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You see them all over the internet people who go from one business to another. You swore to yourself that you would never become a network/internet marketing junkie. You found it just completely despicable that people keep contacting you about different network marketing companies or internet marketing programs. You're already in a business you think to yourself. What are these people's problems? Then, slowly but surely it happened to you.

You find yourself looking into different network marketing companies and internet marketing programs. I like that product, you think to yourself or I should get that internet marketing  program. It really doesn't cost that much. I know I will make my money back. Then, off you go to various websites with credit card in hand. By this time you know you have a problem but what can you do to stop it. It's getting really ridiculous because you aren't really making any money yet you have joined these companies and you are on autoship programs and you have bought one internet marketing program one after the other. The bills are piling up but  no money is coming in. You have completely lost your mind.


Does this sound like you or somebody you know? If this does all hope is not lost. There is a cure for this contagious disease. Here are some tips that you can use to help you steer clear and keep you from catching it all together.

You will always see something that you like. You can't join all of them. Before you join a company or buy a program make sure you research it really good. You may also look at other companies and programs. You can compare one with the other. Once you do that write down all the reasons why you like over the other. Then, make a decision and go with and stay with it. This will really help you, because when you do a full research it will help you from thinking I should of joined them or bought this. This is the mentality that got you in trouble the first time. You thinking that someone has something better than what you already have.


Companies upgrade even if they did not start out with something they eventually get it. It's just not a good feeling to leave something because you didn't think they didn't have something and then they end up getting it. You could even make suggestions. Companies love to hear suggestions. It helps them know what their customers want and keep them getting better. Also, it helps to remember all of the reasons you joined the company or bought the program in the first place. If you leave and go to something else the benefits that you were receiving from a certain product or program might not be the same. It's nothing like you think you are upgrading but you end up downgrading.

Another question is are you making any money yet? Why, would you leave something and go to something else when you haven't made any money with what you have? Your full concentration should be your primary business or program. If you can't focus on one how can you focus on another. Learn the ropes with what you are in now before you even think about jumping to something else. Why? Because you are losing both time and money and they are both too precious to lose.

Newer isn't always better. Just because a new company has just started out or a new program is on the market doesn't mean you have to join it. Who knows if it will even make it? What if you leave an established company or program only to find out it didn't make it? Then, you will be starting all over. Who wants to keep starting over and over again? There will always something new coming out. It doesn't mean you have to join it.


The price factor is another common denominator in a junkies life. It doesn't cost that much. Just because it doesn't cost that much doesn't mean you have to purchase it. It just keeps fueling the fire of a junkie. Oh, so you bought that program because the price was good? If that's the only reason you bought it then, you didn't need it in the first place. The question you should be asking yourself is how will it help me or my business? If you can't answer that question then no you don't need it.


This is the number one reason I think people end up becoming junkies. Is they think they will earn fast cash. The promise that they will make money quickly. How quick you earn money depends on your work effort. Joining a company or progam thinking you will hit it big overnight is definitely a big mistake. It will keep the junkie syndrome going on forever. Our aim is to stop it completely. So, never join a company or buy a program thinking you will make fast cash. It's just not going to happen. You will lose money that is all you will do.


It's easy to become a junkie. We are constantly being bombarded with something to buy. If we don't get a handle on it will become a disaster. In the end you will end up with nothing. You want to make money not end up bankrupt. This won't happen if you keep buying but are not doing anything because you are chasing the next big thing.


Did you find this helpful? Have you been a junkie? What was it that help you put an end to this junkie syndrome?

Do you know someone who is a network/internet marketing junkie? Do you think they need help? If you do share this blog post with them or even if you don't know a junkie and you liked it please share it. Thank you!














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