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If you are in the blogging world you no doubt know about Wordpress. It's one of the most talked about and recommended blogging platforms, because it has so many features. I also think that it is a good blogging platform. The software is free, but you have to pay for hosting. It's not a lot of money, but if you are in debt (such as myself) you still might find that you don't want an extra bill to pay. So, I am using Ucoz. I have used Blogger, Weebly, and Blinkweb in the past. Blogger and Weebly shutdown my blogs. They had an epiphany that my blogs were spam blogs which was not the case. (You can read about my experience with Weebly in a later blog post) Blinkweb had some issues and I contacted support about them and they never solved the issues. Also, it is for a beginner and I wanted more features and they didn't have them. Blinkweb has other business tools such as a sales page and website.  If you want to get online quick you might find the sales page or website useful. However, I wasn't impressed with the blogging platform. Which is the service I used.  I felt that they needed to do some upgrading. I don't know if they will or not but I couldn't stay around and wait for them. Also, the site would be down and my blog/site wouldn't be displaying. Which I found to be very unprofessional.

I had did some searching because I was looking for another home for my blog. I had looked at Ucoz, but I didn't look at it thoroughly. One of my favorite blog authors Lynn Terry did a blog post about them. After, I read her blog post I decided to take another look at them. I liked what I saw so I immediately started moving my blog over to them. You can build a website for free and they also give you the option of upgrading. If you would like to do that later on. You can also get a domain name too. So, you have all the makings for a professional looking site! Their customer service is absolutely excellent! Ucoz is for the novice as well as the newbie. Whether you know html or don't you can still utilize this website/blog service. I am loving it! So far so good! It's something for everyone! You can really make your blog/site your own! I was able to use Disqus commenting system which I wasn't able to use with Weebly or Blinkweb because they didn't allow you to edit the blogging templates. (Weebly only allows you to edit the website template) 

There are many blogging platforms you can use. You can do an online search and find one that will fit you.
I know sometimes things can be tight financially, but you don't have to let that stop you from blogging.If you want to have a professional looking site that allows you to get a site up quick and gives you a lot of control. I highly recommend Ucoz.

I know there is so much you can be worried about online. I know sometimes it can worry people because they hear so many things online and they really don't know which direction to take. The direction to take is what works best for you right now. Stop worrying and start blogging. You'll blog much better too! That is exactly what I did!


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Have you ever visited a website or seen an offer on t.v. and decided to investigate, because they were offering something that was free? Only to find out that what they were offering really wasn't free. I once joined a program, because they said it was free, but once I joined I couldn't hardly use the site, because you had to pay to use the majority of the features. It wasn't like they said that you could only use certain features for free, and than you have to upgrade. I was very disappointed. Had they just explained that in the beginning I could of saved myself a lot of time by not even joining. It was really of no use to join. Another time I joined a program and company said it was free, but the only thing free was to make an account. Everything else you had to pay for. I just think that is false advertising, because in reality it isn't free.

I'm like if it's not free it's not free just say so. Don't lie and say that it is. I don't mind even if a company says that only certain features or free, but you have to upgrade to get additional features. That's fine with me, but just say that. Don't lie and say it's free and when people join they can't use any of the features for free. I don't know about you , but that's false advertising in my book. I wouldn't want to join a business or program that doesn't tell the truth up front. Maybe they think once they get you to join that you will take the next step. I don't think so. (not me anyway)If some of the features for a program are free, and I like them. I certainly will upgrade. I have no problem with doing so at all, but to be lied too. Maybe they don't consider it lying, but it certainly isn't telling the truth. That's for sure.What do you think? Have you signed up for a program only to find out it wasn't free?
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