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Are you having problems getting your comments approved? When you leave comments does the blogger seems to always delete them? Then, maybe you need to change up your game. No one likes their blog to look unprofessional and definitely not spammy. Here are some do's and don'ts when you leave blog comments:


  • First always use your real name. Don't use keywords or initials. Even if you don't want to use your last name you should always use your first name.
  • Make sure you read the blog post thoroughly. When you do this you can get a clear understanding of what kind of comment to write.
  • Always leave comments that pertain to the blog post.
  • Read over your blog comments before you hit the submit button to make sure it doesn't contain any grammatical mistakes and it makes sense.
  • Do always be courteous even if you don't agree with the blogger.
  • Leave comments on fellow bloggers blog that you would like to receive. Ask yourself," Would I like to receive a comment like this?"


  • Don't leave a link to your blog or website in your comment.
  • Don't leave the same comment more than one time.
  • Don't leave comments that are talking about a product or a website.
  • Don't leave rude or mean comments.
  • Don't ask questions that are not related to the blog post. Bloggers usually have a contact page for questions use that to ask questions.
  • Don't leave ridiculously  spammy comments.
  • Don't leave comments such as: "Nice post" or "Great article". If you do say that elaborate. Say why it is a nice post or a great article. It let's the blogger know that you have actually read the article.

People get to know you through your comments. You are also branding yourself when you leave comments. If you are known as a comment spammer. How do you think that is going to make you look? You will be giving yourself a bad reputation. Generally, bloggers don't like to delete comments (I know I don't) but you give them no choice when you leave a comment that is spammy. It makes you look bad and it makes the bloggers blog look spammy. It's not about you all the time. Think about what you are doing and how you are making someone else's blog look. If you didn't know how to leave a decent comment now you do, because I have just given you all the components of leaving a good comment.

If you have someone that is spamming your blog with bad comments send them this blog post to read!

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