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Do you promote your business anywhere or everywhere even at inappropriate times? Are you constantly telling people about your business no matter where you are or what the occassion is? Do you rudely interrupt people's conversations just so you can tell them about your business. Do you post a comment on other blogs about your business and leave a link no matter what the topic is about? Congratulations you are a bonafide shameless marketer!

The quicker you realize that's what you are than you can get this problem solved the fastest. It's so annoying but you see people all over the internet that have this problem. You might be asking yourself. What is the difference between a shameless marketer and a spammer? Even though they have many common denominators. A spammer is mostly online. They just constantly flood message boards with the same message over and over again usually about their business or whatever they are promoting.


However, a shameless marketer can be online and offline. Someone who inappropriately promotes their business and do crazy things in the process. Many people don't even realize they are shameless marketer's, or if they do they won't admit to it. I think when someone emails you about writing a guest post on your blog, and they know that they won't be writing about your particular subject than that constitutes as being a shameless marketer. Why would you want to mess up the flow of someone else's  blog just so you can get hits back to your website or blog?You might say,"Why are you writing a post about shameless marketer's?" Because I think it is important for people to know that these tactics are shameless and rude. It's time to start promoting in a better way.

 Everyone isn't interested in hearing about your business, and even if they might of been you will turn them away by constantly pestering them about it. It's a better way to get people to know about your business and it doesn't consist of being rude and selfish. If you want to tell people about your business be engaging and not a pest. People don't like pests. Everyone hates shameless marketing tactics and you should too!

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