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This past February Weebly shut down my blog. I had started it in 2009. Everything was going really well. I had written a substantial amount of blog posts. So, you can imagine how I felt when I logged into my Weebly account and I couldn't access it. I frantically contacted Weebly. They reopened it. I was elated. However, this happened several times. Each time it happened they said it was a mistake and it wouldn't happen again. Finally, the last time they told me that they would not be reopening my blog because it was deemed as one of those free money making sites. Anyone could clearly see that my site had lots of quality content. I had spent lots of time on my blog. I did have quite a few advertisements which I had planned to take down anyway if Weebly would have given me the chance. I was furious as anyone would be. I almost lost all of my hard work If it wasn't for me adding my blog to this one blog directory (which I will be writing about in a next blog post). I would of lost everything. Weebly did give me some of my pages back but none of my blog posts. I am a blogger/affiliate marketer I did have some affiliate links in my blog post but it wasn't used overly too much. There were not affiliate links in every blog post that I wrote. I would of thought that Weebly would know what an affiliate marketer was as they have their own affiliate program.


I thought it was very unprofessional of Weebly just to shut down my blog like that and not even give me a heads up or allow me to make the necessary adjustments. When I had contacted Weebly they told me to read their TOS rules. In them they basically said that you can't refer any companies that you will be using an referral link and they basically ruled out all network marketing companies.  I felt that was very harsh, because all network marketing companies are not scam and all companies who have a referral link are not scam either. To me, they basically have limited their clientele. It makes it very hard for you to write about anything on your blog especially if you are a network or affiliate marketer. I have seen sites that don't have quality content and they only have advertisements but my blog was not one of them.  My plan was to move to wordpress, but since I had started my blog on Weebly and I liked them. I was planning just to upgrade with them. Boy, would I have been furious if they would of shut down my blog and I was paying! Anyone could clearly see that my blog was not a spam blog as I had written a blog post on what a spam blog was and how to avoid writing one.

Some people look down on using free sites, but I don't because many free sites do allow you to upgrade. Thus, given you the opportunity to have a professional looking site. Many people start out free and than they choose to upgrade later on. Weebly not only lost out on a great blogger:) but future money as well. I don't write this blog post to be vindictive as I really liked Weebly but I think people need to know what could happen to them if they choose to use their blogging service. What I went through with Weebly I wouldn't wish on anyone else. The frustration and continual writing of emails to them about my situation was nonetheless a constant headache. It practically drove me crazy to have to check my blog everyday just to make sure they hadn't shut it down. Which in the long run they did anyway. Well, I've moved on and I must say I am a lot happier and my nerves are much better. So, if you are doing affiliate or network marketing I suggest you do not use Weebly as your blog platform of choice. At least I have given you the heads up that Weebly never gave me.



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