you do a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but it's like you haven't did anything at all. It might be time to get on a schedule. I had gotten myself on a schedule a couple of years ago and everything was going great. Than I stopped and went back to my old habit of doing things will nilly. Now, I have rescheduled my life again and it is looking way better than it has been in a long time. I have lots of things to do regarding my internet business (including this blog). It can be hectic. Trying to do my business and other things that I am doing in my life. I am taking an online course to learn how to speak another language. Things have gotten pretty busy. So, I had to start getting organization in my life. I was literally on the verge of losing my mind. Here are some tips that really helped me reschedule my life:

  1. Check your email, but put a time limit on it. Don't spend 2 or 3 hours checking your email.

  2. To help you from being all over the place regarding your business and your personal life.  Fix certain days of the week to do certain tasks. Example: Mondays can be to write your blog posts.               

3. Get your place organized (This is something that I am working on too).  Don't feel ashamed if it hasn't happened yet, we're getting there. :)

4. If you say you are going to do something. Do it, no matter what. I was taking my language course and my sister and her kids came by. Of course my natural reaction was to stop and visit with them (I did) but, I came right back downstairs and finished taking my writing composition.

5. If you can split your to do list between, mornings, afternoons, and evenings. It really makes a difference and keeps you tight on your schedule.

6. If you don't get everything that you planned to do that day (things do come up unexpectedly) don't get frazzled just start a new the next day.

I have found a few sites that can help you keep your life on schedule: 

With the calendar home  site you can print out a calender for each month. I did for March. I like to be able to look at what I have to do and if I want to add something right away I can. If you have a laptop you might find the other sites to be more useful. You can use one or all of them. It depends on your scheduling needs.

Life is so much easy when things are scheduled and organized.

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