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The internet is a huge place and there is a lot going on and many things to learn. Have you gotten caught up in the internet marketing whirl wind? Do you think that you are a good business partner or are you someone's worse nightmare? Are you the person that joins a business or internet marketing program and doesn't do anything? If the answer is,"Yes" then, you definitely have a problem. Why, are you joining businesses and not doing anything? There are many reasons why you could be doing this:

  •  You didn't realize how much work you would have to do.
  •  You don't understand the business fully.
  •  You don't have the time.
  •  It's not something that you really want to do.
  •  You need help.
  •  You thought it was going to help your previous business.
  •  You are an internet marketing program or business junkie.
  •  You are not consistent.
  •  The advertising told you, you didn't have to.

When you are learning about internet marketing you must remove easy and not having to work out of your vocabulary. Sadly, many people send the wrong message in their advertising. When you tell people that it is easy and they don't have to do anything that's the kind of people you will attract. People who will not do anything. You are selling a false reality. If people think they are joining a business that they don't have to do anything. You can imagine their surprise when they find out they do. Why? Because they are looking for something that they don't have to do anything. You told them that they didn't in your advertising. Now, they find out that's not true.

Okay, maybe you were a victim of false advertising but, "Come on!" Did you really expect to join a business and not do anything? There is nothing in life where you get paid for doing nothing. Besides, if the business you joined works on getting referrals you are doing an injustice to the person who you joined. There is nothing like having someone signup and then they don't do anything. It's one of the worst feelings to have in the internet marketing world. Even if you aren't in a referral marketing business it's still bad. Because you spent money on something that you are not putting any effort into and you won't see any results.

Before you join a business I suggest you go over all the details. Make sure you understand everything you need to know about it and ask yourself these questions:

  • Will I like doing this?
  • Is this something I think I can do?
  • Do I have the time?
  • Do I have the money to invest in it?
  • Is help easily accessible?
  • Will this help my previous business? (If this is something that could assist it)
  • What ways will I promote this?
  • Do I believe I will make money doing this?
  • Will I be consistent?

This will be really helpful in helping you pick a business that is right for you, because when it's right for you, you will be more likely to succeed in it.

Another reason you are not doing anything is because you are in too many already. Read this blog post,"Do you have Internet Programs Overload?" Something is always going to be something that is promising you can make more money faster or easier. However, you can't join everything. It's important to know what you need and don't need. You will find that blog post very helpful and it can help you cure the internet/network marketing junkie syndrome or prevent you from getting it altogether.

There are so many things that you can do online but you have to find your niche and once you do you have to put time, effort and even some money into it. You can make money but you won't if you don't do anything.

Have you been guilty of signing up for internet businesses or programs and not doing anything? Do you know someone who does? Share this blog post with them. It might be just what they need to read.

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