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We've all been on Twitter and we see a product link that we want to purchase from but we don't want to leave Twitter right away. I mean, after all there are bunches of tweets that we haven't sent out yet or retweets that need to be tweeted and shared. Do we really want to miss out on our friends tweets and retweets? Of course not? On the other hand I really want to purchase that product and I don't want to forget about it. By chance, I do remember it I will have to go to Amazon and search for it myself. Do I really want to do that? Not today, I don't. I just have too much I need to do. Can you relate to that? I know you can.


Now all you have to do is connect your Twitter account to Amazon then when you see the amazon product and you would like to purchase the product but don't want to leave Twitter. All you have to do is click reply and use the hashtag #AmazonCart and it will be in your cart at Amazon. So, you won't have to remember because it will already be there and you won't have to leave Twitter. That's it! You can continue browsing on Twitter and you can still purchase the product that you wanted on Amazon.


In 3 easy steps you can shop on Amazon while you are on Twitter! I know I have seen some nice things that I have wanted to purchase and I didn't because I didn't want to leave Twitter right away. Now, I don't have to and you don't either. This will make shopping on Amazon a whole lot easier! Is your Twitter account already connected to Amazon? If not, go ahead and connect it. It's easy and simple. Shopping has just got a whole lot easier!


Enjoy Twitter even more and start filling up your #AmazonCart with a bunch of goodies. Did you see that nice product link on Twitter and you think it would make a fabulous gift for your friend? Put it in your #AmazonCart and keep moving! This is so convenient and fun! Now you don't have to miss out on anything! If you would like to learn more about #AmazonCart and I know you do. Click on the banners above and below.

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