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Are You A Selfish Blogger?
Blogging is a lot of fun and it has so many benefits. However, it can become less fun if it's all about you all the time. Do you feel that when people come to your blog that they are getting something for nothing? If you feel this way then you are a stingy blogger.

For instance, I've heard one blogger says she turns off comment luv for first time people who comment on her blog. I don't know about you but that seems selfish to me. Is it that this blogger doesn't want these bloggers to get backlinks? As long as the comment isn't spammy who cares if they get a backlink or not. Maybe, she feels that they are commenting just to get exposure to their blogs. Who cares? Everyone does that, because everyone is trying to get readers to their blogs. If she is trying to get more participants I think this is the wrong way to go about it. Sometimes people will only comment once or twice you can't really take it personally. Besides, people can go comment on other blogs that have comment luv turned on. I know it's your blog but if you become a control freak people won't visit your blog. I don't know about you but if visiting your blog seems like a prison sentence I will go elsewhere.

Are you always complaining about something on your blog? It's nothing wrong about sharing what works and what doesn't. It really helps people out, but if you're complaining all the time about every little thing that is selfish too. Who wants to read about someone who has complaints all the time? I don't know about you but for me it gets old real quick. I just don't want to read it. I read people's blogs to find help and inspiration. Sometimes, you need the motivation to help you keep going. I don't want to hear someone whining about every little thing.

Being rude is also selfish. Have people contacted you about something and you just flat out not responded? How about someone left a comment especially if it's a question and you didn't respond. I know we all get a little busy but if you can't answer questions then maybe you shouldn't be blogging because that is what eventually happens. People will contact you about something. Don't have the answer then just say so.

Sharing is caring. Right? Do you comment on other bloggers blogs? Do you share other bloggers blog posts? We all find something on a daily basis that we find interesting. It doesn't take a second to share it with your readers or social media contacts. It gets boring just sharing stuff that you wrote all the time. Plus, it helps your readers find out what you like to read and find interesting. I know I have found a lot of things that I didn't know and I shared it via social media. I am so grateful that I found those blog posts.

How about you saw an answer to a question and you knew it and didn't answer it. That is completely selfish in my book. If you can help someone out. Why wouldn't you do it? People need help. If you know the answer help them out. Even if you didn't write the blog post yourself it doesn't matter. You don't have to write it if someone else wrote it and it solves the problem that is all that matters. I have done this on several occasions and it was very much appreciated. It helps build relationships and you have just helped the person with the question and the blogger by sending traffic their way. I know I have received lots of help online and if those people were selfish I would have never gotten the help that I needed.

I hope this blog post was very helpful to you. Have you been guilty of some of the things that I mentioned? Do you think that you are a selfish blogger? What things are you doing to help you from becoming a selfish blogger?What are some other things that you deem to be selfish? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear your responses.

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