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Are you happy? This is a question that everyone has been asked at least once in their lifetime. There are many things that we can be happy about. What is happiness to you? It can be many things. Also, there are many things that can cause you to feel happy. One of those things is when your business is doing good. However, there are things that can cause you to feel unhappy and one of those things is when your business is not doing good.

We want to feel happy and more importantly we need to feel happy. When we are feeling depressed and unhappy it is hard for us to achieve what we want especially in our business. However, sometimes that can be extremely hard. Maybe we checked our blog/website's stats and we saw no one was visiting our site. We have written very good blog posts and no one is reading or sharing them. We wrote a review and no one purchased the product that we wrote about. These things can really result in our happiness to be at an all time low.

Some people say, "Just focus on the positive". However you and I both know how hard that can be sometimes when you are not getting the results that you would like to get. If we are not careful it can even be the reason for us not moving forward in our business or even quitting. I know many of you can relate to these feelings. For many of us we need some kind of help and it would be nice if you could get it on a regular basis. Something that can help us stay focused. Something that can help us see how happy we are today.

I believe that I have found it. It is called Happify. What is Happify you ask? Happify believes that happiness is a skill within your control. Just like physical fitness there are activities that you can do on a regular basis that can make you happier. Created by scientists and game designers Happify's proprietary S.T.A.G.E. framework will help you master the five essential happiness skills which are:

  • Thank
  • Aspire
  • Give
  • Empathize
  • Savor

You can measure your happiness and track your progress to build your happiness and level skills up. Tracks are designed for different life situations. Activities in your track will be unlocked daily. Earn your achievements - "Happify it!" to make it count. Earn achievements on Happify and improve your life.

I have been using Happify and it is a lot of fun! You can choose to share your activities with everyone or keep them private. If you choose to share other members can comment on them. It's a great place to also interact and see how other people are staying positive and also get support. Happify is free but they do offer a premium account. Monthly is $12.95 per month, Yearly is $5.95 per month and Two year is $3.95 per month.


This is where you can interact with other members posts and tracks.


This is where you select a track according to different life situations


This is where you do your recommended activity for the day

This is a great way to hold yourself accountable for your own happiness. It keeps you on track and keeps stay focused on being happy.

Join Happify today!

As you can see staying happy and positive is one of the essentials of being successful. This is something that we have to do regularly and on a daily basis. We have to do things that will help keep us on the path of positivity. When you feel good you do good and when you feel bad you do bad. Keeping a journal can also help you feel good and at the same time it keeps your mind stimulated. Make sure you write down all the good things and accomplishments you have made. If you have experienced anything good or made any big strides in your business. Make sure you write it down. Don't forget to be grateful. Write down all the reasons you have to be grateful. You will feel a lot better and it makes staying on the path to happiness a whole lot easier.

Don't have a journal and would like to start keeping one? Go To How To Keep A Journal and read up on the benefits of keeping a journal.

Everything depends upon how we feel. So, let's start feeling happier today!

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