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Is Being An Introvert Causing You Problems With Your Internet Marketing?

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You would think that internet marketing would be the ideal business for an introvert. After all, you are doing everything behind a computer but with technology moving at the fast pace it is it is definitely becoming more personal. You don't have to actually be there to be there. With videos, Google hangouts, smart phones and Skype you can have more face time than ever. This can be somewhat uncomfortable for an introvert as they like their quiet time and privacy. A little goes a long way for an introvert. However, at the same time you do want to be accessible to your readers and your customers. You want them to feel comfortable but you don't want to be uncomfortable. You want the best of both worlds for them and for you.


You also want to be yourself too. You don't want to be pretending to be someone that you aren't. People can smell someone being fake a mile away. Plus, it's exhausting to keep up a fake persona on a daily basis. It's nothing wrong with being an introvert just like there is nothing wrong with being an extrovert. So, just be you! It's better that way. People are reading your blog or joining you in business adventures because they like you and want to hear what you have to say. I do think sometimes that introverts are perceived as if something is wrong with them. Just because someone is quiet or doesn't like to be in huge crowds doesn't mean something is wrong with them. For some, this is how they like it and it's nothing wrong with that.


As internet marketers or bloggers we have to continually get the word out about our blog or any programs that we are promoting. Even though we do the majority of our business online we still have to communicate with people. Sometimes, being introverts you like to keep things on a small scale. I don't think that is something you should try to control at least until you get a substantial amount of readers or customers. Because internet marketing is largely a numbers game. You have to constantly keep bringing in people to your blog/business. This brings me to the question,"Do You Feel That Being An Introvert Is A Problem?" If you do, you shouldn't. There is nothing wrong with being an introvert. Probably, if you do feel this way is because some of the questions people ask you sometimes make it seem like it is.


In fact, I do believe that internet marketing is a great business for introverts. You can choose which marketing methods you would like to use and how you would like to use them. You can use what is best for you. That means you can cater your business to be more in tune with your personality. Social media makes it easy for you to talk to a large audience and communicate and build relationships online. I also believe that introverts possess a lot of qualities that makes them good at internet marketing. I will list some below:

Good listeners - Because introverts are good listeners they pay attention to you and are focused on helping you.

Honest - Because they don't sugar coat things they will be more likely to tell you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear.

Patient - Introverts are not in a hurry a lot of times they don't mind waiting and taking time to answer questions appropriately.

Deep Thinkers - They think about the problems or solutions beforehand thus, helping to make good business decisions.

Good Writers - Introverts usually express themselves better in writing which is really good for internet marketing if you have a blog or write ads.

Serious - When it's time to get down to business introverts are ready to get the job done and are persistent in doing so.


I think sometimes as introverts people sometimes automatically feel that people might not like them because of their personality. That's when the positive thinking comes in handy. You must think good about yourself in order for you to be successful. People can feel if you are fearful or if you really don't want to talk to them. Even though, we are online our personality still shines through. So, it's safe to say there is really no hiding behind a computer. No, they can't see you but your words are just as clear.


With internet marketing you can take breaks if you need to so, if you need to recharge it's no problem. You are in the comfort of your own home. Plus, you can really take your time to get to know people. It's no rush. You can start out emailing, then talking on social media or instant messaging. Then, if you want to you can talk on the phone. It's not something you have to do if you don't want to but it's always an option. This is really great for introverts. You can use whatever communicative channel is right for you.


We are selling whether we want to be or not. It's all in the same category. Many times you might not think that you are good internet marketers or can be for that matter because of your personality. You might be struggling in that regard. In that case you will find this book," Successful Selling For Introverts" by Thomas Murphy extremely helpful. Me, being an introvert myself I found it to be a great read and extremely helpful. It helps you to utilize your best introvert traits and get them to help you be successful in your business. The book also contains valuable checklists and selling tips to help you find what introvert traits that you can use in your business. Grab a copy and start making your introvert skills work for you!


You don't have to feel like being an introvert is holding you back in your business. As you can see it's the complete opposite. Being an introvert has so many benefits. So, don't try to be anyone else. Just be you!







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