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   I have seen vacant blogs all over the internet. People start off strong then all of a sudden no one is writing or visiting that particular blog. How does this happen one may ask oneself? More importantly how can it be avoided? It all goes back to the reasons why you started blogging in the first place. Blogging is something that you must like to do. It can't be done nonchalantly. It has to be taken seriously.

There are two reasons why a blog becomes vacant:

1. The blogger stops writing.
2.  People just stop reading it.

I believe sometimes blogger's get bored. They are excited. It's sounds so exciting in the beginning. You now have your own blog which is your own personal place on the internet. You have told everybody about your blog and to visit it. However, after a while the excitement dies down and you become bored. If you are bored with your blog you will start to write less and less until you finally stop. People can sense when you are bored and they will stop visiting it.

I have visited many blogs and nobody was home. They were so empty and outdated. Many of these blogs had potential. Another reason a blog becomes vacant is the blogger does not promote it efficiently. When you are a new blogger you have to really get it out there. It takes a lot of hard work. Trust me. I know. You can't get tired and you have to consistently promote. After you write a blog post you should spend the rest of the day or week promoting it (it depends when you write it). People can't read it if they don't know about it.

Another reason is the blogger takes time off. If something happens such as: you get sick, you go on vacation, or you just need to take a break. You should let your reader's know. If you are sick and can't do it yourself you should have someone that you trust come and write a quick blog post telling them your situation and when you will be able to start writing again. Don't just leave people hanging. If you are gone too long without giving notice people will stop reading your blog. Let them know that you haven't stopped writing something just came up and when you will be writing again. If you don't you  will look up and your blog will be vacant. Sadly, I see quite a few blogger's who are guilty of this.

Consistency can also be a key for your blog to become vacant. If you are not writing consistently. Writing every 2 months is definitely not writing consistently. That is way too long to go without updating your blog. You have to give your reader's more than that. You don't have to write every single day but if month's are going by that is way too long.

I have seen some blogger's who really don't write. There blogs consist only of what they are promoting. There blog posts consist of nothing but ads. They write one or two lines and then there is a picture of what they are trying to sell and that's it. This is what they write about on a daily basis. In my opinion, this is not writing. People just don't want to read about what you are promoting every blog post. You can at least give people a paragraph. You can't call that a blog post. That's an ad post. People want to read something when they come to your blog. It's nothing wrong with recommending a product or a service but this is not recommending when it screams, "Buy This!" with no reasons why a person should.  If you can't write a blog post instead of an ad post then maybe you shouldn't be blogging. Again, sadly I have seen lots of blogs like this as well.

Your blog is your home on the internet. If nobody is home people will not continually visit or if your home is not presentable they won't visit either. You don't invite people to your home if you haven't cleaned up. Make your blog presentable by writing good content but also being courteous. People don't have to read your blog. There are many blogs on the internet to choose from. If you don't appreciate your reader's somebody else will. Ask yourself, "Why could be the reason why my blog is vacant?" I'm sure some of the above answers will come to mind.

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