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With Google Penguins and Pandas on the loose it's time to find different ways of getting traffic to our blogs/sites and affiliate programs. I believe seo is one of the best ways to get traffic but as I always say it's best not to put your eggs all in one basket. Many people have been hit by the web adjustments Google is making and it's been mostly unfair to a lot of people. They do it in the name of cutting down on the spammers. The sad truth is those people always find another way. Not saying they shouldn't be penalized but as I said a lot of innocent people always get hurt in the process. That brings me to our next discussion which is Freeadboards.

What are Freeadboards?

Freeadboards are boards where you go and place ads. They kind of remind me of classified ads but with more options. With Freeadboards you can post your ad daily. Sometimes there is a limit. If you are a free member you can only post so many ads a day and if you are an upgraded member you can posts more ads. If you find that you like them then you can always upgrade at a later date. It won't burn your pockets either to upgrade. The price is usually reasonable and it's mostly a one-time fee. However, you have to read each Freeadboards policy just to make sure. There are many topics you can post under. So, you can make sure you can target your right audience. It's very easy and it's definitely a no-fuss way to get traffic.

What are the benefits of Using Freeadboards?


  • Post your ads daily.
  • Build a list.
  • Cloak your your urls.
  • Email your referrals.
  • Make some extra cash.
  • Advertise your banners.
  • Tools and Stats.
  • Get Targeted Traffic.


Here is a list of Freeadboards you can start using right now:


As you can see there are many benefits to using Freeadboards. It's fun and you get traffic! Don't just believe me find out for yourself. You can also browse other members ads too. You never know you might find something that you are interested in. If you would like to advertise your blog, twitter page and 10 of your Top #10 affiliate programs you will find this tool to be helpful. It's called MyViralAffiliateSite. You can get your own MyviralAffiliateSite and advertise it at Freeadboards and classified sites. You may have other advertising sites that you use you can also use it at those too. It makes it a lot easier to do your advertising. Instead of advertising many things at the same time you can use your MyViralAffiliateSite and advertise that only one link instead of many.


What do you do now?

The only thing left for you to do is get your own MyViralaffiliate site then join all of the Freeadboard sites above and start posting your ads. Remember, it is best if you post everyday or every other day. Consistency is the key.


This is just another way that can help you get traffic and get the word out about your blog/sites and affiliate programs. Go ahead and give them a try. You have nothing to lose but money and traffic and we don't want to lose any of those.








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