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  Blogging is a lot of hard work and that is not counting the many other things that we have to do on a daily basis. Promoting your own blog, commenting on blogs, social media, finding other blogs, writing good content and guest posting are just a few things that we as bloggers do regularly. It's nice to be able to use a tool that can make these things a lot easier. I would like to introduce to you Ninja Outreach By Dave Schneider. This tool should be in your blogging tool box. We already spend countless minutes and even hours on our blogs. Time is both: Money and precious. If we can do things in a timely fashion that is what we should aim to do. Ninja Outreach is the tool that will help you do that.


Isn't that what blogging communities are for?


Yes, you can find bloggers in blogging communities but you cannot contact them all at one time. You do not have the ease of what Ninja Outreach offers you. Everything is not right at your finger tips like it is at Ninja Outreach. You find them but it's not as easy to connect with them. You can't do a search and find out who offers guest posts or who does reviews. You have to visit each blog individually to find out that information. I don't have to tell you how much time that takes. Time that you could be spending doing something else with. Wouldn't you agree?


You can do your own search and see what bloggers you can find. Below is an image of a list of bloggers that was found using Ninja Outreach. You can see how easy it is.





What is easily accessible at Ninja Outreach


  • Klout Score
  • Comments Per Post
  • Alexa Ranking
  • Social Shares per post
  • Visitors Per Month
  • Seo Metrics

You can find out there: klout score, comments per post, alexa ranking, comments per post, social shares per post, visitors per month, and seo metrics.

Building a community is very important for you as a blogger. You can't build a community if you don't have anyone coming to your blog. You have to find people and people have to find you. Ninja Outreach is the tool that will help you do that. Connecting with the right bloggers can really help you out as a blogger. I like how with Ninja Outreach you can tell if a blogger is active or not. This saves you a bunch of time. How many times have you visited a blog to only find that it hasn't been active in a long, long time? Your time is too precious to be wasted.


More Features Of Ninja Outreach


You can create campaigns, filter and sort your lists, add and remove bloggers to your lists, submit via contact form, and import websites. As you can see there are a lot of features that you can use. Sometimes with software there are a lot of features but no one needs or uses them. With Ninja Outreach you need these features and you will use them.


What's Left For You To Do Now


You can take Ninja Outreach for a spin and see how you like it. They have a 14-day free trial . What better way to experience the power of Ninja Outreach software? I know that you will want to have this tool in your online toolbox.

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 All over the internet you see people looking for a home-based business. Why? Because they want a business where they can work from home. There are usually four categories for a home-based business:

1. You join a network marketing company.

2. You have your own business something that you, yourself are doing on your own.

3. You join an affiliate marketing business (yes there are affiliate marketing/home-based businesses).

4.  Internet marketing businesses (these usually include selling a system or digital products).

You have to figure out what kind of business that you would like to do. If you don't have any ideas of your own, then you will more than likely join a network marketing company or an affiliate marketing company. If you are not quite sure which one is the best fit for you. You will want to read,"Which Is Better? Network Marketing Or Affiliate Marketing?"  After, you have figured out which one is best for you. Then, you want to start looking for companies that you would like to join. There are a whole lot of companies and I mean a whole lot. So, you want to take your time when you start looking. It's best to go with something that you like to do. If you like scented candles then you would go with a company that sells scented candles. The opportunities are endless. It probably won't be too hard for you to find something that you like.


Where can you find these home-based businesses?


  •  Google Communities
  •  Facebook Groups
  • Work From Home Forums
  • Safelists
  • Freeadboards


These are places that people are either discussing home-based businesses or trying to get help with one. Also, people are advertising their home-based businesses. In the forums and groups you can ask questions and tell people what you are looking for. This way, you won't have to sort through a whole bunch of business opportunities that you have no interest in.


What questions should you ask regarding a home-based business


  • How much does it cost?
  • What are the requirements to join?
  • Will I be on an autoship?
  • Will I be joining a team or working on my own?



These are just some basic questions that you can ask. It's important to find out everything up front if possible. This way, you won't have any misunderstandings. Asking the right questions will help you be able to make better informed decisions. Many people make this mistake. I don't want you to be one of them.


Don't be pressured into joining


Don't feel as if you are obligated to join if the business is not right for you. Sometimes when you ask people they want people to join them in the business so they may come off very head-strong. You too, have to stand your ground as well. If you ask all the right questions and the business is not right for you. Just tell them that. That's all you have to say. You don't have to go into details why you don't want to join. Sometimes things are just not a right fit at the moment or maybe you just flat out aren't interested.


How do you know if you have found the right business?


You will know if you have no reason not to join. If you like the product or service. It's something that you can use and know other people who would like to use it. Money is not a problem for you if you join. If you have found the right business I encourage you to go ahead and join. Don't keep making excuses. Sometimes, if we wait the excuses will set in. We don't want this to happen. Go ahead and jump in with both feet. You can do this! There are places as I mentioned before such as forums and communities where you can get support.  You can join the Money To Be Made Community. It's a great place to gain encouragement and support.


Can you recommend some home-based businesses?


I sure can. These are home-based business/affiliate marketing businesses. There is no cost to join but you can order business cards and they do offer things such as banners and links to help you promote the products.


Gano Brand Coffee



If you are still undecided about what kind of home-based business to join or just want a little bit more information regarding what it takes to start a home -based business. Subscribe to Home Business Magazine. It will be helping you decide if a home-based business is really right for you and if it is it can get you going in the right direction. Sometimes it's best to read about something first before you get started. This way you won't be jumping head first into icy cold water. 


The only thing left for you to do is find a home-based business. Are you looking for a home-based business? Have you found one already? Tell us about it and how you are doing with it in the comments below.

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When you are starting anything it is important to have the right mindset and it is no different with blogging. You probably have heard a lot of things about it before you have even began to do it. This can really affect how good you will or won't be at it. Once you have made up your mind to start blogging you must have the right mindset and I will tell you how you to do that now. I know this will be very helpful to you before you start blogging or even if you are already blogging. Sometimes it can take a minute or two before we really understand what we should be doing or how we should be going about it.


I know you have probably heard these things before: Blogging is fun, it can help your business, blogging is easy, and you can make a lot of money blogging. I will say that they are true for the most part but if they become true for you is a different story. Those statements can be encouraging but they can also be discouraging. They can be encouraging if you really are prepared to be a true blogger but if you are not then you will see them as being discouraging. They are not far-fetched at all because it could be your reality, because there are many people's that it is theirs.


Do Not Search For Blogging Doom And Gloom Stories


Once you start blogging don't worry about doing it just do it. Nothing happens overnight. You can't tell if you are really good at it or not. Maybe, you might not even really enjoy it in the beginning. Give it sometime. Don't worry about it. Just put yourself on a schedule and do it. Don't go searching all over the internet to find stories about how people said that blogging turned out to be their worst nightmare. Don't do that. It won't help you any and on top of that you will feel awful. Not good at all. Please, I'm begging you don't do this.


Prepare Yourself To Be A Blogger


What does it entail to be a successful blogger? This is what you want to be concentrating on. Find all the good sources of what it takes to be a good blogger. Join some blogging communities and forums and listen to the questions that people are asking or even ask your own. Maybe, you have a favorite blogger that you like hint: (me) that can point you in the right direction and offer blogging tips. Subscribe to their blog and participate in their community. If you have more than one that's even better.


Take Easy Out Of The Equation


I'm not saying that you should think that it is hard. Somethings come easier for some than others. Maybe it might be this way for you. For instance, maybe you are learning to write or trying to improve on it. If this is you it might take a little bit of effort on your part to get things going. This is okay. If you run into some bumps along the way if  you think it is too easy and it's not it might give you ammunition to quit and we absolutely do not want that to even be a thought. Yes, there will be challenges and you must keep going no matter what.


A Business Blog Is Not A Diary


Back in the day the majority of blogs were diaries. Not anymore. If you intend on your blog to be a business then you don't want it to be filled with things that would normally go in a diary. I'm not saying that people don't want to hear about your life but just don't get carried away with it. Hold up on the selfies that you took with your friends over lunch. It can get tiring for your readers if that is what your blog becomes, because that is not why they are reading your blog. You don't want to lose readers. This is another thing that you want to avoid at all costs. We want to increase readers not decrease them. Keep it professional but with a little bit of personal. If you know what I mean.


Prepare Yourself To Write


You will be writing and you will be writing a lot. Blogging is about writing and if someone tells you otherwise they are not telling you the truth. Repeat after me, "Blogging is writing". You will have days that you don't feel like writing and you won't know what to write about. You will have days that you will get tired of writing (even if you love it). Even when you are not writing you will be thinking about writing. Don't panic this is absolutely normal. This is what it means to be a blogger.   When you reach this point then you know that you have become a full-fledged blogger. I present you with your own blogger badge. Wear it humbly. :)


Always Look To Improve


Blogging has been around a while now but no matter how much we have learned there is always something we can learn how to do or do it better. Make sure that you stay in the know about blogging. Work on your writing skills. It's true. The more you do it the better you get. You don't have to do everything at once. Whatever you want to learn or need help with it. Start working on it. Make a list if you have to. Use tools that will help you do things better. Keep reading whether it is books, blogs, newspapers, whatever. This will help you with your writing.


In my opinion there is nothing better than blogging. It just doesn't get any better. Having the right mindset about it and not having preconceived notions will help you out in the long run. You will be much better prepared for what you have to do to have blogging longevity. I will leave you with this question. Do you have the right blogging mindset?






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If you sell things online it's nice to have your own store. You can sell things that you make or maybe you just want to sell some of your old stuff. You can either have a store where you provide the products or you can have a store by selling other people's products. This is a good way for you to make money online. You might be thinking where can you have your own store? You want something simple and not difficult to setup. Something that is free or doesn't cost you an arm or a leg. Here are five places where you can have your very own store.


  Amazon Store

With your own Amazon Store you can sell products from Amazon's site. All of your favorite products you can just add them to your store. It's very simple and convenient. It is limitless to what you want to sell. You just add the products that you want to sell to your store. You can have it where it matches your blog or website. It's very easy to setup. You don't have to worry about coming up with things to sell. Just add your favorite products from Amazon to your store. That's it. Incorporate your store into your website or blog.


CB Proads

If you are looking to sell digital products. Getting your own digital store is easy with Cb Proads. You can have an affiliate store front, niche store front or a Wordpress plugin for main and niche store fronts. It's easy to get started too. You don't have to know a bunch of technical stuff either. Clickbank has lots of products to choose from. These store fronts make it easy for you to sell products in your niche. You also can incorporate these store fronts into your website or blog.


  Triple Clicks

You can have your own e-commerce site with Triple Clicks. This is a great way to get your products out to the people. You will have hundreds of SFI affiliates working for you. This is free and it's easy to start selling quickly. Just upload your products and that's it. Even if you don't have your own website. You will be provided with your own T-Connect website with everything that you need to start selling your products. It's way too easy for you not to get started. So, if you have been wanting to sell online this is a great way to do it.



Shopify makes it easy for you to get your store up and running. You can customize your  store having complete control over your domain name and it's layout. There's no need to know css or html. There are 100 designs and templates that you can use. You get notified by email when you have made a sale. So, you won't miss out on any orders. Shipping is made easy and you can provide tracking for their orders. You can have unlimited bandwidth and products. Gift cards and discount cards. You can have all the features that you want and many, many more.



You can start selling online in a matter of minutes with Jimdo. Anyone can build a store easily and quickly. Just add your products and connect your paypal account to immediately start processing orders. You don't have to know any css or html. You can get started super easy. Are you in a hurry to start selling online? Then you won't start any quicker then with Jimdo. Need a blog? You can have that too. You can edit your website with the Jimdo app. Their free iOs and Android app make it easy for you to edit your website on the go.


As you can see it's very easy to start selling online by having your own online store. Any of these can be used to sell online. You can find which one is the right fit for you and that is not hard. You may want to use more than one if you have more than one website or blog. Haven't started your online store yet? Now you can!


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 You have started your blog. You now believe it is ready to be shown to the world or so it seems. You are ready to have an audience for your blog. All you have to do now is start promoting it. You have to start getting traffic quickly because this is the only way people will find your brand new blog. Is it really ready for promotion though? There are 5 things that your blog should have before you get ready to share it with the world.


An About Me Page

People like to know a little about the person who's blog they are reading. Somethings that you can include in your about me page is how you started blogging. Just tell a little bit about yourself. You don't have to tell your life-story (if you are a private person) but what your blog is about and why you started blogging. Your skills and what it is that you do.


Contact Page

This is where people will contact you. You can have a contact form or an email address or both. You can include your social media accounts. Your phone number if you like. Just various ways that people can get in contact with you. This is important because you may receive offers from companies. Sometimes, things happen and we don't always see them. For instance, something might not be working properly on your blog and someone might want to let you know. People have questions that they might want to ask you. This is very important to have.


Search Box

This is a very important feature to have. Why? Because people will want to search for particular articles on your blog. It makes it so much easier to find them. I have seen several bloggers who did not have a search box and I wasn't able to look for a particular article. I had to go through their categories. Which was very time consuming. Everyone will not do this. If they can't find what they are looking for they will search for it somewhere else. A search box is a must have.


Subscription Box

This is a box where people can subscribe to your mailing list. This way people won't miss out on your blog posts and you can keep in contact with your subscribers. If you have anything that they might be interested in you can send them an email. This is how you grow a list. This way you can keep in touch with your subscribers.



At least 10 Blog Posts


Before you start promoting you should have at least 10 blog posts. I have seen bloggers promoting their blogs with only 1 written blog post. This is not a good idea at all. I know you want to get your blog out to the masses but 1 blog post. Come on, you have to give your readers more than that. After they read that 1 blog post what are they supposed to do? You have to have more content than that. If they like what they read they will want more. It's like you are teasing them. Do you like to be teased? I know you don't. Please make sure you have content for them to read.


I know that you are excited when you start blogging but you still are representing yourself. Make sure that you have these 5 fundamentals in place before you start promoting your blog. You don't want people to think that you haven't thought this through. More importantly, you want your readers to be happy and give them a good experience when they come to visit your blog. Make things easy for them. This is your home and your visitors are your guests. I know sometimes we can get caught up in our excitement and we are told the sooner we start promoting the better. If you forget something do not worry you can always go back and add it.


I can tell you from visiting lots of blogs that these 5 things do make a difference. You will get traffic to your blog and get your audience. It does take time but just throwing together your blog is not going to make it happen any faster. Take your time and put things together nicely.


Have you ran into blogs missing these 5 fundamentals? How did you feel about it? Let me know in your comments below.



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If you are looking to start a blog or a website or both. Website builders are great to use and they are so much easier. I have heard a lot of people say that they want something easy to use. Whether you like getting under the hood or not website builders make it easy for you to make your website or blog just the way you want it. They are very professional too. So, if you are worried that your website or blog won't look professional  you can put that worry to rest. They have their own plugins and features that you can add to your website or blog. Some people find Wordpress difficult to use and if you tried it and you found it to be for you, you should try using a website builder.


Blogger is not a website builder. Many people lump it in the same category as a website builder but it is not. Blogger only allows you to blog its services do not include building a website. Also, it only has a free option. It does not include any paid option. I think the reason it is because both Blogger and website builders allow you to use their services for free. However, with website builders they offer a free and a paid option. If you decide to upgrade to the paid option you will have the free website removed from your website and you can utilize more featured options. So, if you are tight on money you can start for free and upgrade later on. This way you can still get your website or blog up and running.


With a website builder everything is hosted. You do not have to go anywhere else to be hosted because they host your blog or website. Everything is all-in-one. This is good for people who don't have a lot of time to spend on getting a blog or website up and running. Everything is right there at your fingertips. They also have drag and drop features that make it easy for you to design your website or blog even if that is not your forte. They also have lots of different templates that you can use. You can really make it your own and not have to worry about your blog or website looking the same as everyone else's. Social media buttons are included in some of the templates but if not you can always add them yourself. It might differ for different kinds of website builders. Just check and see.


What I like about website builders is you can learn as you go. Maybe, in the beginning you might not know a whole lot about html but you can still build your website or blog. The drag and drop features make it so easy for you to do so. Maybe you do know how to work with html but just don't have the time as I mentioned before. Website builders can help you get up and running quickly, efficiently and professionally. Sometimes, I even get carried away with the different addons and plugins to use (in a good way of course). Because, they really do have lots of features that you can add to your website or blogs. They are always coming out with new and better ways for you to help make your blog or website better.


Website builders are just like anything else. Some are good and some are not so good. I recommend you use the ones where you can grow. Even, if you don't know any html in the beginning you will probably learn some because it is essential to know some when you are blogging or building a website. Bottom line you need to learn html. It just makes it a whole lot easier for you online when you know some html. I wouldn't recommend the ones that don't give you a lot of freedom when it comes to getting under the hood. In this blog post,"What Kind Of Blogging Platform Should I Use?" I mentioned some of the good ones and the not so good ones. I hope that it will be helpful in your search to find a website builder that is right for you. You can have a professional looking blog or website using a website builder.


Are you thinking about using a website builder? Why or why not? Are you already using a website builder? How do you like it? Let me know in the comments below.







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 I was trying to upload the image that I use for all of my social media sites to this one particular site and no matter how much I tried it wouldn't upload. I, then tried to resize it. At first, I thought the site was having problems and I started to contact technical support. I decided not to do that. I tried uploading a different picture. It instantly uploaded! So, I knew it wasn't a technical problem. I guess, I could of used another picture but I like to use the same picture so people know it's me. That's when I learned that I needed to change my gif image to a jpg.


This wasn't the first time this had happened to me but I didn't take any action. Reluctantly, I did end up using another picture but as I said before I really like to use the same picture because then people know it's me. This time I really didn't want to give up. I wanted to find out what was causing this problem. I did some research online and I was able to find It is really an easy site to use. It was a life-saver for me. You can convert your gif images to jpg images in 4 easy steps. Also, you can convert other files such as: jpeg, bmp,png and many more. Plus, you don't have to download anything.


Below is a screen shot of the site



Step 1. Select files or url to convert.

Step 2.Choose the format to convert

Step 3. Enter your email to receive the converted files

Step 4. Convert by clicking you agree to their terms


Here is my image I converted



Nice, huh! I thought that you might find this as helpful as I did. It's fast, easy and free! Try this out and let me know how you like it!

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A new year is about to begin in a few more days. 2014 is almost over. Can you believe it? Wow! This year sure has went by fast. A lot of things happened in the blogsphere this year. Guest posting was given a bad name. Squidoo shutdown. Social media has really taken off. Forums don't seem to be as active as they once were. I wonder what this new year will bring. Hopefully, Google doesn't come out with anymore Pandas and Penguins. They probably will but I can dream. Can't I? (LOL)


I have learned a lot in 2014. I am learning how to work with Canva more. The image in this blog post was made with it. I want to get better with using it. Who would of thought I would designing images? I still have a long way but at least I have started. I can only get better. Yeah, I'm bragging a little bit. Don't spoil my joy. (LOL) However, I still have a lot to conquer. So many things that I want to learn to do. I am still learning, because it never stops. Don't worry, whatever I learn I will be sharing it with you. In fact, I just learned something new. Look for it in an up and coming blog post.


I'm not making a new year's resolution because I carry the same mentality that I had last year and the year after that. I already know what I have to do and what I want to do. I just check what I have already achieved off the list as I go. Just in case you're wondering. It's all good. I have so much to do. My plate is so full it's not even funny. That's why I haven't been writing in my blog as of late but I will be getting back on track. I just want to apologize if you have been reading my blog and expecting a new blog post. I hope that you went and read some of my older blog posts if you are a newcomer to my blog.


I am really looking forward to this new year. Hopefully, it will be better than the last. Not that 2014 was bad for me, because it wasn't. I just want to accomplish more of my goals so that I can check more off of that list. I can honestly say that I have been more positive lately. Which is something that I am still working on. I go and re-read my favorite self-improvement book that I keep as a reference. It has been so helpful to me. Self-improvement is something that I work on everyday. It is an essential part of my life.


I really want to make this blog better. I had asked this question before but I didn't get a lot of answers. Can you do me a favor and go and take this survey by answering this question for me? Is this blog helpful?  It will be a great help for me to provide content that you would like to read. Thanks in advance! I really appreciate it.


What will you miss about 2014? With the upcoming new year. What goals would you like to achieve? What are somethings that you didn't get to achieve in the past year and would like to? Do you think that your blog became better or worse? I would love to know what you think in the comments below.





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Gift cards are great to give and receive. They make shopping so much easier. You don't have to spend a whole bunch of time in stores trying to figure out what to buy for people. Many times you really don't know what people really like anyway. You are going from store to store or from online site to online site exhausting yourself trying to figure this out. Plus, it's nothing like buying something for someone and you find out later they didn't really like it.


Gift cards are the answer for these problems. You get them a gift card and let them go and buy what they like. This cuts down on you being upset about spending so much time shopping and it cuts down on them being disappointed. Even though we know that you should be grateful that someone took the time to think about you. It's the thought that counts. Even if you have to give it away because it didn't fit or you just flat out didn't like it.


What if you are busy and don't really have to time to shop? Who really loves last minute shopping? No one, but sometimes life gets busy and before you know it ; the event is here. Ever, been invited to a wedding and scrambled to find a gift?  It's nothing like intending to buy a gift for someone but you didn't have time to get it. That's when gift cards come in handy. Also, gift cards are simple.  If you have kids you are giving gifts to. It can cut down on the drama of someone liking their gift more than the other. Keep things equal. Just give gift cards.




As bloggers it's nice to use gift cards to reward your readers. You can use gift cards to reward people who comment the most or who participate in your community by helping others out by answering questions. This is only if you have a community on your blog. Don't worry if you don't. You can host a giveaway on your blog and give out gift cards. You can have contests on your blog and reward people who share your blog or a particular blog post the most. I know some bloggers have written ebooks or other products it's a great way to reward readers for helping you get the word out.


What kind of gift cards should you give?


If you don't know the person personally. It's best not to give gifts to restaurants or places that sell food. Some people have allergies to different foods. Also, people have diet restrictions. For religious reasons, they may not eat a certain kind of food. Also, for health reasons they may not be eating certain foods. Lastly, they could be vegans or vegetarians. If your blog is catered to a certain audience. Such as a mom blog then gift cards for Toys'rus a kids clothing store would be appropriate. However, just stick with a gift card from a store where they can purchase something that they can use.


Gift cards can fit anywhere


You can give a gift card anywhere. You don't have to worry about carrying a bunch of stuff around. Once you give someone a gift card you don't have to worry about them leaving it. Because it can fit in their purse or wallet. You can send it in the mail and it won't cost you a fortune to send it. They are so much easier! Gosh, it makes giving gifts a cinch! It truly is no worry shopping. Now, that's the kind of shopping I like to do!


Where To Buy These Discount Gift Cards?


It shouldn't cost you a fortune to buy these gift cards and it won't. You can get them from GiftcardRescue. They have excellent prices. Plus, they have a wide selection. Whatever, you choose there is one for you. You can also sell a gift card or even exchange one. As much as we try to avoid it sometimes we still get a gift card that we just can't use. If that happens to you, you can sell it or exchange it. To sell or exchange a gift card you must check the balance. You can do that at Buy your gift cards at GiftcardRescue now.


No matter what the occasion is Gift cards make the perfect gifts. I just love getting gift cards. Don't you? What kind of gift card would you like to get? What merchandise store would you be happy about getting a gift card from?
















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When you are searching to join a business online you will hear the word scam a lot. What actually is a scam? What does that really mean? The definition of a scam is - a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle. I'm sure there are plenty of people running scams and I'm not saying that you haven't ran into any. However, it is very important that you make sure that is truly what it is before you go screaming to anyone and everyone who will listen that you have been scammed by such and such business. You see, sometimes people's claims turn out to be not true. I've said it before and I will say it again. It takes time to make money with a business, any kind of business.


Before joining any kind of business you can do an online search about it. Collaborate with people who are already working in it. If and when you decide to join read all of the fine print. Make sure that you will be able to put in the proper time. This is something that you will be investing your money in so you must make sure that you have the time and make the effort when you make the commitment to join. If you can't promise yourself that you will do these things then, it's in your best interest not to join any kind of business. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't never decide to join. It just means that it is not a good time for you right now.


Why would someone say a business is a scam when it is clearly not? Because they didn't do the above. As we all know people think it is easier to do business on the internet( I blame the false advertising that is being done on a consistent basis). If you are a newbie then it is easy for you to fall into these cracks. Why? Because, naturally people are looking for something that is easier. So, when they think that they have found it they mistakenly believe that easy means less work or basically no work. That is simply not true. There is no business that you will join and not do absolutely nothing. So, if you are one of those people, please stop believing those blatant lies. I'm telling you right now they are not true and they will never be true.



When a business is a scam it will not stay in business for long because the people who join it will not make any money. This is a clear indicator that a business is a scam. Also, a business that is a scam usually, has no way for you to contact them. They aren't interested in you being successful either. Why would they? They can't have you making money, because if they did it wouldn't be a scam. If it is a scam NO ONE will make money and people will not stay in the business. They will lose money not make money. That is the whole object of a scam.


You do not want to accuse a legitimate business of being a scam. For one, it will make you look bad. You are stating something that is not true. People will do their research. When they find out it's not a scam and that you purposely said it was that doesn't make you look good in the eyes of people. Many times when someone says something is a scam it is because they themselves didn't do something that they were supposed to do so, they try and discredit the business. If you are claiming scam after scam and these business are not scams people will start to look at you and rightfully, so. You are making yourself look unreliable. If you ever do find a business that you like it will be hard for people to trust you (I know I wouldn't join a business with someone who is always claiming that they got scammed).


If you did not do well in a business just say you didn't do well. Maybe, it wasn't for  you. That happens sometimes. We join something find out it wasn't the right fit for us. What do you do? You move on and find something that is. You don't go hollering scam just so you can get attention and people will feel sorry for you. If you think that. Trust me, they won't. It will be completely the opposite. You will be someone that people will not want to be bothered with. If you are trying to do business with people you can't afford to be that type of person. You will need to be someone that people trust. Not someone that looks petty and a whiner in the eyes of people.


When you falsely accuse a business it prevents people who would like to join that business from doing so. It's nothing like not joining something because you took someone's word on it and it wasn't true. They will be mad at you and they will have a good reason to be. It's not something that you want to make a habit out of. Becoming unlikeable online is not something that you want to do. Especially, if you are trying to make money online.


However, if you really do believe that a business is a scam you should go to the right sources. Which is to report to the BBB and Ripoffreport websites. This way it can be dealt with in a civilized manner and you won't look like some crazy person screaming scam all over the internet. Unfortunately, these things can and do happen sometimes. Before you do make sure that it is a scam. You don't want to accuse a legitimate business of being a scam. It's not fair to people who would like to join the business.

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