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Do you feel like that promoting online is taking up all of your time? Are you tired of not having time to do anything else? Do you feel exhausted when you get off the computer? Don't get me wrong promoting is a lot of work but it is only one piece of the puzzle. We have so many other things that we have to do to. Yes, we must get the word out about our blogs, websites or affiliate programs and anything else we are promoting. However, it shouldn't be taking up all our time online.


So, what can you do to help you with this problem? I know you are thinking that I must advertise because if I don't know one will know about my site. That is definitely true. However, there are ways you can promote and it won't take up all of your online time. Sometimes in trying to achieve somethings we can become overly obsessive. This is not helping our situation it can even cause us to not achieve our goals because the negative feelings will start to set in. This is what we don't want to happen.


Fix certain days or hours to do your promoting. Say, you started promoting at 9:00 a.m. in the morning and you finished at 10:00. You still have time to do other things that you need to do online. I know some people promote everyday. If you do promote everyday make sure you have a certain time that  you do it. This will stop you from feeling overwhelmed and you will have time to do all the other things that you want to do online. This is so important because doing one thing should not be taking up all your online time.


If you use online advertising sites you may want to track your results to see where your traffic is coming from. If you use Google analytics that is good but that is only good for the traffic that is coming to your website. If you use online advertising sites tracking will help you know if a particular program you are advertising is getting hits or results. You may want to try Affiliate Notepad it can help you with that.


Designating  the days and hours is also helpful when you are doing other things such as participating in communities or groups too. Especially, if you are in a lot of them. This way, you will be able to take your time and really be able to help other people without feeling rushed. I do this myself and it really helps because I used to be all over the place and I wasn't getting much done before I started designating my days and hours.


I know if you have a blog, twitter account, facebook fan page  and you are probably promoting different affiliate programs too. You want to kill two birds with one stone. My Viral Affiliate Site is a great way to do that. You can promote your blog, twitter account and facebook fan page all at the same time. Instead of promoting separately. This is a great way to save time with your advertising. You can just promote your My Viral Affiliate Site with one link. It makes advertising so much easier!


Being organized online is extremely important so that we can manage our time wisely. This way we can get everything that we need to do online done in a timely fashion. Let's face it! We have a lot to do online and we have to make sure that it gets done but it shouldn't come with the cost of us losing our sanity.


P.S. I hope that you found this helpful. If you did. Please share! Thanks in advance!



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