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I believe this is an easy way to make your images clickable, and especially if you don't have time or are not that savvy with html. I have found this method so easy to use. I hope you find this video to be helpful. Thanks for watching!

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There are so many programs all over the internet. How do you know which ones to join and which ones to avoid? Every time you look up someone wants you to join a program. Not another program you are thinking to yourself. Are you in so many internet programs that you have just stopped promoting the ones that you really have interest in? If you are it's time to take a step back, and see which ones are really of interest to you, so that you can start promoting them again. It's easy to get caught up in all the internet drama. There are so many programs promising you that you can make lots of money. Before you know it you are in hundreds of programs but making little or no money at all.

What you need to do is go through all the internet programs that you are in and see which ones you are working. You need to clean house as they say. If you haven't promoted a program in more than a year, than I say it is time to throw in the towel. Being in too many internet programs can also be the reason that you are making no money. It's hard to stay focused when you have stretched yourself too thin. Sometimes we join programs just to be joining them. We have no reason at all. We just sign up. If you are signing up in a program that has a downline and not doing anything you are really doing the person who referred you an injustice. After all, that's what downlines are for, to help each other out.
Don't you just hate it when someone you refer signs up under you, and than does nothing? Of course you do. We all do.I'm not saying that you can't be in more than one program, but if you are losing your mind over it than you need to rethink your priorities. Choose programs that you can stay excited about. Revaluate  your situation. Sometimes things that were good for us a couple of years ago may not be good for us anymore. Is this program working for you? This is the question that you have to ask yourself. If you feel it's not than get out of the program, and find something that will. I had to clean house a couple of days ago too. I just wasn't using these programs, and they had to go. Besides, I wanted to focus on the programs that I enjoy doing and spend more time working with them. Another reason is sometimes people are in programs that have nothing to do with their business or niche.
If the programs you are in are not assisting your business than that can be a real bummer. We want to use tools that are going to help our business not hinder it. It's a bad habit just to sign up for something just because someone else did only to find out that it is not working for you. It becomes internet clutter, because sometimes when you sign up for different programs you start getting emails and invitations to join other programs, and it all just becomes exhausting.Use the programs that you are working with, and leave the programs that you are not. It will make a huge difference. Trust me, it will.
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