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  As bloggers/internet marketers we have a lot of work to do. The work that we do is definitely not for the faint-hearted as many find out all too soon. We have to constantly come up with content to write, networking, promoting and staying updated. We have to do these things consistently and on a daily basis. That's not counting other things that we have to do in our lives. It can be a hectic lifestyle indeed.


We spend a whole lot of time on our computers. Our minds are continually racing about what can we do or if we did everything that we should of done. The feeling of did I do enough is constantly on our minds. It can cause us to become slaves to our computers. We tell ourselves. I'm just going to do this it's only going to take a minute. Then, we start thinking I got to do this and before we know it we have literally spent all day working online.


The truth is there is only so many hours in a day. You can't be online all day even though we spend a big portion of our lives online. It's our business and we have to run it. It's true, but at what cost? What can we do to stop this feeling from ruining our lives because that is exactly what it is doing. We work from home. So, there is know one telling us what we can or can't do. So, if we want to work all day and all night there is no one to stop us. How can we combat these feelings that we are not doing enough?


First, we have to realize that we are doing enough. Sometimes you might not get everything done that you planned to do that day and that is okay. You can't beat yourself up about it. We all are entitled to have a off-day. Think about all the days that you have done everything that you set out to do. Having one off-day is not going to hurt you. You are not perfect. So, everything that you do will not be perfect. Do it the best you can and leave it at that.


I will tell you a story. I am not a night person. I do not work well at night. I immediately go into chill mode at night. I am a morning person. Because I had these constant feelings of me not doing enough I started trying to get on the night shift. I would be sitting at my computer and I couldn't hardly keep my eyes open. I would be literally falling asleep. I would be telling myself that I have to get this done. I wasn't doing a good job at all. But because I had these feelings that I wasn't doing enough I kept pushing myself. I really wasn't getting hardly anything done as I couldn't hardly keep my eyes open.

Here are 3 tips that I am now using to help combat these feelings:

 1.Write down everything that you are going to do for that day. Make a list. I like to use the composition notebooks. Check off everything. Once you do that. Do not add anything by doing something else.

 2.Pick what time you work better at. For me, night is not good as I told you before but if you work better at night then go for it. You have to do what's best for you.

 3.Turn the computer off! That's right! Walk away from that computer! I know it calls to you but shut it down!

I have been feeling so much better since I have been following these tips. They have literally saved my life. Especially, the last one. I swear this computer was calling my name throughout the day. It was driving me crazy! LOL


Do you feel on a regular basis that you aren't doing enough? Does it cause you to work all day long and not get anything else you want to do done? Tell me your story.





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