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"Seriously, dude, can we put the air guitar aside while we're lurking?" - New Yorker Cartoon

"Seriously, dude,...
Jack  Ziegler
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Do you visit blogs and never anything? Then, you are a blog lurker. A blog lurker is someone that visits blogs but the blogger doesn't know that they exist. They never get in on the conversation. There may be many reasons for this: They don't have a blog of their own. They don't know what to say. They don't know anything about the topic. They are in the process of learning. Or they are just observing. It's nothing wrong with being a blog lurker. I have been one myself.

Naturally, I am a quiet person so many times if I don't say anything I just don't have anything to say. But boy when I do (LOL)!It does make it easier to get in on the conversation if you are one of the first people to comment especially, if you are commenting on a popular blog. But you have to be moving extremely fast. Here you don't have to worry about that problem. At least not yet anyway. :)

Blog lurking can sometimes be fun. You can get to know people before they get to know you. Especially, if you have been reading a blog for a certain amount of time. You get to know the blogger and it's readers. Many times the blogger has what you call regular commenters. These are people who comment regularly. You can also take your time and read the blog posts. So, when you do decide to get in on the conversation you will actually have something to say.

However, there can also be a downside to blog lurking. People don't know you exist. You never participate or ask questions. You never voice your opinion. No one knows who you are. You are just an invisible person that reads blogs but no one knows you. It can be a very lonely world to live in.

I must admit once I stopped blog lurking and started  participating it was a lot more fun! Also, I was able to get some of my questions answered. If you are a blog lurker here at Money To Be Made. I want to hear from you! I really enjoy hearing from my readers. I don't get a lot of comments but when I do I love reading them! If you would like to get in on the conversation. Join the Money To Be Made Community! I'm still in the process of growing it but I would love to see you there! Also, I would really appreciate you if you would take this survey asking, "What Kind Of Information Would You Like To See on the Money To Be Made Blog?" It would be extremely helpful to me. Thanks in advance!

I hope I was able to encourage you to get in on the conversation. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


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