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People here that you can make decent blogging. How can I get started ? Everyone wants to know. No one really asks themselves if they will really like blogging. The number one question is,"Is blogging for you?" Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean that you should too. Before you get a blog of your own there are a few questions you should ask yourself. They are below:

1. Do you like to write? 

If you don't like to write it will be very hard for you to have a blog, because writing and expressing oneself are the key components of blogging.

2. Do you have something to say? 

If you don't have anything to say than what is the point of starting a blog? People come to blogs to find out information. If you have nothing to tell them there's no reason for you to be blogging.

3. What topics will you be writing about? 

You should have a topic for your blog, because it will help you keep your focus, and also help people who are looking for your topic find you. Also, you won't be going around in circles wondering what to write for your readers.

4. Will you only be blogging for the money? 

If the only reason you are blogging is to make money  you won't be blogging long. It's not about the money it's about doing something that you like to do. Many people start a blog to make money, and their blogs reflect that. They have only ads and no valuable content.

5. Are you an extremely private person?

While, I don't recommend you tell your readers every little thing that you do for online safety reasons. I do think that you should share somethings about yourself, because your readers want to know somethings about you.

6. Do you have goals planned out for your blog? 

Having goals mapped out for your blog helps you to constantly stay motivated. When you set goals and achieve them that is encouraging, and we all need that.

7. Do you enjoy finding and sharing information? 

If you don't like searching or looking for information than blogging is not for you, because it helps you provide your readers with fresh content.

8. Do you mind answering questions? 

If answering questions bothers you than blogging is definitely not for you, because your readers will ask questions, especially if you are blogging about a particular topic.

9. Does people not agreeing with you bother you? 

People will disagree with you, and they will let you know by leaving comments, and if you are a person that can't handle rejection than blogging is not for you.

10. Do you lack patience? 

It may take sometime before your blog gets discovered, and get many readers. If you are impatient you will quit before your blog can attain them.

These are just some questions to ask yourself before you decide to start blogging. If you answered yes to these questions than blogging is more than likely for you. However, if you answered no to these questions then if you still want to start a blog you should have someone else do it for you.




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