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We've all been on Twitter and we see a product link that we want to purchase from but we don't want to leave Twitter right away. I mean, after all there are bunches of tweets that we haven't sent out yet or retweets that need to be tweeted and shared. Do we really want to miss out on our friends tweets and retweets? Of course not? On the other hand I really want to purchase that product and I don't want to forget about it. By chance, I do remember it I will have to go to Amazon and search for it myself. Do I really want to do that? Not today, I don't. I just have too much I need to do. Can you relate to that? I know you can.


Now all you have to do is connect your Twitter account to Amazon then when you see the amazon product and you would like to purchase the product but don't want to leave Twitter. All you have to do is click reply and use the hashtag #AmazonCart and it will be in your cart at Amazon. So, you won't have to remember because it will already be there and you won't have to leave Twitter. That's it! You can continue browsing on Twitter and you can still purchase the product that you wanted on Amazon.


In 3 easy steps you can shop on Amazon while you are on Twitter! I know I have seen some nice things that I have wanted to purchase and I didn't because I didn't want to leave Twitter right away. Now, I don't have to and you don't either. This will make shopping on Amazon a whole lot easier! Is your Twitter account already connected to Amazon? If not, go ahead and connect it. It's easy and simple. Shopping has just got a whole lot easier!


Enjoy Twitter even more and start filling up your #AmazonCart with a bunch of goodies. Did you see that nice product link on Twitter and you think it would make a fabulous gift for your friend? Put it in your #AmazonCart and keep moving! This is so convenient and fun! Now you don't have to miss out on anything! If you would like to learn more about #AmazonCart and I know you do. Click on the banners above and below.

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I love Affiliate Bot! I know there are many other affiliate networks but this is a really good one. I feel that it makes it easy for you to make money with them. I also see a lot of different affiliate programs that I haven't seen in other affiliate marketing networks. Also, I had no problems joining Affiliate Bot's network. I was accepted easily into it. The navigation of the site is very easy. It's easy to get the links and banners you want to promote. They also have a datafeed page where you can get the code of an individual product.

I, myself am an affiliate with Affiliate Bot. If you are looking for an awesome affiliate network to join. Join me and become an affiliate with Affiliate Bot.

P.S. You will be signing up through my affiliate link.




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I have been taking free lessons at Affilorama. The information is very informative. You can watch videos of the lessons and you can also read it in written form. I haven't yet finished taking all the lessons yet I you can take my time so I don't feel rushed. You can also share your progress on twitter on facebook if you like. You can print them out too!

This is a wealth of information and you get it all for free. Are you having problems with affiliate marketing? Maybe you just want to get a better understanding of it. These lessons will help you get the ball rolling.

Taking these free lessons is a great way to learn and while you are learning you don't have to spend any money in the process. That way you don't feel stressed about trying to do affiliate marketing quickly so you can make money to pay for your lessons. You can take your time and learn how to do it correctly so that you can actually make money. You learn a lot better when you aren't pressed about paying a bill.

Here Is Some Of What You Will Be Learning

Introduction To Affiliate Marketing






  • Introduction To Outsourcing
  • Our Top Tips For Hiring
  • Keeping Workers Productive
  • How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?
  • Identifying Affiliate Sites


Market Research For Affiliate Marketer's


  • How To Use Commission Junction
  • 10 Alternatives To ClickBank
  • What Does Your Market Want?
  • Seo Competition Analysis
  • Choosing Affiliate Programs


If you have had questions regarding affiliate marketing this will answer them and get you the help that you need. You can finally start putting your affiliate marketing plan together. You will learn a whole lot!

Go ahead and start taking your free lessons. Join Affilorama now!

This is really a great way to jump start your affiliate marketing today! You can also share this with your readers who are looking for help with affiliate marketing.



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It can be devastating news when you apply for an affiliate program, only to find out that you have been denied. Sometimes affiliate programs will deny you if they feel that  your site is not the right fit for what they are selling. For instance, your site might be about getting rid of debt but you apply for a flowers affiliate program. You can see why they might deny you. However, there are reasons why you don't understand why they have denied you.

If you have more than one site make sure the site that you are going to represent the affiliate program with is the one that they see. You can select the site's url in a menu list for your sites. Make sure that is selected. This could be the reason that they have denied you in the first place, because you have site selected for their affiliate program. This is an easy mistake to make but it can cost you to be denied for affiliate programs that you have applied for.

What To Do If You Have Already Been Denied?

Just because you have been denied doesn't mean that it can't be overturned. Go to the advertisers site in your affiliate networks account and click on it. There you will see an email and the affiliate managers name. Email him or her and explain your situation. Tell them that you really would like to join their affiliate program and the reason why you think that you have been denied is because they think that your site wouldn't be a good fit for their affiliate program. Explain to them that this is not the case. Send them your blog or website's url so that they can see what your site looks like and the details of it. Make sure that you include your accounts number in the email. It is usually at the top of the page and is a 7 digit number. They need this number to approve you into their affiliate program and it really cuts down on the time and they won't have to email you again and ask you for it.

Tell them that you are sorry for the misunderstanding and that you are really looking forward to working with them and you hope to be an affiliate for them very soon. Usually, in less than a week you will hear from them. I have done this myself on more than one occasion and needless to say I always get approved for the affiliate program that I was denied for. I was denied for Zappo's and Ebags as you can see why because they thought this site wasn't a good fit for their affiliate program. It isn't, but I wanted to join their affiliate program for my other site where I talked about handbags.

So, if you do get denied don't accept that it is forever. I started doing this because there were affiliate programs that I really wanted to join and I couldn't find a whole lot of alternatives for them (trust me I looked). So, being denied wasn't an option. Luckily, it all worked out. If you do this and they don't overturn it don't sweat it. In life you win some and you lose some.

Have you ever been denied when you applied for an affiliate program? What did you do about it? If so how many times did you apply? I would really like to know what you did and how did it effect your online marketing? Please leave your comments below. I really look forward to reading them.


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Are you looking for great photos for your websites, photos, blogs, and squidoo lenses? I have been too! That's why I was elated when I found Allposters.  They have some very nice photos. The problem that I was having before I found Allposters was I never could find pictures that were the right size for my sites and complimented them at the same time. I wanted nice and vibrant photo's.  Also, with some of the other free photo places you could not alter the pictures properly. Many of the pictures would be small and I would try to alter them, but in doing so they would become blurry. I had two choices. I could have a too small photo or one that was blurry. I didn't want neither.

Allposters has so many great photo's. The pictures are very vibrant and they really compliment your site. You also have the option of having the photo big or small. They do the altering for you so you don't have to worry about that. All you have to do is choose how big you want it. It can be challenging to find the right photo's for your sites. You have to worry about a lot of the pictures being copyrighted and if they are you have to get permission to use them. It can really be a headache. With Allposters you don't have to worry about those kind of problems. With Allposters you can find exactly what you are looking for. Choose the category get the html for the photo that you want. Allposters is also a poster site too. These photos are really posters. You can purchase them yourself or if someone likes a photo on your site or blog that they like they can also purchase that poster. So, you not only get to use free photos but you can make some extra cash too.

People like pictures. That was one of the first things that I learned should be included in your blog posts. Allposters has some very beautiful photos and the best that I have seen. You might consider purchasing some of these posters for yourself or giving them as gifts, because they have all kinds on so many topics which include:  Education, Motivation, Friendship, Success, Hobbies and Maps. These are just only a few.

I have been using Allposters photos on this site. You can see how they look for yourself. If you like what you see go ahead and start using them. To get started just click on the banner at the bottom of this blog post. Register. Use great photos and make some money!

 Webmasters Make $$$  
 Webmasters Make $$$
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When you become an affiliate you are always given the opportunity to signup other affliates. Most affiliate and downline programs offer you this option. Why? Whoever signs up the most  affiliates or referrals makes the most money. These people have joined you in the same affiliate or downline program and will be promoting the same thing that you are promoting. You will get a percentage of the money they make. So, when they do good you do good and when they do bad you do bad. Many people have problems getting their affiliates or referrals to work the programs. The free affiliate programs are the best ones to join, because they don't have to pay to get started. It gives your affiliates to understand what they will be doing without them losing any money in the process.

How do you get your affiliates and referrals to make money so that you can also make some money? I know that you have experienced people signing up with you but that's all they do. They don't do anything after the signup process. Some affiliate or referral programs allow you to contact the people who have signed up with you. Here are somethings you can do to get your affiliates or referrals moving:

1. Welcome them and make sure they know what they should do.

2. Ask for people who are serious about making an income online in your advertising.

3. Make sure you are targeting the right people by putting your advertising in the right categories.

4. Make sure they can contact you if they need any help.

5. Be a good example by working the program yourself.

6. If you are using a tool or technique that is helping you share it with them.

7. Do not spam your affiliates or referrals with other programs that you are in.

8. Have a blog or website a person can come to if they are interested in signing up with you.

9. Make sure they know that they will have to make some effort on their part. (Not thinking that they won't have to do anything.

10. Continue to bring in new signups for your affiliate or referral programs.

11. Don't give up.

These are some good ways to help you get good people to join you in your affiliate or referral programs to work the programs themselves. There are many tools that you can use to help you with your advertising efforts. Seo, listbuilders, freeadboards, and social networks to help you continually bring in people for your affiliate or referral programs. Affiliate marketing is a business because you are selling a product. So, there is going to involve some effort on your part. Don't get discouraged if people signup and don't do anything else afterwards, because it is going to happen. Some people are looking for ways to make money online without doing anything. It has nothing to do with you. That's why I stated number eleven don't give up. Just keep on going, because you will get good affiliates. They are out there and you will find them.

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