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You probably noticed the Versatile Blog Award banner in my sidebar. Last month, I had the honor of being nominated for this award by one of my readers, Christen Wysocki Pyle. She is the author of Work At Home Wisdom a blog about helping people find real work at home jobs. It's very well written and when you visit it has such a nice atmosphere. It has something for everyone. If you would like to find out more information about working from home then, I suggest you check out her blog. I was pleasantly surprised and shocked that I had won this award. I was also very honored to receive it. Thank you! Christen for thinking about me and nominating me for this award!


I think this is a great way to show appreciation for the blogs that you like. It's nice to receive a reward from someone who enjoys reading your blog and finds it to be helpful. I know I have asked myself,"I wonder if my blog is helpful and what my readers think of it?"  I had never heard of the Versatile blogging award before I was nominated. I didn't even know there was an award that could be given to us bloggers. So, I feel very happy, humbled and very much appreciated to receive it. If you're like me and have never heard of the Versatile Blog Award (until recently) and would like to learn more about it Click Here.


We are supposed to pay it forward to 15 blogs. However, I am listing the ones that I do follow on a regular basis. In nominating a blog the rules are as follows: quality of writing, uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page, and last but not least, the quality of the photographs and the level of love of displayed in the taking of them.


I will now nominate other blogs for this reward. Here are my nominees!


1. Lynn Terry her blog ClickNewz is about internet marketing, tips and reviews and affiliate marketing. She is my favorite blog author. Provides great information that will help you online.

2.  Harleena Singh her blog Aha-now is about self-improvement and she gives you great tips on how to improve yourself and your well-being. She also writes about blogging as well. I love reading her blog they are always very helpful, insightful and well written.

3. Evelyn Parham's blog is about eating healthy naturally. She gives you tips on how to stay healthy and shares some tasty recipes too! Her blog is very encouraging and keeps you motivated to stay healthy.

4. Barb Brady's Simplify Technology Blog is about technology. She gives you helpful tips that really make it easy for you to understand and implement what you have learned. I learned a lot about Mailchimp from her.

5. Wendy G. Ewvrum's blog Fabulosity Reads is about books and book reviews. If you love reading then you will love her blog. The reviews are always well written and you can enter to win giveaways.

6. Petula Lloyd's blog  Petulaw  is about her everyday life. This is one of the first blogs that I followed. She also writes about product reviews. It's something for everyone here.

7.  Angela Mccall's blog a graphic designer she writes about blogging, social media and she has a lot of helpful tips.

8. Jenn Herman's blog Jenn's Trends is about social media. She has some very helpful tips that will help you with social media. If you are looking for help with social media this is the blog to read.

9. Kimberly Ben's blog Muslimahs Working At Home is about working from home. She helps you find ways you can make money from home. She offers some great tips on how you can get started.

10. Ileane's blog Basic Blog Tips explains her blog well. She gives some great tips on blogging, learning how to use Youtube and social media.

11. Sarupa Shah's blog The Soul Agent is about using affirmations to help you become successful in your business and everyday life. This blog is very insprirational and helps keep you motivated to stay positive. Also, she has some great affirmations you can use daily.

12. Pauline Cabrera's blog Twelve Skip is about internet marketing and blogging tips. I really like her blog very helpful and informative. She also has great tips on html.

13. Delia's blog Blog Formatting is a blog about helping women bloggers become better bloggers. She has some great tips that you can start using right away.


If you are looking for some great blogs to read check out these amazing blogs! Now go get your badge and read more about what this award means! :)


I am supposed to tell 7 things about myself they are:


  •  I love reading and is an avid reader.
  •  I am a natural health enthusiast.
  •  I love growing things. I have an orange plant named Sakha.
  •  I really like cats even though I don't have one.
  •  I love computers and really like working with them.
  •  I am taking an acupressure course.
  • I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.









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