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Unknown Man
Unknown Man

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Are pictures really worth a thousand words? That is the question. Some people in the blogging sphere think that it helps with the success of your blog. I am not one of those bloggers. As I like to focus on what someone is writing about and not the way a person looks. Sometimes when we see pictures of people we become judgemental. Not all the time but many times we do.

It is a natural feeling to wonder what someone looks like. I will admit to that, but is it necessary? We live in a image driven society. Pictures are everywhere. With cameras being in cell-phones you can take a picture of what you are doing 24/7. Many of these pictures that are being taken on many occasions should be kept to themselves. Why do people do it?  I can only think of one reason and that is simply because they can.

I have visited many blogs. Some had pictures of the bloggers and some didn't or if they did have a picture up it wasn't of them and I am okay with that. As I stated before I come to read their content not see what they look like. If the blogger's content is good I keep reading that blog and if it isn't I don't.

I have heard people say that it is not professional if you don't have a real picture of yourself up. I don't agree. I believe it depends on what kind of picture you have up. For instance, an avatar that a person might use. I have seen some really silly looking ones and when I saw them they made me laugh. So, I do think that you should consider what kind of avatar you will use. However, I don't see anything wrong with an avatar that is a picture of nature or a design that has colors in it. As long as the picture is not inappropriate or unprofessional.

I have even heard people say that they will not follow people on social media sites if they don't have a real picture of themselves up. I think they are missing out on some very talented people to connect with because I feel that is having a small mindset.

Everyone doesn't feel comfortable with having their pictures up everywhere. Some people want to remain private and I feel that we should respect that. Who's to say that the pictures of people that are up are really them? Unless, you have actually met that person the doubt is still there, because you can be anyone you want to be online. I have to respect people who you can tell it's not them just by looking at the picture. At least they are not lying to you. You know that it is not them.

Also, I have seen pictures online that should of been updated. During the years we change. We age. I have seen pictures of people that I have had to take a second look at because the picture of them was not a recent picture. It was a picture of them when they were younger. Is that really being honest? No, in my book it's not.

Also, don't be so quick to jump to conclusions. If you really want to know why someone doesn't have a real picture of themselves up you can always ask them. Maybe, there is a reason. I'm sure they won't mind explaining it to you.

I am not writing this to make people who choose to have pictures of themselves up feel bad. I am writing this to let people know whatever decision, you choose to make as long as you feel comfortable about it then, you should not feel bad either. After all, success lies in what and how you feel about yourself. Not whether people know what you look like. That is not an important factor.

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