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We all know that social media is a great way to share what we like. After all, these are places that we are in control of and we can share what we like. Are we sharing only the things that we like? You might say that's what we are supposed to do. People follow us because they are interested in what we have to say. Yes, that is true. However, there is always more than one point of view in all things. Just because we are not interested in it doesn't mean it's not good or interesting. If you are guilty of this maybe, you have a reason. It just might be that you don't know anything else about a particular subject. It's just that you like to share things that you know really well and don't like to share things you don't. I think we have all been guilty of this at one time or another.


It could also be that you are being cautious. You think that you're followers wouldn't be interested in anything that is new or that they haven't heard of before. They don't know anyone else that is using that particular tool or haven't read about it anywhere they wouldn't be interested in you sharing it with them. Know one wants to share things that people are not interested in or deem to be boring or unhelpful. Maybe, you fear that people will start stop following you if are not sharing what everyone else is sharing. The question is,"Are you boring your followers?" How many times where you go to people's social media accounts and all you see is them sharing their blog posts? I mean, that's all you see and nothing else. It's true that you do share what you want people to see and know about. However, that is a turn-off because if they are already subscribed to your blog they probably already have read your blog posts. You can say but I have people who may not be subscribed to my blog. Yes, you should share your blog posts. I'm not telling you not to share them but that shouldn't be the only thing that you should share.


Do you like to read only people's blog posts when you visit their social media accounts? If you are following someone do you enjoy only reading them and nothing else? Of course not. People like variety (I know I do). Do you share only what you are interested in and nothing else? I don't have accounts on all the social media sites. However, just because I don't have accounts on certain ones doesn't mean I can't share information about them. Maybe someone who follows me would like to know more information about them. It is easy to get caught up in sharing about one thing. Why? Because it's quicker and you can move on to doing other things that you have to do. How many times have you told yourself," I've done my sharing on social media today. Now, it's time to get other things done." Don't deny this. (LOL) You know you have. What am I talking about. I know I have. Just because it's easier and quicker doesn't make it the right thing to do and it becomes a chore and you know when something becomes a chore the less enjoyable it becomes.



 Your motto should be,"If you like it share it and even if you don't use it share it anyway because someone who is following you might". Continue sharing things you like but switch it up. I'm not telling you to go off topic but there are so many things that you can share within your topic that won't bore the pants off of your followers. The same thing over and over can really get boring fast and that includes your blog posts. You are probably thinking. Who could get tired of my blog posts? Especially when they are streaming automatically on all of my social media accounts. (LOL) Don't think you're blog posts are boring people day in and day out. Just ask your followers. I didn't think so. That's just too embarrassing.


So, what should you share on social media? There's news, humor, other bloggers blog posts, food, health, articles, quotes, accomplishments, alerts, products, tools you use, technology, things you like and even don't like.


I just took a quiz called,"What  Social Network Are You?" Can you guess which one I am? Okay, I will tell you. I'm Pinterest! I thought it would be fun if you take it too. Take it and then share it on your social media accounts. This is something that you can share and it's fun! After you take the quiz. Leave a comment telling me which social network you are!


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