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 As bloggers ourselves we want to become like the big-time bloggers. These are bloggers who have a huge following and making an income from their blogs. Their blogs are extremely popular. Everyone is linking to them, interviewing them and people want to be guest bloggers on their blogs. They are very successful bloggers. I, myself have learned a lot from some of them and I'm sure you have to.  However, there can be a downfall if those are the only bloggers that you are following. Here are 5 reasons why this is so:

Huge Following


1. They already have a huge following. I know many bloggers follow them because they want to get a piece of the pie. However, the problem with that is everyone else is to. What I mean by that is everyone wants to get seen by them. You are competing with a lot of people and the odds are not in your favor. You might be able to steal some of their followers but the chances are very slim.


Develop Your Own Voice


2. You want to develop your own unique voice. As much as you admire them it's important for you to be you. You don't want to copy every single thing they are doing. Because then your blog won't have unique qualities. People read your blog because they want to hear from you and they like what you are saying. It's nothing more disappointing then finding out that you are copying someone else's blogging style. It's being fake, phony and unprofessional.


Missing Out On Meeting Other Bloggers


3.  You won't get a chance to meet other bloggers on your level. It's nice to talk with bloggers who are working to attain the same goals as you are and at the same moment you are. They can relate to what you are going through. Plus, you can meet new bloggers. They may not be famous yet but just like you they could be the next up and coming bloggers. Plus, it's nice to have a variety of blogs to read.


They Don't Have Time For You


4.  Because they are so busy with their blogs they might not have time for you. They already have hectic schedules themselves. It's not that they don't want to but they have lots of things to do. If you really want them to have time for you, you might have to join them when they are doing free webinars and some charge for blogging courses. However, this will only be a good option for you if you have the money to do so.


They Don't Know Everything


5. This is not meant to be an insult. No one knows everything. Not me, you, or anyone for that matter. There are things that you may have learned through your blogging journey. Something that you learned to do or not to do. People want to hear about it. Don't ever assume that you don't know anything. Everyone knows something. It's through our experiences that we learn what to do and what we should do or even what we like to do. Yes, you can learn something from them but they could also learn something from you too.


How Do You Feel About This?


It's nothing wrong with learning from these types of bloggers but it's best to meet all kinds of bloggers on different levels. There are so many great bloggers that haven't been discovered yet. How will we find them if we only focus on the popular ones? Have you ever not commented on a blog because they didn't have a lot of comments? You can tell the truth ( I won't judge you). I like variety in my life. I always have. The blogosphere has not changed that. What do you think? Do you only follow big-time bloggers?


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