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We know that being consistent plays a major part in our success. We also know that being consistent is the key but yet sometimes we fail at this most obvious task. It can be hard to keep doing something day in and day out. Doing something over and over again. It gets boring after a while, especially if you don't really like what you're doing. Consistency, and your lack of it can undoubtedly be the reason for your not attaining the success that keeps eluding you.

Most people have been a victim of inconsistency (I know I have). I believe it also has been the culprit of why I wasn't achieving my goals. I can't keep looking back though. I have to look forward and where I want to go. The would've, could've, should've isn't going to solve anything. Why, was I so inconsistent? One of the reasons is I believe I was looking at what someone else was doing and not really focusing on what I should have been doing. That's why I always say now that you have to do what's best for you. I have learned that you have to work with what you have and use the tools that are best for you. I am doing that now, but it has cost me some time. I would have been farther in my blogging/internet marketing had I did that earlier.

I put myself on a schedule. You can read about it here: "How To Schedule Your Time Successfully". This keeps me on my toes and I get a lot of things done no matter what. Inconsistency can creep in as excuses too. So, you have to be on the lookout for that as well. Laziness can also come in the disguise of inconsistency. You can come up with a million times why you can't do something or why you don't feel like doing it. This, is in fact the epitome of inconsistency. If you see it immediately combat it. Just get up and do it and get it done and out of the way. That way even if you really don't enjoy doing it, or don't feel like it's done.

I want to talk about a little bit more about being inconsistent because you feel like you don't have all the tools and resources you think you should have. Is that a reason why you haven't started something or you have been so inconsistent? Or you have been listening to someone tell you that if you don't use  abc or xyz you might as well just throw in the towel? I have also learned that you don't always have to explain why or why not you are using something. If it is working for you then keep doing it and if you find that you want to change later you can always do that. The reason I say this is because those feelings of being inadequate can make you become inconsistent and once you have these feelings it makes it easier for you to keep doing it. The saying,"If you like it I love it" is so relevant, because if you really do people will too.

I'm going to use this as an example. I have been told many times that I should use Wordpress. I don't have anything against Wordpress. I think all the bloggers blogs that use it are very nice and they look very professional. However, I am using Ucoz. Why? Because it is best for me at this moment and on top of it. I really like it. Should I just stop blogging because I am not using Wordpress? Or should I have never started blogging to begin with because I wasn't using Wordpress? I don't think so. The goal is to stop being inconsistent and start being consistent, but that won't happen if you don't get to the root of the problem. So, if you have these feelings or have had these feelings in the past just know that they are really are just problems of being inconsistent. Don't dwell on them and keep moving.

I am truly writing this from experience. I have had big problems with not being consistent. All of the above I have experienced. I'm not one not to admit my problems, because I truly want to rectify them and it won't happen if I don't admit them. The good news is I have gotten better. So, what was the final breaking point for me. I really wasn't achieving my goals. I would start out strong, then little by little I would get less and less done. Also, me being a quiet/introverted person I had to really work on my self confidence. I had to stop taking everything so seriously. People say what they feel they need to say. You can't take it to heart. They may or may not be talking about you. What I've learned is they are really talking about themselves and cover it up like they are talking about someone else. Which many times you think it is you. Having a daily self improvement plan is a must. You will find this blog post,"Easy Self Improvement Tips That You Can Put Into Practice Today" to be helpful.

Doing something over and over and over again can be quite challenging sometimes but I think you know that if you keep at it you will get the results that you desire to have. Slow and steady wins the race.

Have you had problems with being consistent or do you still have them? What was your motivation to stop being inconsistent and start being consistent?

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